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									            CUYUNA SCOUT CAMP
                                     TWIN VALLEY COUNCIL
                   2012 SCOUTMASTER & SENIOR PATROL

                                                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

CAMP CUYUNA MASTER SCHEDULE…….…………………………………………………………2
AQUATICS ........................................................................................................................................................................ 3
ECOLOGY & CONSERVATION CENTER ........................................................................................................ 5
FOXFIRE LOGGING CAMP / SCOUTCRAFT ................................................................................................. 8
SHOOTING SPORTS ................................................................................................................................................. 11
PROJECT C.O.P.E & CLIMBING ......................................................................................................................... 12
EAGLE TRAIL ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM................................................................................................ 13
HEALTH OFFICE / OTHER MERIT BADGES…………………………………………………….15
CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEEK WITH OUTPOSTS, TRIPS & ACTIVITIES ............................................ 16
ADDITIONAL PROGRAM FEATURES ............................................................................................................. 18
SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS .................................................................................................................................... 18
ORDER OF THE ARROW ....................................................................................................................................... 18
MERIT BADGE SIGN-UP SHEET /ROSTER................................................................................................. 19
MERIT BADGE KEY BY TIME..................…………………………………………………..............21
INDIVIDUAL SCOUT SCHEDULE CARDS…………………………………………………..............22
BADEN-POWELL PATROL AWARD.................................................................................................................. 23
SCOUT LEADER MERIT BADGE ....................................................................................................................... 24
    Greetings to Scoutmasters and Senior Patrol Leaders,
    On the following pages, you will find a comprehensive guide to the programs offered at Camp Cuyuna.
    After careful and thorough review of your comments and suggestions from last year, we have made an
    effort to address your concerns and issues. You’ll find that we have changed schedules in a few areas,
    offer detailed information, and added some new information. Key information includes:
 A master schedule for the week. The form includes many details to help you to plan your week at camp
  and run an efficient troop program.

 Complete descriptions of merit badge classes. Merit badges and certifications offered at Camp Cuyuna
  are described in detail to give you and your scouts a better understanding of requirements, prerequisites,
  and other issues associated with each.

 Updated schedule grids for each program area. You’ll find a grid for each area including extras such as
  B.S.A. certifications and leader training sessions. Be sure to check out the Foxfire Scoutcraft schedule as
  we've made several changes to the times merit badges are offered and moved Emergency Preparedness
  back to this area.

 Information on additional awards. We’ve always been willing to help you and your scouts with some of
  the lesser-known B.S.A. awards like Paul Bunyan Woodsman, the Hornaday Awards, and others. With
  the background information presented in clear, concise terms you can find the right ones for your troop’s

 Please make a note that we have removed the morning session of the First Aid merit badge. Numbers
  have always been lower for that class and the exam was only offered in the afternoon anyway.
  Photography has also been eliminated from the schedule. Although it was a well-received merit badge,
  staff changes did not allow it to be included in the courses offered. We’ve also scheduled specific times
  for Pioneering, Backpacking, and Hiking. To be sure, they're tough merit badges to complete at camp,
  but we can help a dedicated scout use his time at camp to plan out hikes and backpacking trips to be
  completed after camp is finished.

 An updated merit badge sign-up form/roster (pages 19-20) reflecting the changes in offerings and
  scheduled times. In addition, each page includes header space for scouts' names. Be sure to send this
  information to camp at Camp Cuyuna, PO Box 250, Crosslake, MN 56442, cuyuna@twinvalleybsa.org or
  campcuyuna@crosslake.net no later than three weeks prior to your arrival.

 A form for individual scout schedules. Fill out these forms and post them in your campsite or distribute
  them to individual scouts (or both). No more going through the entire master schedule to check on a
  scout’s schedule – just check his personal schedule and you’ve got what you need.

 A brand new section (page 23) with general information on merit badges and a list of times for all merit
  badges in a single, convenient table.

    If you have any questions regarding Camp Cuyuna’s program offerings, please feel free to contact us at
    cuyuna@twinvalleybsa.org or campcuyuna@crosslake.net .

                            CAMP CUYUNA MASTER SCHEDULE
TIME      SUNDAY            MONDAY           TUESDAY          WEDNESDAY           THURSDAY            FRIDAY

7:00                         Breakfast         Breakfast         Breakfast          Breakfast          Breakfast

8:30                       SPL Meeting       SPL Meeting       SPL Meeting        SPL Meeting        SPL Meeting

        Staff Time Off      Merit Badge      Merit Badge        Merit Badge        Merit Badge       Merit Badge
                             Session 1        Session 1          Session 1          Session 1         Session 1

9:15                        SM Coffee         SM Coffee         SM Coffee          SM Coffee          SM Coffee

                            Merit Badge      Merit Badge        Merit Badge        Merit Badge       Merit Badge
10:00    Staff Brunch        Session 2        Session 2          Session 2          Session 2         Session 2

            Camp            Merit Badge      Merit Badge        Merit Badge        Merit Badge       Merit Badge
11:00    Preparations        Session 3        Session 3          Session 3          Session 3         Session 3

            Troop             Lunch                                                  Lunch
12:00     Check – In       (Emergency           Lunch             Lunch            (SM Steak            Lunch
           Begins          Drill @ 1:00)                                          Fry @ 12:15)

                            Merit Badge      Merit Badge        Merit Badge        Merit Badge       Merit Badge
        Office Check-in      Session 4        Session 4          Session 4          Session 4         Session 4

                                                                                                    Program Areas
        Medical Checks     Program Areas     Extra Work &      Program Areas     Extra Work &          Open /
                             Open for         By-Request         Open for         By-Request         Merit Badge
                          Additional Work                     Additional Work          or              Deadline
         Swim Checks       & By-Request                        & By Request      Troop Outings
3:30                        Merit Badges     SM Cook-Off        Merit Badges
                                 or                                  or
        Campsite Set-up                                                                             Water Carnival
                          Troop Outings      Extra Work &     Troop Outings         Wilderness
                                              By-Request                         Survival Outpost

6:00    Camp-wide Meal                          Dinner                               Dinner         Camp-wide Meal
                              Dinner                              Dinner
          Meeting to                          Indian Lore
7:00                                                                             Fishing Outpost
            follow)                             Outpost
                                              Cuyuna Run
                                                              Lakeside Chapel    Open Program
                              Foxfire            (7:15)
          Complete                                             Service (7:15)         or              Equipment
7:30                        Rendezvous      (Open Program
        Campsite Set-up                                        (O.A. Wacipi       Camp-wide           Tear-down
                               (7:15)        or Camp-wide
                                                                 to follow)         Game
                                            Game to follow)

        Flag Ceremony                                                                               Flag Ceremony
         & Campfire                                                                                  & Campfire
                           Troop Time        Troop Time                           Troop Time
                                                              Friendship Fires
                           in Campsites      in Campsites                         in Campsites
          First- Year                                                                                O.A. Cracker
        Camper Activity                                                                                 Barrel

11:00    Quiet in Sites    Quiet in Sites    Quiet in Sites    Quiet in Sites     Quiet in Sites     Quiet in Sites

The Camp Cuyuna aquatics area is located on Command Lake, a private lake situated entirely within camp
boundaries. The aquatics staff is qualified to give instruction and assistance in the following merit badges and
activities. All merit badge sessions are 50 minutes unless otherwise indicated.
MERIT BADGE OFFERINGS                                           Small Boat Sailing
Swimming                                                        Scouts will learn sailing terminology,
                  An Eagle-required merit badge,                knots, and skills and will be required
                 Swimming introduces scouts to the              to demonstrate knowledge and ability
                 fundamentals of safe aquatics practices,       in safe aquatics practices, CPR and
                 basic rescue and survival skills, diving,      first aid.
                 several different swimming strokes, and        Offered: 10:00 am (2-hour class)
                 aquatics as part of a lifelong fitness plan.   Prerequisites: swimmer classification
Offered: 9:00 am; 11:00 am                                      Other: physically challenging, requires extensive practice
Prerequisites: swimmer classification, requirement #3
Other: clothing for requirement #4                              BSA CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS
                                                                Mile Swim
Lifesaving                                                      The B.S.A. Mile Swim program is
The Lifesaving Merit Badge is another                           designed to promote goal-setting
Eagle-required option. Scouts who                               and confidence along with physical
complete the requirements will have                             fitness. You need not be a superior
shown swimming proficiency and                                  swimmer to participate in this.
stamina, learned advanced water rescue                          Participants will increase swimming distance daily from
techniques, and demonstrated proper                             400 meters to 1600 meters.
technique in CPR, treatment of spinal injuries, and other       Offered: Monday-Thursday @ 4:30 pm (may start earlier
first aid skills.                                               as swim distance increases)
Offered: 9:00 am (2-hour class)                                 Prerequisites: swimmer classification
Prerequisites: swimmer classification, requirement #1           Other: physically challenging, requires extensive practice
Other: clothing for requirement #7e
                                                                B.S.A Lifeguard
Rowing                                                          This program gives scouts and leaders an opportunity to
                 Rowing Merit Badge gives scouts an                                earn lifeguard certification at camp.
                 opportunity to learn and practice safe                            Participants must demonstrate pro-
                 boating techniques, as well as skills in                          ficiency in required skills and serve as
                 CPR and first aid. Aquatics staff will                            lifeguards at the aquatics area (2
                 offer guidance and assistance for this                            activities for 3 hours total). Times
                 independent study merit badge.                                    should be arranged with the aquatics
Offered: PM independent study                                                      director. Participants must have the
Prerequisites: swimmer classification                           swimming merit badge and be proficient swimmers.
Other: physically challenging, requires extensive practice      Offered: Monday-Friday by arrangement
                                                                Prerequisites: 15 years of age or older, strong swimming
Canoeing                                                        skills, Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED certification
An elective merit badge, Canoeing gives                         Other: requires extensive practice and time, must score
scouts the opportunity to become expert                         at least 80% on examination for certification
boaters through demanding requirements
and extensive practice time. In addition                        Snorkeling B.S.A.
to solo and tandem canoeing proficiency,                        Scouts and leaders learn and demon-
scouts will demonstrate skills and                              strate skills such as safety precautions,
knowledge in safe aquatics practices, CPR, and first aid.       proper equipment use, communication
Offered: 10:00 am (2-hour class)                                using signs and signals, swimming
Prerequisites: swimmer classification                           techniques, and first aid.
Other: physically challenging, requires extensive practice      Offered: Tuesday-Thursday @ 3:30 pm
                                                                Prerequisites: swimmer classification, CPR and first aid
                                                                Other: physically challenging, may require additional
“The most worthwhile thing is to try to put                     practice time
happiness into the lives of others.”
                                Robert Baden-Powell

