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									                       Racine County Pony Club
                           Annual Meeting
                           October 11, 2007
Attended Families: Deb & Christine Arndt, Kailey, Kim & Joe Bauer, Ana
& Jon Becker, Jenny Berg, Jamie, Sharon & Jim Bradshaw, Martha Colburn,
Sue Jensen, Heidi, Annie & Steve Comeau, Cristen & Cindy Cornell, Clare
& Pat Cunningham, Katy & Curt Foreman, Olivia, Rebekah & Eric Kind,
Anne & Steve LaCanne, Marci & Grace Medford, Lauren, Johnny, Mary &
John Reimer, Emma, Lizzy & Martha Schatz, Lija & Anita Siltumens, Katie,
Gabi, Jenny, Alli & Beth Slater, Emma & Maureen Spiltgerber, Genevieve
& Roberta Stark, Taylor Stier, Tracie Stier-Johnson & Rose, Kathy
Trentadue, Emily, Sophie, Jane & Kurt Wentorf, Erika & Tammy Hetzel

Welcome. The meeting was called to order by Deb Arndt. The minutes from
the 2006 Annual Meeting were reviewed. Note for a correction in
Fundraising section that Anne LaCanne reported a profit of $3,799.12 for the
Hunter Pace, the hunter pace was originally left out. The minutes then were
accepted. Kathy made the motion and Jenny seconded it, all were in favor.

Treasurer Report: See report.
Recent Fundraisers: Martha Schatz reported a profit of $1,516.00 for Elegant
Farmer Pie Sale.
Anne LaCanne reported a profit of $3,456.00 from Hunter Pace and another
$200.00 in food sales. It was a big year for the Hunter Pace with 28 Non-
Jump teams, 13 Jump teams with a total of 145 Riders.

Year in Review:
Deb reviewed the extensive list of activities the members and
parents/sponsors have been involved in this year. It was a very busy year!

DVD Presentation- Tracie collected Pictures from all and composed a year
end video to give to all Pony Clubbers. She did an outstanding job once

Spirit- The top 3rd of participants typically receive recognition in the form
of a certificate for a free clinic, but due to an overwhelming busy schedule
this year and the fact that the clinic budget will end the year favorably, we
decided to award the entire club membership a free ride in the Allie
Dorzynski clinic on Dec. 15th.
                      Racine County Pony Club
                          Annual Meeting
                          October 11, 2007
Ralph Neubauer Award: Goes to Lisa Colburn. Lisa’s Mom Martha
accepted it since Lisa is away at college.
Jenny Berg: Is awarded to all Parent sponsors this year again due to an
overwhelmingly busy year (between both center and club activities). A
plaque was presented to the Pony Club to display at the center to have room
to add names plates for the future recipients and keep it at RCPC.

Nomination of Committee Members:
Deb Arndt for District Commissioner-Anne made the motion and Kathy
seconded it, all were in favor.
Beth Slater and Martha Schatz as Joint district Commissioners- Deb made
the motion and Maureen seconded it, all were in favor.
Sue Jensen for Treasurer –Beth made the motion and Tracie seconded it, all
were in favor.
Sharon Bradshaw for Secretary-Kim made the motion and Sue seconded it,
all were in favor.

Need more social members!

Mounted Clinic Committee- We’ve been trying to offer 2 clinics per month
this year, but recently there has been low clinic attendance- what is wrong?
MCC will send out email to poll kids on whom they want as clinicians.
Jonelle Rhonhaus offers a series of 4 lessons in Natural Horsemanship. We
would need a definite commitment from members before we schedule this.
Let Kim know if we are interested in this.

2008 Membership is due No later than NOVEMBER 5th. $110.00 to
renew, $120.00 for new members, $140.00 for Pro-Rated. Get Forms to
Kathy Trentadue ASAP. This year only 1 medical release form is needed.
2007-2008 Policy Update was distributed, and must be signed and submitted
with membership information.

Fundraising Activities: Poinsettia Sales- Lydia Equitz has forms available
at Center now or you can download copies from the website.

Upcoming Activities:
   Oct. 13th mounted clinic with Sue Miller
   Oct. 14th -Pony Party- need volunteers
                     Racine County Pony Club
                         Annual Meeting
                         October 11, 2007
    Oct.20/21st -Regional Standards & Rating Clinic & clinic on the 20th
     with Sarah Adams
    Oct.27th -Mill Creek Hunt –RCPC hosting Stirrup cup and lunch.
    Oct.27th-WECH Open House- RCPC volunteers needed.
    Nov.3rd -Fall Fest (horseless) Bon Fire, games and food.
    Nov.8th – Unmounted meeting with Amy Podlogar in Natural
     Horsemanship at RCPC.
    Nov.17th – Mounted clinic with Sara Aschenbrener.
    Dec.13th Holiday Party- location TBD.
    Dec. 15th Mounted Clinic with Allie Dorzynski.

Equestrian Center Update:
   Looking to expand the Cross Country jump. We have a lot of nice
     designs submitted by clubbers this past summer camp.
   Asphalt will be going in soon at beginning of driveway entrance.
   Landscaping is shaping up- Please don’t walk on grass.
   Starting on fence post part for the pastures soon.
   Fixing the gates to paddocks before winter sets in.
   Manure pile -no more outside! - Please use dumpster when cleaning
     out paddocks.
   Perimeter fencing
   NEED TO RAISE FUNDS- think of a spring fundraiser for our 40th
     Year Anniversary? RCPC alumni are expressing an interest.

Old Business- This year’s new Rating Prep guide and Rating procedure-
was it helpful? Deb will send out notes to poll.

New Business-None
Motion made to adjourn meeting at 7:58pm; Jenny seconded, all in favor.

Submitted by Sharon Bradshaw

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