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					MacKay Clan Courier
EDITION # 73    JUNE 2012
  MacKay Clan Grand Council                        up and announced that he and Helen would
                                                   be leaving to drive back to Maryland. He
Kenneth MacKay, Chieftain                          made that announcement each year for three
Bob Sutton                                         or four years in a row, each time implying
Gary Martineck                                     that Helen and he had made their last trip.
Marvin Dunn                                        Each year I hoped that he was wrong and
John MacKay                                        that we would see them the following year,
Roy McCready                                       but a few years ago they made their last trip.
Donald Martineck                                   Each year since, as we come to the end of
Roger MacKay                                       the events on Sunday and begin to say our
Edward MacKay                                      goodbyes, I think of both of them and all
Jim Sarra                                          that they contributed.
                                                   Several decades ago the Italian writer Italo
             Advisory Board                        Calvino published a series of short stories
Ginny Clark                                        entitled “Invisible Cities’. Although each
Marilyn Cash                                       story is no more than a few pages and
Milford Dunn                                       sketches cities that might only exist in
Jerry MacKay                                       dreams, the inventive urban spaces and
Mark McCready                                      infrastructures fascinated the architectural
Greg Sutton                                        community. In the one that I remember the
Robert MacKay                                      most, an older gentleman is walking through
Tom MacKay                                         the back streets of a hillside town. He
                                                   passes a young person who smiles at him as
Historians: Dawn Sutton                            if they have met before. He becomes
                                                   confused because he has never been to this
This edition of the Clan Courier is lovingly       town before and knows that he does not
dedicated to the memory of Don Sutton who          know the person he has just passed. But he
passed away on April 22, 2012.                     is haunted by the face which is so familiar.
                                                   He later recalls that it could easily pass as
                                                   the face of a close friend, only that the look
The MacKay Clan Courier has been                   of that face now is this is how his friend
published since 1968 and will continue only        looked more than thirty years ago. Calvino
with your support. It is each family’s             implies that perhaps it may not be our
responsibility to submit articles. Without         memories that fail us as we grow older; we
these articles, there would be no Clan             simply have seen so many faces in so many
Courier. Please do your part to keep this          different settings and phases in our life.
tradition alive!                                   Our mind becomes overwhelmed as this
                                                   bank of images increases as we journey
           Chieftain’s Message                     through time and space. It occurred to me
                                                   recently that I am approaching the age of the
Dear MacKay Clan-                                  gentleman in Calvino’s story.
It was with great sadness that I read Sue          Although most of us ’elders’ were already
Sarra’s message to the family a few weeks          aware of the fact, Sue’s message also noted
ago that Don Sutton had passed away. When          that Don was the last surviving spouse of
I heard of Don Sutton’s passing I thought          the 10 MacKay children. Over the past few
back to the last time I saw him. As he did         weeks I have on occasion sat and looked at
each of the last few years that he attended        the unfinished draft of our family tree. I’ve
the reunion, Sunday after bowling, he stood        looked over all of the names of the 10

children of Robert MacKay and Jane                  Please note that due to the closing of
Guthrie Clough. I can honestly say that I           Evergreen golf course, the MacKay Golf
have been able to recall an encounter that I        Tournament venue is changing. It will now
had with each of them. It is interesting to         be held at Shawnee Golf Course, 6020
note that with the exception of Ralph               Townline Rd, Wheatfield, NY 14132. We
MacKay, who I remember as a backlight               will have to make tee times for our group, so
silhouette greeting our family at the front         it will be necessary for those wanting to
door to his house after a long car ride to a        play to let us know – via email or phone –
hydroplane regatta, all of the memories I           no later than 7/20/12, so the correct # of tee
have of each of the original 10 children            times can be made.
were from encounters at the annual family           We are also asking for you to contact us –
reunion.                                            phone 716 691-4800 or email
I hope that as many of you as possible can          ( - to let us
make it this year and look forward to seeing        know how many in your family will be
you.                                                attending the reunion to help us prepare
Ken MacKay (Grandson of Helen and Roy               for and have sufficient food and drink.
MacKay)                                             NOTE: For anyone planning on going to
                                                    Canada while in town – you will need a
                                                    passport or an enhanced drivers license
                                                    to reenter the U.S.
        New Members to the Clan