Kayaking B.S.A.                                                   SWIM CHECKS
A skills patch for youth and adults.                              After medical rechecks, troops will take their swim
Those who qualify for the award have                              checks. Troops may elect to complete swim checks prior
shown basic kayaking skills and                                   to camp, but they must still check in with the aquatics
techniques.                                                       staff to verify the swim check. Swim classifications forms
Offered: 9:00 am                                                  are available in the leader’s guide and at the end of this
Prerequisites: swimmer classification                             guide. The swim check will classify each camper and
Other: physically challenging, may require additional             leader as one of the following:
practice time
                                                                  Non-Swimmer (Learner)
Safe Swim Defense/Safety Afloat Training                          No color on buddy tag. A non-swimmer is qualified to
                 A mandatory certification for units              participate in the non-swimmer area and ride in a
                 planning to conduct their own aquatics           rowboat with a buddy.
                 activities. At least one adult in each unit
                 should hold this certification, which            Beginner (Swims 50 feet)
                 must be renewed every two years.                 Red color on buddy tag. A beginner is qualified to swim
                 Offered: Monday @ 1:30 pm                        in the beginners and non-swimmers area and to ride in a
                 Other: current certification is required         rowboat with a buddy.
                 for approval of all float plans submitted
at camp or elsewhere                                              Swimmer (Swims 75 meters on front or on side, 25
                                                                  meters resting backstroke, and ends with floating rest)
OTHER OPPORTUNITIES                                               Red on top, blue on bottom of buddy tag. A swimmer is
Discover SCUBA                                                    qualified to swim in all three designated areas and use all
Participants travel to Brainerd where instructors from the        watercraft after demonstrating competency.
MN School of Diving teach principles of safe diving
before spending about an hour in a local pool. Additional
                                                                              AQUATICS SCHEDULE
cost for Discover SCUBA is $25-35.                             Merit Badges &
Offered: By arrangement (not available Week 6 due to                                    9:00    10:00    11:00 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30
pool schedule)                                                 Swimming MB                                
Prerequisites: age 14 or older, swimmer classification
                                                               Lifesaving MB             
Other: transportation not provided by Camp Cuyuna
                                                               Kayaking B.S.A.           
Instructional Swim                                             Canoeing MB                       
A great opportunity for scouts and leaders alike to            Small Boat Sailing MB             
improve their swimming skills. Participants may be able
to upgrade swim classification, opening up additional          Rowing MB                            PM Independent study
activities in the aquatics area to their use.                  Instructional Swim                                                
Offered: Monday-Thursday @ 4:30 pm                             BSA Lifeguard                 
Prerequisites: none                                            Mile Swim B.S.A.                 Monday-Thursday @ 4:30 pm
Troop/Patrol Swim                                              Snorkeling B.S.A.                Tuesday-Thursday @ 3:30 pm
Make arrangements with the Aquatics Director. You              Safe Swim Defense/
                                                                                                        Monday @ 1:30 pm
must have at least one leader Safe Swim Defense/Safety         Safety Afloat
Afloat trained and certified. Troop/patrol supplies its                                Other Opportunities
own lifeguards.
Offered: by arrangement                                        Open Swimming                     Monday-Thursday; 1:30-4:30 pm
                                                               Open Boating                      Monday-Thursday; 1:30-4:30 pm
Canoeing/River Tubing Trips                                    Discover SCUBA                By arrangement w/ MN School of Diving
Sign up with a commissioner and file a float plan with
                                                       Troop/Patrol Swim              By arrangement w/ aquatics director
the aquatics director. Troop must have one leader Safe
Swim Defense/Safety Afloat trained. Troops provide Volleyball                         By arrangement w/ aquatics director
their own transportation.                              Canoe/Tubing Trips             By arrangement w/ aquatics director
Offered: by arrangement                                   Note: PM independent study merit badges offered 2:30-4:30 pm only.
*Participants are required to wear shoes that can get
wet for all boating activities and tubing trips.
*All females are required to wear full-coverage
bathing suits for all aquatic activities.

                         ECOLOGY & CONSERVATION CENTER
The all-new Nature Center Cabin serves as the learning resource center for the Ecology & Conservation
Area. Merit badges offered focus on the world around us, with special emphasis on nature’s systems, living
and non-living, and their everyday relationships to people. The staff invites you to participate in merit badge
courses as well as outposts, conservation projects, and hikes. All merit badge classes are 50 minutes unless
otherwise indicated.
MERIT BADGE OFFERINGS                                       Fishing
Astronomy                                                   Scouts will learn about equipment,
Scouts will learn about telescopes &                        methods, and conservation practices
light, constellations, planets, stars, the                  involved in this lifetime activity, in
moon, and the sun. Attendance at two                        addition to spending some quality time
or more outpost sessions is required                        fishing on one of our camp lakes.
for completion of the merit badge.                          Participants will need to catch two fish,
Offered: 10:00 am                                           cleaning and cooking one and releasing the other.
Prerequisites: none                                         Offered: 9:00 am
Other: attendance at two or more outpost sessions           Prerequisites: none
(10:30 pm – midnight) required                              Other: knowledge and experience helpful, but not
Bird Study
                  Come learn about our feathered friends                    Forestry
                  – their anatomy, songs, habitat, and                      This merit badge offers scouts an
                  behavior. Scouts will also identify 20                    opportunity to learn tree identification
                  species of wild birds, 5 by song alone,                   skills and understand the value, uses, and
                  and prepare a field notebook of                           management associated with one of
                  observations.                                             Minnesota’s finest natural resources.
Offered: PM independent study                               Included is a field trip to observe forest management
Prerequisites: none                                         practices at Camp Cuyuna.
Other: may be difficult to complete, requires additional    Offered: 1:30 pm
time for identification and observation                     Prerequisites: none
                                                            Other: Thursday field trip (1:30 pm), extensive field
Environmental Science                                       work
This Eagle-required merit badge is a
hands-on experience in the study of                         Geology
environmental issues. Scouts will use                       What better place to learn about rocks
terms from the environmental sciences                       and minerals than at Camp Cuyuna, in
to develop a timeline of the environ-                       the heart of Minnesota’s glacial lakes
mental movement in America, conduct experiments in          area? Map-reading, collecting samples,
ecology and effects of pollution, and keep an observation   earth history, geologic processes, and
journal of the camp’s ecosystems.                           resources are all part of this elective merit badge.
Offered: 9:00 am; 10:30 am (90-minute class)                Offered: PM independent study
Prerequisites: none                                         Prerequisites: none
Other: extensive fieldwork/observations, written work/      Other: requires additional time for collection and
homework required                                           identification of samples

Fish & Wildlife Management                                  Insect Study
                 By earning this merit badge, scouts will   An on-request opportunity to get
                 demonstrate their skills and knowledge     started on an insect collection and take
                 of problems, solutions, and practices in   an in-depth look at life in the insect
                 the field of wildlife management           world.
                 through observations and hands-on          Offered: PM independent study
                 experiences.                               Prerequisites: none
Offered: 9:00 am                                            Other: requirement #3 (collection of 50-species) may be
Prerequisites: none                                         difficult to complete at camp
Other: requires fieldwork/homework outside of class

Mammals Study                                                 OTHER OPPORTUNITIES
This merit badge guides scouts through                        Astronomy Outpost
the study of characteristics, habitat, and                    Everyone is invited to a night of star gazing, naked-eye and with
classification, as well as observations                       telescopes, at Goodrich Landing. On cloudy nights, stop by the
and written work. This nature merit                           Nature Center building and visit our indoor “planetarium,” with
badge is ideal for second- and third-                         computer projection of stars and other celestial objects. In the
year scouts.                                                  event of lightning, the outpost is postponed until Thursday night.
Offered: 11:00 am                                             Offered: Monday-Wednesday; 10:30 pm – midnight
Prerequisites: none                                           Other: Thursday is a make-up night if necessary due to
Other: fieldwork and/or written work required                 weather