Jessie Sobocinski, by marriage to Kory
Watts on May 5th, 2012.                                            Clan Finances

Nicholas Louis Martineck, born 6/30/11 to              The Clan’s finances have remained steady
Christopher and Lisa Martineck.                     this past year. However, we continue to be
                                                    in need of, and will be collecting donations,
Alice Mary Ellen Colonna, born to                   contributions, or “dues” at this year’s
Elizabeth MacKay and Roy Colonna.                   Reunion. Contributions can also be mailed
                                                    to Michael Martineck. These funds help
Kirsten Merete, by marriage to Ryan                 pay for Clan expenses, mainly the mailing
McCready on 6/16/12.                                of the Courier, maintenance of the Clan web
                                                    site, and expenses related to the Reunion.
      CONGRATULATIONS AND                           They have allowed us to keep the food and
      WELCOME TO THE CLAN                           beverage charges at the Reunion affordable
           MACKAY!!                                 for all our families. With the cost of so
                                                    many things rising quickly, all of the Clan
                                                    expenses are rising as well. Please help!
                                                          Clan MacKay on Facebook
This year’s reunion will be held again at the
                                                    The MacKay Clan continues to be on
Knight’s of Columbus, 1841 Whitehaven
                                                    Facebook! We have 54 members. Join our
Road, Grand Island, NY 14072 on Saturday,
                                                    group to share and receive information
August 4th. Please see the MacKay Reunion
                                                    about our family all year long. All members
link for the details. We hope to once again
                                                    of the group can share Clan photos, post
celebrate our family by being together and
                                                    exciting news, and receive reminders about
enjoying each other’s company.

upcoming events. As a reminder, posts to
your own Facebook page are not carried
over to the MacKay page, so you need to                  IN LOVING MEMORY OF
post them separately.                                         Donald J. Sutton
To join the group you must first be a
member of Facebook, then search for our
                                                   Don Sutton died on Sunday, April 22, 2012
group under the name “Clan MacKay of
                                                   at the Gilchrist Hospice Center in
Buffalo, NY” and click to join! If you are
                                                   Baltimore, MD. He had just celebrated his
already a member, you can add your friends
                                                   88th birthday. Don was very proud of being
by clicking “Add Friends to Group” and
                                                   a member of the MacKay Clan. He and
typing in your friends’ names. Only
                                                   Helen always enjoyed the reunions and
members of our group can read or see items
                                                   were very sorry when they had to give up
posted to the site.
                                                   their trips to Buffalo. Many Clan members
                                                   have fond memories of Don and Helen,
                                                   especially their dancing ability. He will be
         MacKay Clan Web site
                                                   sorely missed.