Nature                                                        Fishing Outpost
                The Nature Merit Badge gives scouts a         This short excursion takes participants to Big Pickerel
                broad-based introduction to the plants        Lake at Family Camp. Be sure to sign up at the Nature
                and animals we encounter every day. In        Center building by Thursday noon if you plan to attend.
                addition to some discussion topics,           Offered: Thursday @ 7:00 pm
                scouts will use hands-on activities to        Other: meet at the administration building at 6:45 pm for
                complete the requirements.                    attendance and get PFDs
Offered: 1:30 pm
Prerequisites: none                                           Troop/Patrol Nature Hikes
Other: extensive fieldwork required                           Nature hikes are available on request either with a buddy
                                                              or by troop/patrol. There are many great areas to see at
Reptile & Amphibian Study                                     camp, including a self-guided Nature Trail with
Scouts learn to identify, understand,                         identification guide. By arrangement, Nature Center staff
and appreciate the cold-blooded crea-                         may also be able to accompany you on your hike to point
tures we share the planet with through                        out special items of interest.
the study of their characteristics,                           Offered: any daylight hours by request
habitats, movement, and reproduction,                         Other: the Buddy System should be used whenever
as well as a comparison of myths, superstitions, and facts.   hiking
Offered: 10:00 am
Prerequisites: requirement #8                                 Conservation Good Turns
Other: extensive observations and fieldwork required          The following projects are available on a limited basis.
                                                              Please visit with the ranger and make arrangements with
Soil & Water Conservation                                     the staff at the Ecology Center.
                  This elective merit badge encourages           Tree planting
                  scouts to protect our natural resources        Seeding
                  through the study of watersheds,
                                                                 Timber stand improvements
                  pollution control, the hydrologic cycle
                  and water use, and conservation                Wildlife habitat improvements
                  practices in use today. The capstone of        Building bird houses & feeders
the class is the contribution of service to camp by taking       Maintenance of bird houses
part in a conservation project.                                  Litter removal
Offered: 1:30 pm                                                 Erosion control
Prerequisites: none
Other: requirement #3 (50-specie collection) may be           Note: Any scout unit that performs a meaningful
difficult to complete at camp                                 conservation project and completes the Conser-
                                                              vation Good Turn Award application, No. 21-386,
Weather                                                       may be awarded a Conservation Good Turn
In this class, scouts learn about                             certificate at the discretion of the local council.
weather and climate, clouds and
precipitation, the water cycle, tools
used in meteorology and forecasting,
and weather safety rules.                                      “We never fail when we try to do our duty,
Offered: 11:00 am                                              we always fail when we neglect to do it.”
Prerequisites: none
Other: requirement #8 may be difficult to complete at                                           Robert Baden-Powell
camp, some written work required

Fishing                                                                  ECOLOGY /
In addition to the merit badge and outpost, fishing is
available daily on Goodrich, Command, and Pickerel                  CONSERVATION SCHEDULE
Lakes. Row boats and canoes for fishing on Goodrich        Merit Badge                      9:00     10:00   11:00   1:30    2:30
and Pickerel are available by arrangement with the         Astronomy MB                               
aquatics director and require adult supervision and an
approved float plan. Thursday’s Fishing Outpost is         Bird Study MB                           PM independent study
open to all campers on a first-come, first-served basis.   Environmental Science MB                   
Those wishing to attend must sign up at the Nature         Fish & Wildlife Management MB      
Center by noon on Thursday. Fishing gear and supplies      Fishing MB                         
are sold at the Trading Post and Minnesota licenses (not
available at camp) are required for those 16 and older.    Forestry MB                                               
                                                           Geology MB                              PM independent study
World Conservation Award                                   Insect Study MB                         PM independent study
This award provides an opportunity for individual Cub
                                                           Mammals Study MB                                   
Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers to
think globally and act locally to preserve and improve     Nature MB                                                 
our environment. This program is designed to make          Reptile & Amphibians MB                    
youth members aware that all nations are closely related   Soil & Water Conservation MB                              
through natural resources and that we are
                                                           Weather MB                                         
interdependent with our world environment. As a Boy
Scout, you may earn this award by earning the following                          Other Opportunities
merit badges:
                                                                                              Monday-Wednesday @ 10:30 pm
1) Environmental Science
                                                           Astronomy Outpost                  Goodrich Landing (clear nights)
2) Soil & Water Conservation                                                                   Nature Center (cloudy nights)
  OR Fish & Wildlife Management                            Fishing Outpost                        Thursday @ 7:00 pm
3) Citizenship in the World
                                                           Nature Hikes                      by arrangement w/nature director
                                                           Conservation Good Turns                 by arrangement w/ranger
                                                           World Conservation Award
                                                           Hornaday Awards
Hornaday Awards                                             Note: PM independent study merit badges offered 2:30-4:30 pm only.
               The B.S.A. offers a series of seven
               conservation awards, named in honor of
               William T. Hornaday, for units and
               individuals, both youth and adults.
               Campers may make progress toward
               one of these awards by earning specified
               merit badges through the Nature Center
               and by planning and carrying out
               conservation projects at camp or in the
               home community. Complete details and
               necessary forms are available at
www.scouting.org/Awards/hornadayawards.aspx .

          “But the real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness to other people. Try and
          leave this world a little better than you found it… at any rate you have not wasted your
          time but have done your best. ‘Be Prepared’ in this way, to live happy and to die happy
          – stick to your Scout promise always – even after you have ceased to be a boy – and God
          help you to do it.
                                                                                                   Last Message

Our Scoutcraft area has been completely merged into our Foxfire Logging Camp. This program area offers
training in outdoor skills like camping, wilderness survival and emergency preparedness, cooking, pioneering,
orienteering, handicrafts, and related areas. All merit badge classes are 50 minutes unless otherwise indicated.
MERIT BADGE OFFERINGS                                           Cooking
          Art                                                                    More than just cooking a few meals, this
                  Express your creativity in various artistic                    class covers proper safe food handling
                  media while earning this handicraft                            and storage, diet and nutrition, food
                  merit badge. We’ve got most of the                             preparation and menu planning, as well
                  supplies you’ll need, but you may want                         as actual cooking experience. Foxfire
                  to purchase additional items for your                          staff will also demonstrate some not-so-
                  projects at the Trading Post. The class       common cooking techniques that can be used to make
for this badge will meet at the Nature Center.                  delicious meals in the outdoors.
Offered: PM independent study                                   Offered: 11:00 am
Prerequisites: requirement #4                                   Prerequisites: none
Other: possible materials cost, independent work on             Other: written homework required
projects required
                                                                Emergency Preparedness
Backpacking                                                     This Eagle-required merit badge will
Foxfire staff can help you safely                               help scouts to recognize, prevent, and
prepare for and plan backpacking treks                          properly react to emergency situations at
needed to earn this merit badge. It’s up                        home, in public places, and in the
to each scout to follow through and                             outdoors. Written plans are a part of the
take the trips outside of the camp                              coursework, but most time will be spent
week.                                                           practicing emergency responses and procedures.
Offered: 10:00 am                                               Offered: 9:00 am; 11:00 am
Prerequisites: requirements #10 and #11                         Prerequisites: requirements #1 (First Aid Merit Badge)
Other: requirements #10 and #11 cannot be completed             and #9a
while at camp                                                   Other: First Aid Merit Badge may be taken concurrently

Basketry                                                        Hiking
                    This is a great starter merit badge for     The first aid, Leave No Trace, and planning requirements
                    first-year campers. Scouts will learn       for this merit badge can be completed at camp. The
                    the basics of weaving as they make                            necessary hikes (five 10-milers and one
                    two baskets and a campstool seat.                             20-miler) must be completed before or
                                                                                  after the troop's week at camp.
                                                                                  Offered: 10:00 am
Offered: 1:30 pm                                                                  Prerequisites: requirements #5, #6,
Prerequisites: none                                                               and #7
Other: possible materials cost                                  Other: very difficult to complete at camp

Camping                                                         Indian Lore
One of the Eagle required merit                                 Scouts learn about the dwellings, way of
badges, Camping covers topics ranging                           life, leaders, language, government,
from first aid, safety, and Leave No                            religious beliefs, clothing, and locales of
Trace principles to camping, cooking,                           various Native American tribes through
gear, and various outdoor experiences.                          this elective merit badge. The outpost,
Camping is very difficult to complete                           though not technically required, is used
at camp, so be sure to study the requirements (especially       to cover some of the requirements.
prerequisites) prior to beginning the badge at camp.            Offered: 10:00 am
Offered: 9:00 am; 10:00 am                                      Prerequisites: none
Prerequisites: requirement #9                                   Other: possible materials cost, outpost on Tuesday night;
Other: Scoutmasters may verify completion of                    6:45 pm-Wednesday breakfast

Leatherwork                                                  Woodcarving
This handicraft badge introduces                             Woodcarving is a handicraft merit
participants to basic safety procedures,                     badge for more mature scouts. Using
processes, and skills used in small-                         skills covered in Totin’ Chip training
scale and commercial production of                           and knowledge of proper use of woods
leather goods ranging from small items                       tools, scouts must complete at least
to clothing.                                                 two woodcarving projects to earn this badge.
Offered: 1:30 pm                                             Offered: 1:30 pm
Prerequisites: requirement #4                                Prerequisites: proof of Totin’ Chip training
Other: possible materials cost                               Other: possible materials cost

Orienteering                                                 BSA CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS
                Orienteering merit badge is a by-request     Totin’ Chip
                opportunity for veteran scouts to polish                          Training in the safe use, care, and
                compass and map-reading skills. Some                              handling of woods tools is available
                previous practice and knowledge of                                from our Foxfire staff. Leaders,
                compass and map use is helpful, but not                           new scouts, and those who just
                required.                                                         need a refresher are all welcome.
Offered: PM independent study                                We strongly recommend a yearly refresher in this area.
Prerequisites: requirement #7                                Offered: by request (Monday-Thursday; 2:30-4:30 pm)
Other: extensive planning & written homework required
                                                             Firem’n Chit
Pioneering                                                   The BSA’s official training pro-
Here’s a chance for older scouts to                          gram for fire safety, conservation,
build something they can show off to                         and Leave No Trace basics.
the whole troop. After showing                               Leaders, new scouts, and those
knowledge and proficiency in basic                           who need a refresher are welcome.
knots, lashings, and splicing, they can                      Offered: by request (Monday-Thursday; 2:30-4:30 pm)
make a rope, build a tower or bridge,
and design and build their own pioneering projects.          Paul Bunyan Woodsman
Offered: 11:00 am                                                                  After qualifying for the Totin’ Chip,
Prerequisites: proficiency with knots, lashings, and                               scouts may want to earn further
splicing                                                                           recognition with this award. By
Other: independent work required                                                   demonstrating safe practices and
                                                                                   completing an approved service
Wilderness Survival                                                                project related to woodsman skills,
                 One of the highlights of any scout’s                              scouts can earn this emblem to
                 camping experience is building and          signify their outdoor skills.
                 spending the night in a survival shelter.   Offered: by request (Monday-Thursday; 2:30-4:30 pm)
                 Equipped with skills in first aid, fire-    Other: requires service project time
                 building techniques, survival in various
                 conditions, and signaling for help,         OTHER OPPORTUNITIES
scouts journey into Cuyuna’s forest to prepare a “survival   Indian Lore Outpost
meal” and spend the night in shelters they construct.        Everyone is invited to attend the outpost held Tuesday
Offered: 9:00 am                                             evening. Join the group at the administration building at
Prerequisites: requirement #5                                6:45 pm, then head out for a night in our large teepee
Other: outpost on Thursday night; 4:30 pm-Friday             and experience a bit of Native American culture –
breakfast                                                    shelter, food, stories, and more.

                                                             Wilderness Survival Outpost
                                                             Designed mainly for merit badge participants, but open
“In Scouting, a boy is encouraged to educate                 to all adult and youth campers, this outpost features a
himself instead of being instructed.”                        survival meal, shelter and fire-building, and plenty of
                                                             fellowship and fun. Meet at the administration building at
                               Robert Baden-Powell           4:30 pm with appropriate clothing and bedding for a
                                                             night in the woods.

  Scoutmaster Cook-Off                                              Special Demonstrations & Programs
  Come show off your outdoor culinary skills and sample             The Foxfire staff can demonstrate and help train scouts
  some of the best grub that our camp leaders have to               and leaders in outdoor and camping skills, including
  offer. Pre-cook your dish in your site and bring it to the        Dutch oven cooking, Leave No Trace camping,
  Foxfire area or just stop by for sampling and judging             blacksmithing, axemanship, knife safety, Native
  Tuesday at 3:30 pm.                                               American regalia, orienteering, pioneering, and fire-
                                                                    building. The demos are listed in the grid below. For
  Foxfire Logging Camp                                              helping any of these areas, stop by to schedule a time
  Have you ever wondered how people survived before the             with the area director. Demonstrations can be done at
  days of computers, cars, and even electricity? At Cuyuna          Foxfire or in your campsite for your convenience.
  Scout Camp, you can find out at the Foxfire Logging
  Camp area. You can work on your handicraft merit                  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
  badges, learn Indian lore, and throw tomahawks. We                Costs
  even have a forge so you can learn about blacksmithing.           Though it isn’t required, most handicraft merit badges are easier
  Experience a taste of the life of an 1860s lumberjack in          to complete if a project kit is purchased in the Trading Post. We
  our great North Woods.                                            have a large variety available and most kits cost from $3-$12.
                                                                    Younger Scouts
  Leave No Trace                                                    Handicraft merit Badges are great for younger scouts.
  Learn how to minimize your effect                                 Some may require the purchase of a kit needed to
  on the earth and give your troop a                                complete the merit badge. These badges can be done in
  good reputation. This training is                                 the scouts’ free time and are more flexible than most
  available through our Foxfire staff,                              other merit badges. It is also suggested that Scouts have
  by arrangement with the area                                      earned their Totin’ Chip before starting the Woodcarving
  director.                                                         Merit Badge.

  Foxfire Rendezvous                                                          FOXFIRE SCHEDULE
  It’s the 1860s and everyone is invited out to Foxfire     Merit Badges & Certifications            9:00     10:00      11:00     1:30
  Logging Camp for a Rendezvous. A great time               Art MB                                    PM independent study (at nature)
  awaits, with games to play, challenging activities, new   Backpacking MB                                      
  people to meet, and good food. There’s sure to be         Basketry MB                                                             
  lots of fun, and perhaps a mystery to solve, so don’t     Camping MB                                         
  miss it. Join us Monday evening at 7:30 pm.               Cooking MB                                                     
                                                            Emergency Preparedness                                        
                                                            Hiking MB                                           
                                                            Indian Lore MB                                      
                                                            Leatherwork MB                                                          
                                                            Orienteering MB                                 PM independent study
                                                            Pioneering MB                                                  
                                                            Wilderness Survival MB                    
                                                            Woodcarving MB                                                          
                                                            Totin’ Chip training                             by request after 2:30
                                                            Firem’n Chit training                            by request after 2:30
                                                            Paul Bunyan Woodsman                     by arrangement w/ Foxfire director
                                                            Leave No Trace Training                  by arrangement w/ Foxfire director

                                                                                     Other Opportunities
                                                            Indian Lore Outpost               Tuesday @ 6:45 pm to Wednesday
                                                            Wilderness Survival Outpost         Thursday @ 4:30 pm to Friday
                                                            Scoutmaster Cook-Off                      Tuesday @ 3:30 pm
                                                            Foxfire Rendezvous                        Monday @ 7:30 pm
                                                            Special Demonstrations & Training by arrangement w/ Foxfire director
“Happiness is not mere pleasure nor
the outcome of wealth. It is the result                        Note: PM independent study merit badges offered 2:30-4:30 pm only.
of active work rather than passive
enjoyment of pleasure.”
                     Robert Baden-Powell

                                           SHOOTING SPORTS
Whether you are an expert marksman or are new to field sports, our shooting sports ranges are made for you.
Try your luck with our .22 caliber rifles, .20 gauge shotguns, and quality Genesis® bows. Safety is our #1
concern and we teach proper handling of all firearms. Accuracy is achieved through practice and careful
instruction from our Nationally Certified instructor. As your skills improve, take your best shot in our weekly
shooting competitions. All merit badge sessions are 50 minutes unless otherwise indicated.
MERIT BADGE OFFERINGS                                            Troop/Patrol Shoots
Archery                                                          Stop by the rifle or archery range and talk to the director
In the archery merit badge, scouts                               to schedule a time for your troop or patrol to try out
make their own bow strings and arrows                            their shooting skills together. We can accommodate most
and learn how to shoot with accuracy                             groups during open shooting time or in the evening by
for a qualifying score. There is no cost,                        arrangement with the range director. There is no charge
but an arrow kit may be purchased in                             for the archery range, but there are small fees ($.15/block
the Trading Post to make earning the                             of five rifle rounds and a target or $.50/shotgun round
merit badge a little easier.                                     and a clay target) for the firearms range.
Offered: 9:00 am; 10:00 am; 1:30 pm
Prerequisites: none                                              Shooting Competitions
Other: possible materials cost, may require extensive            Think you’ve got what it takes? On Thursday afternoon,
practice to reach qualifying score                               stop by the rifle, shotgun, or archery range to find out if
                                                                 you’re the sharpest shooter in camp. Rifle and archery
Rifle Shooting                                                   competitions are 2:30-3:30; shotgun from 3:30-4:30.
                  In addition to discussing hunting and          There is no cost to participate in these competitions.
                  conservation issues, scouts will learn
                  and employ safe firearms procedures as         OTHER INFORMATION
                  they increase accuracy with .22 caliber        Firearms Permission Forms
                  rifles through detailed instruction and        Youth will not be allowed to participate in rifle or shot-
                  practice on the way to a qualifying score      gun activities without a wristband or ticket (available in
in the “modern cartridge type” option of the merit badge.        the Trading Post). A signed firearms permission form, in
Extra practice time is available in the afternoons and           the possession of a unit leader and presented by an adult
some evenings.                                                   at the Trading Post, is necessary for the purchase of any
Offered: 9:00 am; 10:00 am                                       firearms wristbands or tickets.
Prerequisites: none
Other: extra cost for rounds, may require extensive              Shooting Costs
practice to reach qualifying score                               Rifle: $.15 for five rounds and target
                                                                        $15.00 for unlimited shooting or for merit badge.
Shotgun Shooting                                                 Shotgun: $.50 for one round and clay target
Scouts will work toward a qualifying                                    $25.00 for unlimited shooting or for merit badge.
score in the “modern shotshell type”                             Rifle/Shotgun Combination: $32.00 for unlimited rifle
option for this elective merit badge.                            and shotgun shooting.
After discussion of hunting and
conservation issues, scouts will be                                  SHOOTING SPORTS SCHEDULE
trained to safely use our 20-gauge                            Activity                    9:00 10:00 11:00   1:30       2:30   3:30
shotguns and increase accuracy. This merit badge is           Archery MB                                    
recommended for older, more mature scouts.                    Rifle MB                          
Offered: 11:00 am                                             Shotgun MB                               
Prerequisites: none                                           Golf MB                                               
Other: extra cost for rounds, may require extensive
practice to reach qualifying score                                                     Other Opportunities
                                                              Open Archery                                  
                                                              Open Rifle                                   
OTHER OPPORTUNITIES                                           Open Shotgun                                                     
Open Shooting                                                 Archery Competition                                     
Each afternoon, the ranges are open for scouts to come        Rifle Competition                                       
down and get in some extra practice or for anyone to          Shotgun Competition                                              
test their shooting skills.                                   Troop/Patrol Shoots              by arrangement w/range director
                                                              Black Powder Demonstration Foxfire Rendezvous (Monday @ 7:30 pm)
                                                              Additional Open Shooting         by arrangement w/range director