The web site continues to be maintained.
We are looking for ideas for improving or
expanding it, please contact Mike Sarra with
your suggestions. The site includes Clan
                                                          Roger MacKay Family News
Courier issues – current and former, the
Clan Directory, info about the Reunion, and
results from all the events at last year’s
                                                   Greetings from Roger and Phyllis MacKay
                                                   to the clan:
The section on Clan History needs some
enhancement, and any suggestions, ideas,
                                                   We spent three beautiful months in Florida
expertise you have to offer are needed. The
                                                   this past winter. Our bucket list included an
link for lost family members continues to
                                                   afternoon on an airboat with Captain Bob
grow; please give us updates on your
                                                   who looked like Larry the Cable Guy. We
families. There are a number of members
                                                   also spent some time in Naples with our
whose email addresses are no longer valid –
                                                   friends and were able to do some fishing in
please remember to send us a notice when           the Gulf. We caught alot of fish and Rog
you change your email address! Every               managed to catch his first shark, which was
year we lose touch with some members               exciting. That trip included a day in the
who fail to give us their updated                  everglades and seeing an old Seminole
                                                   Indian trading post, which is now a
The links for each branch of the family are
                                                   museum. The mermaids at Weeke Wachee
there to be used in any way you’d like –
                                                   Springs State Park were a real treat to
family info, pictures, etc. Items you would
                                                   watch. The kids kept telling us how nice it
like to have posted should be e-mailed to
                                                   was here, so we cut our stay short by a week
                                                   to come back and enjoy the 80 degree
We can also have links connecting to other
                                                   weather in NY. So we packed, locked up
web sites of interest to Clan members – if
                                                   and 2 days later arrived home to a 35 degree
anyone has a business site, etc. Let us know
                                                   day (we missed the nice weather by a
your ideas!

Debbie and Michael continue to lead busy             zoo, the jungle gardens, the #1 beach in the
lives. Debbie is working at Pies Furniture           USA (Siesta), played miniature golf and
Store in Lockport and Mike will be a Senior          generally ran ourselves ragged. They are
in high school this fall. He is on the Varsity       bundles of energy who never stop! It was
baseball and soccer teams.                           great seeing Kelly and Pete too.
                                                        In June we are going to the Hawaiian
Brother Tom is still Tom. He is doing well           Islands for a month. We're visiting 4 of the
and living in Wilmington, NC with his                islands and really looking forward to the
girlfriend, Dawn.                                    trip, since we've heard nothing but good
                                                     things from the Sarras and Martinecks when
Wishing you all a wonderful summer. Hope             they visited there.
to see you at the Clan Reunion.                         We will be at the reunion and are looking
                                                     forward to seeing everyone again.

         Bob Sutton Family News

We continue to enjoy our home in Florida                 Michael Martineck Family News
and the wonderful warm, sunny weather.
Bob is playing golf at least 4 times a week.
He tells me he's going to "work," but I've yet       The Martinecks of Timberlink
to see a pay check.                                  What did we do this year? Ha. What didn’t
   We slipped away last September for a              we do. Sarah traveled to New York City,
week in Barbados. We had a great time,               San Francisco, Indianapolis (twice, once
although Bob was a bit shaky driving on the          during the caucuses and once during March
"wrong" side of the road. It was hot, hot, hot       Madness, neither of which interested her at
but beautiful.                                       all) Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago,
  In January we spent a week in San Diego            Greenwich, Bristol, Gainesville and the
seeing Greg and Lea and the gorgeous                 Dominican Republic. Gainesville was the
country out there. We got to tour the NBC            worst. She’s seen a lot of movies she didn’t
studio where Lea works and were able to be           want to see.
in the recording studio when she gave her
5:00 report live. Greg is busy with his active       I haven’t. I make the kids see the superhero
duty reserves. The movie, "Act of Valor,"            movies I want to see.
premiered in February with Greg as one of
the actors. We even recognized him!                  Nina had her first short story published, in
   We had several friends visit during the           an anthology put out my Canisius Collage.
year. We see Jim and Sue frequently since             I’m proud and horrified. That kind of
they are only a half hour away from us.              encouragement can really send someone
  We were lucky enough to meet in Disney             down the wrong path. Max had a wonderful
World for dinner with several Clan                   year in kindergarten. Being taught by an ex
members who winter and/or live in the                customs agent (I’m not making this up)
Sunshine State.                                      provided him with just the right amount of
   We returned to Baltimore in April for a           loving discipline. At school. They both do
wedding, and Bob was able to spend several           whatever the heck the like at home.
hours with Dad the night before he died.
   The Russells were here for a week the             I continue to do what I always do – treat the
early part of May. Wow! Zach, age 4, and             world as my coffee house. See you all soon.
Shane, age 2, never stop!!! Grandpa and
Grandma are too old for all of this activity!        .
We had a ball with them. We went to the

                                                     Chris and Lisa Martineck with all their kids,
                                                     who just happened to be visiting Disney the
      Gary Martineck Family News                     same week.