                                    PROJECT C.O.P.E & CLIMBING
Project C.O.P.E. and Climbing Merit Badge are two separate programs that share a location. The two have
been housed together for several years at Cuyuna. Participants in both programs must wear long pants and
are required to have closed-toe shoes for the activities in these programs. Project C.O.P.E. is open to both
youth and adults, though youth are given priority access.
MERIT BADGE OFFERINGS                                                OTHER OPPORTUNITIES
Climbing                                                             Open Climbing
William Blake once said, “Great things                               Looking for a personal challenge? Stop by the tower after
are done when men and mountains                                      3:00 pm and see if you can conquer one or both of our
meet.” In addition to a refresher in first                           climbing walls. Recommended for mature youth and
aid and the Outdoor Code, scouts will                                adults.
learn about signals, rope care, knots,
and harnesses, and have an oppor-                                    Troop/Patrol Climbs
tunity to experience belaying, climbing, and rappelling.             Schedule a time with the director, then bring the whole
Due to safety issues, we strongly recommend only scouts              troop or patrol to the climbing tower for a challenging,
who have demonstrated physical, mental, and emotional                team-building experience. Recommended for mature
maturity be registered for this merit badge. Scouts who              youth and adults.
do not demonstrate this maturity will be removed from
the class at the instructor's discretion.                            Climb On Safely
Offered: 1:30 pm (90-minute class)                                   If you’ve ever wondered what you
Prerequisites: second-year scout or older                            need to do to take your troop out on a
Other: physically challenging, intended for more mature              climbing adventure, the first step is to
scouts (best for boys ages 14 or older)                              take this B.S.A. orientation course on
                                                                     organizing and managing climbing and
OTHER B.S.A. PROGRAMS                                                rappelling activities. The training
Project C.O.P.E.                                                     offers guidance for climbing and rappelling at natural
                    A Challenging Outdoor Personal                   sites and at specifically-designed facilities, including
                    Experience awaits youth and adults               climbing towers and fixed and portable walls, through
                    looking to enhance personal, physical,           eight key points that help ensure the safety and well-
                    and social skills. Through group                 being of participants: qualified supervision, qualified
                    initiative games, low-course, and high-          instructors, physical fitness, safe area, equipment,
                    course activities, participants build life-      planning, environmental conditions, and discipline.
                    long skills such as leadership, commun-          Climb On Safely is not designed to prepare leaders to
                    ication, self-esteem, problem-solving,           instruct BSA youth in the skills of climbing or rappelling.
                    decision-making, trust, planning, and            Teaching climbing or rappelling requires a trained
                    teamwork. The Cuyuna C.O.P.E. course             climbing instructor who meets specific criteria.
                    includes. Some of the activities involve
                    group challenges, while others test              C.O.P.E. & CLIMBING SCHEDULE
                    individual skills and ability. Participants
                                                                  Merit Badges
climb, swing, balance, jump, rappel, and employ                                            9:00 10:00 11:00   1:30    2:30             3:30
                                                                  & Certifications
solutions to a variety of challenges. Project C.O.P.E.            Project COPE             
provides an opportunity for every participant to achieve          Climbing MB                                  
success, both as an individual and as a member of a               Climb on Safely Training           Monday @ 3:30 pm
patrol or group. C.O.P.E. is a “challenge by choice”
opportunity – no one will be forced to participate in a                                   Other Opportunities
specific activity if they do not feel they can do so.             Open Climbing                                        after 3:00 pm
Offered: 9:00-11:50 am (3-hour class)                             Troop/Patrol Climb            by arrangement w/ climbing director
Prerequisites: age 14 or older
Other: physically challenging, intended for more mature
individuals, open to adult leaders

                                               EAGLE TRAIL
We’ve designed a program to give scouts practice in basic scouting skills and an opportunity to complete
many of the requirements through First Class. As most of the scouts working on these requirements are in
their first year at camp, the program also allows first-year campers to meet and work with other scouts their
own age in a positive and fun environment. Our goal is to see that all scouts have a positive experience and
will be excited to return to your troop, and to camp, next year. The easiest way to keep a boy involved in
scouting is to provide him with a great first-year experience. We also hope to help scoutmasters attain the
B.S.A.’s recommended guideline of getting boys to First Class in the first year. Following is a schedule of our
program and a complete breakdown of requirements through First Class. If a scout misses a day or part of a
day for any reason, we'll do our best to help him make up requirements during evening open program times.

                                    EAGLE TRAIL SCHEDULE
    Time              Monday               Tuesday            Wednesday              Thursday           Friday
 9:00-10:00 am          Intro            Orienteering
                                                                5-Mile Hike         Miscellaneous
                                                                                                       First Aid
10:00-11:00 am       Totin’ Chip            Knots                 Nature
                     Firem’n Chit          Lashings
                                            Ropes                                    Orienteering       Service
11:00-12:00 am
                                                                                       Course           Project
                                         Optional Afternoon Program
                                                               At Foxfire
                                         At Aquatics                                  At Foxfire      At Foxfire
                      At Foxfire                               • Basketry*
                                          • Aquatics                               • Leave No Trace   • Basketry*
 1:30-2:30 pm      • Basketry* Merit                           Merit Badge
                                       (water rescue reqs.)                           Awareness       Merit Badge
                        Badge                                   • Aquatics
                                                                                        Training      (all work due)
                                                              (discussion reqs.)
 *Scouts taking Eagle Trail Afternoon do NOT sign up for the Basketry merit badge. They are automatically enrolled.

    “Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster's own personal example.”
                                                                                          Robert Baden-Powell