                                                     Just before going to FL Carl opened his own
                                                     law practice in Valley City ND. He is
                                                     getting enough business to keep him busy,
Hello from Arkansas or rather Wisconsin              but it is a one man operation at this point.
were I am sitting at this moment. Gary, Carl,        Abby just graduated from Kindergarten. She
Abby and I are visiting Dad for a week.              was recently diagnosed with a kidney defect
Gary has caught a few fish so far, but I think       which fortunately can be corrected with
the lunkers quit biting the moment he                surgery. She has been through some tests
entered the state.                                   but the surgery has not yet been scheduled
                                                     at this time. I hope it will be soon as her
Dad didn’t visit us this winter and lucky for        attacks are quite painful. Amy finished the
him it was one of the mildest winters in a           school year but would really prefer to find
long time. Since Dad wasn’t in AR, we went           another school if possible. She will be
to WI for Thanksgiving. My family met at             helping out on the family farm this summer.
my sister’s and though it was a tight squeeze
we had a good time.                                  In Feb, Scott and Dani moved to NYC. They
                                                     are subletting an apartment in Brooklyn.
Gary and I were alone for the first time ever        Dani works in Brooklyn and Scott in
at Christmas so we went to Branson. You’ll           Manhattan. They are taking some time to
have to ask Gary about the Christmas tree            become acclimated then both hope to try
he brought along for our condo. We had a             their hands at the theater. Dani made an
quiet few days, then drove over to Knoxville         emergency trip home in May after her
to see Scott and Dani. We met Dani’s                 grandmother died. They are making plans to
parents and got together with several of our         attend the reunion in August.
                                                     In April I drove out to Louisville KY to
In Feb we went to New Orleans with our               attend the Rolex horse event at KY Horse
friends from Hot Springs to celebrate Mardi          Park. It is always an exciting weekend and
Gras. What an experience! We had a blast,            we were so lucky to have great weather.
but doubt any of us would ever do it again.
New Orleans is a neat city, however, and we          Then in May I went to Little Rock for the
would like to visit it again under different         state bowling tournament. My whole team
circumstances.                                       should have saved our entry fees and stayed
                                                     home. We had more fun playing Mexican
From there we drove to Florida and visited           Train and drinking wine in the evening.
with friends in St. Pete’s for a couple of
days before moving on to Orlando. Carl,              The summer so far has been taken up with
Amy and Abby flew in and we all had a                golf and lots of yard work. Gary also spends
wonderful time at Disney World for 3 days.           a day or two each week volunteering at the
Carl, Amy and Abby went to Universal one             new Crystal Bridges art museum in
day and Carl and Gary played golf one day            Bentonville. It has been talked about on a
with Bob Sutton and Jim Sarra, while Amy,            couple of national news programs so you
Abby and I spent the day at the pool. That           may be familiar with it. Even if you don’t
night we had a mini Clan reunion with Dan            want to visit us (but the rooms at our house
and Mary Jane McCarthy, Megan and her                are cheap) this museum is a must see.
family, Ginnie Clark, Sarras, Suttons and            People are coming from all over to see it.