                                        REQUIREMENTS COVERED
  Subject                  Tenderfoot                                2nd Class                               1st Class
Knots/          4a (whipping & fusing)                                                          7a (lashings, timber & clove hitches)
Lashings/       4b (two half hitches, taut-line hitch)                                          7b (camp gadget)
Ropes           4c (teach the square knot to another                                            8a (bowline)
                person using the EDGE model)
Totin’ Chip/                                             3c (knife, saw, axe use and care)
Firem’n Chit                                             3d (tinder, kindling, fuel)
                                                         3e & f (cooking fires, camp stoves)
Nature          11 (poisonous plants)                    6 (native animals)                     6 (native plants)
First Aid       12a (choking)                            7a (stopped breathing, bleeding,       8b (bandages)
                12b (cuts, blisters, burns, bites,       poisoning)                             8c (transport)
                frostbite, etc.)                         7c (object in eye, bites, puncture     8d (CPR)
                                                         wounds, heat exhaustion, shock,
Orienteering                                             1a (compass and map use)               1 (find directions w/o compass)
                                                         1b (5-mile hike)                       2 (orienteering course)
Misc.           5 (safe hiking)                          2 (Leave No Trace)                     3 (Leave No Trace)
                6 (flag etiquette)                       3b (choosing a patrol site)
                7 (oath, law, motto, slogan)             4 (flag ceremony)
                9 (buddy system)                         5 (service project)
                                                         9b (3 R’s of personal safety)
Aquatics                                                 8a (safe swim precautions)             9a (safety afloat)
                                                         8b (BSA beginner’s swim test)          9b (BSA swimmer’s test)
                                                         8c (water rescues)                     9c (water rescues)
Covered by      1, 2 (camping)                           3a & b (camping)                       3 (camping)
troop in site   3 (cooking)                              3f & g (cooking)                       4e (cooking)
                8 (patrol name, yell, flag)
Not covered     10a & b (personal fitness)               7b (first aid kit)                     4 a, b, c, d (cooking)
at camp         13, 14, 15 (SM conference, Board of      9a (drug, alcohol, tobacco program)    5 (citizenship)
                Review, etc.)                            10, 11, 12, 13 (earning & saving, SM   11 (Internet safety)
                                                         conference, Board of Review, etc.)     10, 12, 13, 14 (recruiting, SM
                                                                                                conference, Board of Review, etc.)
                                      OTHER EAGLE TRAIL INFORMATION
THE EAGLE TRAIL SCHEDULE                                              FIRST-YEAR SCOUTS & MERIT BADGES
Due to variation in class sizes and boys’ existing skills, we         Eagle Trail is a well-rounded, comprehensive, full-time
can’t guarantee we’ll cover each topic exactly at the time            program that remains flexible for each troop’s unique
listed. Also, please note that we do not cover each rank at           needs. We suggest that scouts in the Eagle Trail program
a specific time (Tenderfoot at 9:00, Second Class at                  not take merit badges in the morning unless they are
10:00, etc.). Rather, similar requirements, regardless of             already Second Class Scouts working towards First Class.
which rank they are listed with, are grouped together.                We’ve accounted for this by scheduling the badges most
                                                                      frequently taken by first-year campers in the 1:30 pm
GROUP SIZE                                                            time slot.
During some weeks, we’ll have as many as 40 participants
in the Eagle Trail program. To help us ensure that all                FLEXIBILITY
scouts are taking part and learning, we will sometimes ask            Each troop has its own traditions and methods for
adults to help us out by attending the morning and/or                 teaching and assessing basic scout skills required for rank
afternoon sessions. Give it a try: you’ll have some fun,              advancement through First Class. If your unit has already
get to know your first-year scouts better, and maybe even             covered a topic or topics, feel free to have scouts attend
try something new yourself!                                           only the parts of the program they need. We also invite
                                                                      scouts who need help in a specific area to take advantage
WHEN YOU GET HOME                                                     of open times in the afternoon to refresh their skills.
In the Eagle Trail program, we cover a large number of
topics in a very short time. We strongly encourage leaders
to review, refresh, practice, and verify that young scouts               “The spirit is there in every boy; it has to be
have truly mastered the skills involved prior to awarding
                                                                         discovered and brought to light.”
rank advancements at a Court of Honor.
                                                                                                        Robert Baden-Powell

                         OTHER MERIT BADGE OPPORTUNITIES
In addition to merit badges found in traditional program areas, we offer several merit badges at our
Administration Building. All merit badge sessions are 50 minutes unless otherwise indicated.
HEALTH OFFICE                                                 OTHER
First Aid                                                     Golf
Usually one of the first Eagle-required                       Just want to get away for a while?
badges a boy attempts, First Aid is                           Give golf a try. Scouts in this class
truly something that every scout should                       will learn about golf etiquette,
know. Four days of lecture and hands-                         rules, and scoring before traveling
on training lead up to the final on                           to Emily Greens Golf Course for
Friday afternoon – a practical exam                           two afternoons (one 9-hole round
with “victims” for the scouts to test their new skills and    each day). Your green fees include nine holes of golf,
a small written exam.                                         clubs, pull-cart, balls, and tees.
Offered: 1:30 pm (2-hour class)                               Offered: 1:30 pm Monday & Tuesday; 12:30 pm
Prerequisites: none                                           Wednesday & Thursday
Other: written homework required, passing score on            Prerequisites: previous experience is preferred, but
practical and written exams required, practical offered       not required
Friday afternoon                                              Other: additional time required, green fees cost
                                                              (approximately $10.00 per 9-hole round)

  “Be Prepared... the meaning of the motto
  is that a scout must prepare himself by                         HEALTH OFFICE / OTHER
  previous thinking out and practicing how                        MERIT BADGE SCHEDULE
  to act on any accident or emergency so
                                                             Merit Badge    9:00   10:00   11:00   1:30  2:30 3:30
  that he is never taken by surprise.”
                                                             First Aid MB                            
                             Robert Baden-Powell             Medicine MB                             
                                                             Golf MB                               

If you're an interested in a career in
medicine, the Medicine Merit Badge
might be for you. Participants will                           “No one can pass through life, any more than he
discuss famous figures in the history of                      can pass through a bit of country, without leaving
medicine, the Hippocratic Oath, the
                                                              tracks behind, and those tracks may often be
roles, type of work, and training/
licensure needed for various jobs in the medical field,       helpful to those coming after him in finding their
and health care systems around the world. Scouts              way.”
taking this badge will be asked to volunteer to assist                                    Robert Baden-Powell
with the First Aid final on Friday.
Offered: 1:30 pm
Prerequisites: none
Other: independent research required; intended for
older, more mature scouts

Indian Lore Outpost                                            River Tubing
Scouts will sleep in a teepee, hear Indian lore, play games,   File a float plan with the aquatics director, grab your
and learn about Native American culture and foods. This        PFDs, and take a fun and relaxing trip down the Pine
outpost is designed for scouts taking the Indian Lore          River with your troop or patrol. We can provide the
Merit Badge, but all are welcome to attend. Let the            tubes and a trailer to haul them, but transportation to and
instructor or the Foxfire director know if you are             from the drop-off and pick-up locations is a troop
planning to attend. Meet at the administration building at     responsibility.
6:45 pm on Tuesday for a 7:00 departure to the teepee.
Fishing Outpost                                                Orienteering has changed quite a bit in the last few years.
For anyone wanting a fishing adventure on Big Pickerel         Now at Cuyuna, you can use a GPS unit to find treasure
Lake, sign up at the Nature Center building by noon on         hidden around the camp. A few of the caches are fairly
Thursday. The group will meet at the administration            easy to find, while others are much more difficult. This
building at 6:45 pm to take attendance and gather PFDs         could be a great patrol activity or one that you can do
and paddles, then depart for Family Camp at 7:00. Space        with a buddy. We can provide a limited number of GPS
in boats may be limited, so sign up early.                     units to assist you in your search.

Wilderness Survival Outpost                                    Service Projects
Participants will build a natural shelter, eat a “survival     Doing a good turn daily has always been a part of
meal,” discuss Leave No Trace principles, and learn            Scouting. As a camp leader, you are encouraged to make
primitive outdoor living skills. The outpost is intended       certain that the crowded events of a week at summer
for Wilderness Survival Merit Badge participants and           camp do not crowd out one of the biggest character
other interested, mature scouts. Be sure to sign up with       developing tools – the good turn. Every scout should
the instructor or the Foxfire director. Meet at the            contribute something positive to his camp community.
administration building on Thursday at 4:30 pm.                General Ideas for Good Turns
                                                                  Paint latrines
Lake Trips                                                        Improve patrol campsites
An afternoon trip to the beautiful sand bar on Lake               Improve troop campfire circles
O’Brien, which is a short portage over the road from              Improve existing camp trails
Lake Goodrich, is a great chance to put both Safety               Develop new camp trails
Afloat and Safe Swim Defense into action. Talk to a               Clear brush from roadside for visibility
commissioner to schedule a date and time, then get your           Clean buildings – showers, program rooms
float plan approved by the aquatics director before               Ranger’s project
                                                               Conservation Good Turns
Hiking                                                            Erosion control
Ask the Nature Center staff about the self-guided nature          Tree transplanting
and tree identification trail or talk to the ranger or a          Seeding
commissioner about our camp-wide trails system.                   Timber stand improvements
                                                                  Wildlife habitat improvements
Volleyball                                                        Building bird houses & feeders
Sand volleyball is available at the aquatics area.                Litter removal
Reservations of available times should be made with the        Note: The Ecology director, commissioner, and
aquatics director. Competition with the staff can be           ranger must approve all conservation projects and
arranged for those who dare. This is an excellent inter-       camp improvements.
troop competition idea.

Horseshoes & Ladder Golf
Try your luck at these scoutmaster favorites in our
horseshoe pit located behind the administration building.          “Leave this world a little better than you
Horseshoes and bolos are available through the business            found it…”
office.                                                                               Baden-Powell’s
                                                                                      Last Message (1945)