                                                    time house-hunting with him. Unfortunately,
Gary went to Buffalo for Memorial                   he was outbid on two homes he liked, so the
weekend to attend his 50th High School              search continues.
reunion. He spent the next few days visiting        Jim is recuperating from an enormous bruise
with the Martinecks. Then he drove east to          on his leg, suffered when 4 old doors (kept
play golf a couple of days with college             in our garage for the past 5 yrs, since they’re
friends. From there he drove to Boston to           “good wood”) fell on him several weeks
visit another friend before heading up              ago. Somehow no bones were broken. He
through Vermont to see yet another college          returns to the doctor soon to see if any
friend and finally across Canada to meet me         further treatment is needed, since the
here in WI.                                         healing process is going painfully slow. In
                                                    spite of that he has been able to play golf
And that brings us full circle. Dad is doing        (thank God!) and still do yard work, etc. We
pretty well and will be 93 in August. He            are also having some work done on the
played 9 holes of golf with us today. I hope        house; some necessitated by the complete
everyone has a great summer and we will             destruction of our patio awning this past
see you in August.                                  March from a strong wind storm in Buffalo.
                                                    Looking forward to seeing everyone in

         Jim Sarra Family News
                                                               Dusher Family News

Well, another year of retirement bliss! Last
fall we spent 7 weeks in Florida, returning         Greetings from the Dushers! This spring,
to Buffalo in time to spend Thanksgiving            Jeremy completed his Associate’s Degree in
and Christmas at home. In January we                Accounting from NCCC. He graduated with
traveled to Hawaii for 2 fabulous weeks,            a very impressive 4.0 GPA. After taking a
with each day jam-packed with activity. It is       semester off, Jer plans to attend the
as beautiful as everyone says, the highlights       University of Buffalo to pursue a Bachelor’s
too many to describe. The humpback                  Degree in Accounting. He also accepted a
whales, the helicopter ride over Kauai, the         promotion at Nike, and is now an Assistant
“road to Hana” were probably our favorites.         Manager. Christine is still with the JCC, and
Memories to last a lifetime!                        looking forward to yet another sunny
After Hawaii, we went to Florida, where             summer at Camp!
Christine, Jeremy and Mike joined us for a
week. What a great time we had, it’s special        We’ve spent some time being tourists in the
to all be together.                                 past year. In the fall, we took road trips to
Also enjoyed the “mini” MacKay reunion in           both Cleveland and Boston. Both cities have
Orlando the end of February. Much fun, all          nearby Halls of Fame (Basketball and
agreed to do it again! It seems as though a         Football), much to Jeremy’s delight. We
new tradition has begun! Maybe next year’s          also really enjoyed our cell phone
will be even bigger!                                Scavenger Hunt of Boston. In late January,
The remainder of the winter just sped by,           we took a trip to visit my parents in Florida.
with lots of golf, relaxing at the pool,            Mike joined us down there as well, and we
visiting with friends. On the way back to           all spent a couple of days in Orlando to visit
Buffalo, spent a few days visiting Savannah,        Universal Studios. Universal is the home of
GA and Hilton Head, then on to Mike’s in            the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, much
Charlotte for a few days. Mike is now               to Christine’s delight.
looking to buy a house, so we spent some

Other than work and travel, we have been            hobby! Both Erica and Mike ran the
busy making small updates to our home.              Chicago marathon together last October.
We have not given up on our flowers yet,
although we did have to buy some new ones           Last summer, Sandy, Erica and Mike all
again this year to replace those that did not       took a ten day vacation together and drove
survive (may they rest in peace). Other than        up the coast of California from Los Angeles
keeping our plants on life support, we plan         to Napa Valley and stopped in all the major
on enjoying a summer free from college              cities in between. One of our last stops was
classes and extra responsibility, perhaps           Napa Valley where we took a ride on the
with some more travel plans mixed in there          Napa Valley Wine Train. It was a beautiful
as well.                                            old fashioned train, which took us through
                                                    some very picturesque wine country. I
                                                    highly recommend this train ride to anyone
                                                    visiting northern California!
       Roy McCready Family News