OUTSIDE CAMP                                                   Pine River
The possibilities are almost unlimited. Other ideas            This trip is 50 miles, including the White Fish Chain. The
include museum tours, canoeing, fishing, camping,              Pine River flows through undeveloped, natural forest
backpacking, and hiking in and around the Brainerd             interrupted occasionally by swampy areas and open, quiet
Lakes Area. We’re also just a few hours from Duluth            water. The City of Pine River and the White Fish Chain
Harbor and north woods outposts like Ely and Bemidji.          are the only areas of concentrated development.
Just a handful of options is listed below – talk to a
commissioner or the program director if you are                Mississippi River
interested in planning and trying one or more of these         Travel from flat, forested plain through the Cuyuna Iron
activities.                                                    Range to a stretch of towering white birch and a canopy
                                                               of mixed conifer and hardwood. See islands, oxbows, and
Museums                                                        majestic 50-foot bluffs on your way to a forest region
Croft Mine Historical Park                                     with flood plain vegetation.
The Croft Mine Historical Park & Museum in Crosby is
available for tours. Just let the program director know        Golfing
you are interested and we’ll call to reserve a time for your   If you are interested in hitting the links for a round of
unit to explore the museum exhibits, park grounds              golf, speak to a commissioner or the program director.
spotted with original buildings and authentic mining           We have information on and can direct you to several
equipment, and the simulated mine shaft. The park is           area courses.
usually not open on weekdays, but will open to give
private tours to scout groups at a reduced entry fee.          Hiking/Biking/Backpacking
                                                               The area surrounding camp is loaded with trails that offer
Crow Wing County Historical Society Museum                     a variety of opportunities to those who are interested in
Located in old downtown Brainerd, this museum features         traveling by foot or on bicycles. You’ll need to supply
logging, railroad, mining, and other pioneer exhibits, as      your own bicycles, tents, packs, and leadership. If you’re
well as a fully-restored, authentic 1800s jail cell. The       planning more than a day hike, be sure to make
museum is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 am-3:00             arrangements in advance through the Council Service
pm and the suggested admission fee/donation is $3.00           Center in Mankato. The North Country, Heartland, and
per person.                                                    Paul Bunyan Trails all cross at one time or another and
                                                               cross several other trails as well.
Crosslake Historic Log Village                                 North Country National Scenic Trail
Just five miles from camp, this outdoor museum includes        Take a challenging 68-mile journey through the southern
restored buildings including Crosslake’s first town hall       part of the Chippewa National Forest. The trail winds
and two homesteads and replicas of other early 1900s           through landscape rich in history, wildlife, and beauty.
buildings from the Crosslake area. The park is not staffed     You may camp anywhere on National Forest land, as well
on weekdays (but may be for groups calling ahead), and         as campgrounds.
each building in the log village features a “stop-and-
listen” system in which you push a button to listen to a       Heartland State Trail
recording about the specific site.                             Running from Park Rapids to Cass Lake, this 50-mile
                                                               multiuse trail follows an old railroad grade. See a bit of
Troop/Patrol Canoe Trips                                       lumber history, as well as beautiful lakes and forests,
Troop and patrol canoe trips ranging from 1-5 days long        while you traverse this paved trail.
are available. Both the Pine and Mississippi Rivers have
canoe routes maintained by the Minnesota Department            Paul Bunyan Trail
of Natural Resources. There are many put-ins and take-         From Brainerd to north of Walker along an old railroad
outs, as well as campsites available along the way.            grade, the Paul Bunyan is another multiuse trail. With
Arrangements should be made in advance through the             outstanding scenery, convenient stops in several small
Council Service Center in Mankato. Adult leadership            cities, and camping available along the way, this is an
must be supplied by the troop, and an approved float           excellent opportunity for a young troop to get a little
plan is required. This is a great idea for older scouts        high-adventure-type experience without heading too far
seeking a different adventure while at Cuyuna.                 into the wilderness.

                                  ADDITIONAL PROGRAM FEATURES
CAMPFIRES                                                            ORDER OF THE ARROW
Camp-wide campfires, hosted by the staff, are scheduled              The Order of the Arrow is the nationally recognized
for Sunday and Friday evenings after the 9:00 pm flag-               Honor Camping Organization of the Boy Scouts of
lowering ceremonies. Troop friendship campfires are                  America. Youth members must have at least 15 days and
Wednesday at 9:00 pm. Staff members dining with you                  nights of scout camping, be at least First Class rank, be
on Wednesday will attend and be available for assistance.            elected by the other youth of their troop, and have
                                                                     Scoutmaster’s approval.
An inter-faith worship service is held at 7:15 pm                    Wacipi
Wednesday evening at the Lakeside Chapel area. Don’t                 Youth and adult members of Order of the Arrow are
expect a boring church service. We’ll have a simple                  invited to a Wacipi on Wednesday evening after chapel at
message, a few songs, a skit or two, and a lot of fun. The           the camp-wide meal area. Meet brothers from different
Boy Scout uniform is appropriate attire.                             chapters and lodges and share dances, stories and
                                                                     fellowship. You may wear regalia and your OA sash to
CUYUNA RUN                                                           this event. Help us strengthen the Order’s presence at
Tuesday evening at 7:15 pm, a run throughout the main camp           camp.
will be offered. Scouts are encouraged to participate in the race
which is somewhere in between 1 and 1¼ of a mile. The winner         Order of the Arrow Day
of the Cuyuna run will be recognized at the Friday night campfire.   Friday is OA Day at Camp Cuyuna. Members are
                                                                     encouraged to wear their sashes all day and especially at
SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS                                                 the campfire on Friday evening. There is also a cracker
Campers who understand what it means to really take advantage        barrel and fellowship meeting for OA members in the
of opportunities at camp deserve to be recognized. We’ve got         administration building after the campfire.
awards for both youth and adults who fit the bill.

Baden Powell Patrol
A special Cuyuna-only award designed to acknowledge
patrol that have come together to function as a unit at
camp. For specific requirements, see the form in this
program guide.

Scoutmaster Merit Badge
Be noticed for who you are – a valuable volunteer and
leader. Just meet the requirements listed on the form in
this program guide, and we’ll say thank you with a small
token and recognition at the Friday evening campfire.

Cuyuna Steward Program
This program has been developed to reward those who
come up during the off season and do service projects at
camp. There are awards for each level of the program.
More information on this program is available on the
Twin Valley website under Cuyuna.

                             “It is the Patrol System that makes the Troop, and all
                             Scouting for that matter, a real co-operative matter.”
                                                                           Robert Baden-Powell                             18
                                          MERIT BADGE SIGN-UP SHEET
                                                           Names of Scouts


Campsite: _______________

Week: __________________

Dates: __________________

Archery: 9:00-9:50
Archery: 10:00-10:50
Archery: 1:30-2:20
Art : PM independent study
Astronomy: 10:00-10:50
Backpacking: 10:00-10:50
Basketry: 1:30-2:20
Bird Study: PM independent study
C.O.P.E.: 9:00-11:50
*Camping: 9:00-9:50
*Camping: 10:00-10:50
Canoeing: 10:00-11:50
Climbing: 1:30-3:00
Cooking: 11:00-11:50
Eagle Trail Scout Skills: 9:00-11:50
Eagle Trail Afternoon: 1:30-2:20
*Emergency Preparedness: 9:00-9:50
*Emergency Preparedness: 11:00-11:50
*Environmental Science: 9:00-10:20
*Environmental Science: 10:30-11:50
*First Aid: 1:30-3:20
Fish & Wildlife Mgt: 9:00-9:50
Fishing: 9:00-9:50
Forestry: 1:30-2:20
Geology: PM independent study
Golf: 1:30-2:20 (plus 2 rounds of golf)
*Hiking: 10:00-10:50
Indian Lore: 10:00-10:50
Insect Study: PM independent study
Leatherwork: 1:30-2:20
*Life Saving: 9:00-10:50

                                                                              Names of Scouts


Campsite: _______________

Week: __________________

Dates: __________________

Mammal Study: 11:00-11:50
Medicine: 1:30-2:20
Nature: 1:30-2:20
Orienteering: PM independent study
Pioneering: 11:00-11:50
Reptile & Amphib. Study: 10:00-10:50
Rifle: 9:00-9:50
Rifle: 10:00-10:50
Rowing: PM independent study
Shotgun: 11:00-11:50
Small Boat Sailing: 10:00-11:50
Soil & Water Conservation: 1:30-2:20
*Swimming: 9:00-9:50
*Swimming: 11:00-11:50
Weather: 11:00-11:50
Wilderness Survival: 9:00-9:50
Wood Carving: 1:30-2:20
BSA Lifeguard: AM (by arrangement)
Kayaking BSA: 9:00-9:50
Snorkeling BSA: 3:30 (T-R)
Discover SCUBA: TBA
Mile Swim BSA: 4:30 (M-R)

   Symbol          Explanation
     AM            morning independent study (by arrangement)
     PM            afternoon independent study (available 2:30-4:20)   Please send this page to:
      M            Monday                                              Camp Cuyuna, PO Box 250, Crosslake, MN 56442
                                                                       marked “Attn: Program Director” or e-mail to
      T            Tuesday
                                                                       cuyuna@twinvalleybsa.org or
     W             Wednesday
      R            Thursday
                                                                       Do NOT send with registration to the Council Office.
      F            Friday
      *            Eagle-required Merit Badge

                                    MERIT BADGE KEY BY TIME
GENERAL INFORMATION                         MBs & Programs         9:00      10:00        11:00     1:30        2:30    3:30   Level
Counselors will have lists with the       Archery                   X          X                     X         Open shooting     2
names of scouts signed up for merit       Art                                  PM Independent Study (at nature)                  1
badges on Monday morning. Scouts          Astronomy                            X                                                 2
should bring their completed merit        Backpacking                          X                                                 3
badge applications with them and          Basketry                                                   X                           1
present them to the counselor at the      Bird Study                                  PM Independent Study                       3
first meeting time for each merit         BSA Lifeguard++                                  By Arragement                         3
badge. Every effort will be made to
                                          Camping *                 X          X                                                 2
eliminate conflicts between troop
                                          Canoeing                           X---------------X          Open Canoeing            2
program time and merit badges. We
will try to be flexible with merit        Climbing                                                     X-----X                   3
badge times, but some area schedules      Cooking                                           X                                    1
are less flexible because of equip-       Discover SCUBA                               TBA, offsite program                      3
ment and safety issues, as well as the    Eagle Trail               X-------------------------X        Optional Program          1
number of scouts taking particular        Emergency Prep. *         X                       X                                    2
merit badges. We recommend scouts         Environmental Sci. *     X--------X      X--------X                                    3
see all their counselors on Monday to     First Aid *                                                X------------X              1
ensure a complete understanding of        Fish & Wildlife Mgmt.     X                                                            2
the schedule and time requirements        Fishing                   X                                                            1
for the merit badge. Scoutmasters         Forestry                                                   X                           2
should feel free to approach staff        Geology                                     PM Independent Study                       2
members to observe sessions in            Golf                                                       X                           3
progress, help out where needed, and      Hiking *                                                                               2
check on attendance and progress          Indian Lore                                            X                               2
records for their scouts.                 Insect Study                               PM Independent Study                        3
                                          Instructional Swim                                        4:30 – 5:00 daily            1
DIFFICULTY LEVELS                         Kayaking, BSA              X                                                           2
1. Easier to earn. Great for first-year   Leatherwork                                              X                             1
                                          Life Saving *            X-------------X                                               3
2. Moderate difficulty. Good for
                                          Mammals Study                                  X                                       1
second-year or older scouts.
                                          Medicine                                                 X                             2
3. Harder to earn. Intended for older,
dedicated scouts ages 14 or older.        Mile Swim                                Monday – Thursday @ 4:30                      3
                                          Nature                                                   X                             2
ADDITIONAL                                Orienteering                                PM Independent Study                       2
INFORMATION                               Pioneering                                       X                                     2
* Eagle-required merit badges are         Project COPE               X----------------------X                                    3
indicated with an asterisk (*).           Reptile & Amph. Study                X                                                 3
                                          Rifle                      X         X                   Open Rifle                    3
++ BSA Lifeguard now requires certi-      Rowing                                      PM Independent Study                       2
fication in Red Cross First Aid &         Shotgun                                          X                     Open            3
Red Cross CPR/AED for Pro-                Small Boat Sailing                 X---------------X                                   3
fessionals. Participants must present     Snorkeling, BSA                          Tuesday – Thursday @ 3:30                     2
proof of current certification prior to   Soil & Water Cons.                                       X                             2
beginning the program at Cuyuna. In       Swimming *                 X                     X         Open Swimming               2
addition, the minimum age for             Weather                                          X                                     2
certification as a BSA Lifeguard has      Wilderness Survival        X                                                           2
been raised to 15 years.
                                          Wood Carving                                             X                             1
Specific information regarding other prerequisites, age requirements, extra costs, and more can be found in the detailed
information for each merit badge in the appropriate program area section.

 Note: For unit use only. Post at troop campsite or distribute to individual scouts. Do not
 submit these cards with registration forms or merit badge roster on preceding page.

          SCOUT SCHEDULE CARD                            SCOUT SCHEDULE CARD
Name: ____________________________             Name: ____________________________
9:00: _____________________________            9:00: _____________________________
10:00: ____________________________            10:00: ____________________________
11:00: ____________________________            11:00: ____________________________
1:30: _____________________________            1:30: _____________________________
2:30: _____________________________            2:30: _____________________________
Other:                                         Other:

          SCOUT SCHEDULE CARD                            SCOUT SCHEDULE CARD
Name: ____________________________             Name: ____________________________
9:00: _____________________________            9:00: _____________________________
10:00: ____________________________            10:00: ____________________________
11:00: ____________________________            11:00: ____________________________
1:30: _____________________________            1:30: _____________________________
2:30: _____________________________            2:30: _____________________________
Other:                                         Other:

          SCOUT SCHEDULE CARD                            SCOUT SCHEDULE CARD
Name: ____________________________             Name: ____________________________
9:00: _____________________________            9:00: _____________________________
10:00: ____________________________            10:00: ____________________________
11:00: ____________________________            11:00: ____________________________
1:30: _____________________________            1:30: _____________________________
2:30: _____________________________            2:30: _____________________________
Other:                                         Other:

                                  BADEN-POWELL AWARD
Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, always promoted the patrol method to further the
development of scouts. To continue this fine example, we offer this challenge. Patrols that compete in the
following activities and attain steps in advancement may qualify for the Camp Cuyuna Baden-Powell Award.
Patrol leaders turn in completed forms to a commissioner no later than the camp-wide meal Friday evening.
 Points   Points                            Patrol                    Part of         Points Awarded
Possible Awarded                           Activity                   Patrol          & Approved By
                   Percentage of scouts to 2nd Class who complete
(0 – 100)          one rank advancement or one merit badge, and 1st    WP       Scoutmaster
                   Class to Eagle who complete a merit badge
   15              Foxfire Rendezvous                                 WP        Area Director/Commissioner
   15              Canoe trip (swimmers)                              WP-1      Area Director/Commissioner
   15              Tube Trip                                          WP        Area Director/Commissioner
   15              Tour at mine or museum                             WP        Commissioner
   15              Cuyuna Run                                         WP        Commissioner
   15              Cuyuna Olympics                                    WP        Commissioner
   15              Patrol Archery Shoot                               WP        Area Director/Commissioner
   15              Patrol Rifle Shoot                                 WP        Area Director/Commissioner
   15              Troop Climb                                        WP        Area Director/Commissioner
   15              Troop Swim                                         WP        Area Director/Commissioner
   15              Indian Lore Outpost                                ½P        Area Director/Commissioner
   15              Wilderness Survival Outpost                        ½P        Area Director/Commissioner
   15              2-Mile Hike                                        WP        Scoutmaster
   20              Inter-Troop Friendship Fire                        WP        Scoutmaster
   30              Vespers (Chapel) 100% Attendance in Uniform        WP        Scoutmaster
10/cache           Patrol Geocaching (10 points per cache found)      ½P        Scoutmaster
   15              Water Carnival                                     WP        Area Director/Commissioner
   30              Camp Service Project                               WP        Area Director/Commissioner
   40              Patrol Method Campsite                             WP        Area Director/Commissioner
   20              Daily Flag Ceremonies                              WP        Scoutmaster
   40              Patrol Leader Attends PLC Meetings                 WP        Scoutmaster
   40              Patrol Flag, Yell, and Song                        WP        Area Director/Commissioner
                   100% of Patrol in Complete Uniform (Socks,
   20                                                                  WP       Commissioner
                   Shorts, Shirt, Belt) at Sunday Flag Ceremony
   **              Commissioner-Approved Event                                  Commissioner
   **              Commissioner-Approved Event                                  Commissioner

  600+             TOTAL

                                    400 points required to qualify.
                  WP = Whole Patrol Participates ½ P = Half of Patrol Participates
  ** Commissioners may approve other events or projects. Points will be determined by the commissioner.

            “The patrol system leads each boy to see that he has some individual
            responsibility for the good of his patrol.”
                                                                             Robert Baden Powell

                           SCOUT LEADER MERIT BADGE
                                 Progress Card 2012
   Attend all Scoutmaster Coffees or make certain another adult from your troop attends.
       M__ T__ W__ R__ F__ (checked by Camp Director)
   Do four of the following:
     □ Make a camp gadget approved by your SPL
     □ Take a daily nap
     □ Invite a new friend or troop to your campsite for coffee/cocoa or campfire
     □ Help the ranger with something he needs
     □ Participate in a song or skit at a friendship fire
   Attend Safe Swim Defense or Climb On Safely Training on Monday afternoon
   Pick up some trash outside the commissary building or along the trails each day
       M__ T__ W__ R__ F__ (checked by commissary staff)
   Have your SPL check your scouts’ progress on planned achievements at mid-week SPL Meeting.
           Signed by SPL__________________________________
   Encourage patrols in your troop to earn the Baden Powell Patrol Award.
   Ensure SPL chairs a PLC meeting at camp.
   Attend SM steak fry.
   Do something nice for the staff.
   Do at least three of the following:
    □ Participate in troop swim, climb, shoot, or outing
      (eating out doesn’t count)
    □ Assist/Instruct a Merit Badge or at Eagle Trail all week
    □ Make a craft item at Foxfire
    □ Prepare an item for SM Cook-off
   Do a daily good turn
   Go to Chapel in scout uniform
   Keep your cool all week. Check progress daily with SPL.
      M__ T__ W__ R__ F__ (checked by SPL)

   Check progress of Eagle Trail Scouts each day (if scouts from your troop are participating.)
      M__ T__ W__ R__ F__ (checked by Eagle Trail Director)
   Give the commissioners a hard time.

   Participate in the Scoutmaster Splash or other leader competition(s) at Water Carnival

          “The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.”

          “There is no teaching to compare with example.”

                                                                 Robert Baden-Powell

                              MERIT BADGE APPLICATION


                                                                                  Scout              Scout



                                                 Scout                               Scout


            Staff                              Staff


To help you prepare for camp, we have included a sample merit badge card, showing what needs to be filled
out, and who should do it, before the scout hands the card to his counselor on Monday.
* Note: The unit leader signature on the front of the card should be filled out prior to the scout beginning
work on the merit badge. The leader signature on the back of the card is to be signed upon completion of the
merit badge, after the counselor has signed the card.


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