This was another busy year for the                           McCarthy Family News
McCready family and we’re all looking
forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!          Well it’s hard to believe it’s time for
Roy and Joanne spent their usual six weeks          another courier report. Dan and I have been
in Islamorada, FL and had a wonderful               busy. In September, we went to Barcelona,
vacation there.       Of course all three           spent a few days and then sailed on the
daughters, Bonnie, Sandy and Mary Jo, all           Disney Magic back to Port Canaveral. After
visited them at their tropical paradise! Roy        the holidays, Ginny Clark joined us for a
has spent a lot of time throughout the year         winter visit. She had just arrived when the
as a volunteer to landscape and plan the tree       doctor decided I needed a partial knee
planting at the Clarence Town Park                  replacement so she got to help Dan play
Arboretum.                                          nurse and physical therapist.
                                                     We all had a great time at the Florida mini
Erica Hubbard passed her National Boards            Clan Reunion in late February at Frankie
and received her certification. Erica has           Farrell’s Pub. Jim and Sue Sarra and Bob
been teaching 3rd grade at the Carrie E.            and Sutton gave a rave review to the movie
Tompkins School in Croton on the Hudson             “Act of Valor”. They were proud of Greg
for eight years. Erica and her husband,             Suttons part in the production of the film.
Chris, live in the Bronx and do a lot of bike       Bonnie and Gary Martineck along with Carl
excursions throughout the NYC area. Erica           and his family were staying close by, as
has also been very involved in a “running           were Chris Martineck and family. John and
club” and has run the NYC marathon and              Mary Ellen MacKay drove over from their
the Chicago marathon. Erica also recently           new place in Clermont. Our daughter
ran a “Scottish” half marathon wearing a            Megan, husband Steven and daughter
kilt! Erica and her husband, Chris, will be         Evelyn came down from Winter Park so we
taking a trip to Europe this summer.                had really good group. Let’s hope we can
                                                    make this a regular event.
Mike Letzeiser is teaching Phys. Ed. in             We are glad that Dave and Eileen Lawrence
Carlsbad, California. and just finished             love Disney. We have got to see three times
coaching a winning lacrosse team season.            since January.       They brought Emily
Mike loves the weather in San Diego and             MacKay with them for the Princess ½
has been doing a lot of surfing – his new           marathon but missed the mini reunion by
                                                    one day. Next time we’ll hope for better

timing. On a sad note, Steve lost his mother         is being written, she and several of her
after long illness in March.                         friends are attending the Bonaroo festival in
Dan’s big project for the spring has been to         Tennessee (a modern day Woodstock
replace the decaying deck at Megan and               affair), working there in a volunteer
Steve’s with a newer, larger one. I had its          capacity. She will be working alongside
official christening on April 21, with a             cousin Christine Dusher at the JCC summer
barbeque prepared by Steve. I still busy             camp, as a lifeguard.
with my quilt guild and its ongoing project
to provide isolette quilt covers for the             Marjie has been very busy at her job at
neonatal ward at the hospital in Rockledge.          M&T bank. John’s amplifier business is
The quilts go home with the babies. The              doing very well. This past winter (and
grandkids are all doing fine. Monica got her         dragged into spring), Marjie and John
driver’s license that took a load off of Tim’s       undertook a full home remodeling project,
having to drive her to practice. She played          adding a new 18’ x 12’ kitchen addition, a
varsity soccer, golf and softball this year.         new office, new 1st floor laundry/full bath,
Dan and I are off cruising again in June.            new          master         bath,        and
This is an Arctic Circle cruise to                   painting/carpeting/restoration of the rest of
Spitzbergan, the northern most community             the house. That being finished, Marjie and
on earth. We will have 24 hours of sunlight          John took a week’s vacation traveling from
for most of the cruise. Then in August we            Buffalo to Albany on the Erie Canal Trail
will fly to Amsterdam to meet with friends           by bicycle. John will be playing some
to finish the second half of their Boston-to-        NYC/Long Island area gigs this summer
Boston trip. We will be sailing to Iceland,          with Left on Red, a Manhattan based Indie
Greenland and the Canadian Maritime                  Pop band. He also has a new Rochester
Provinces. This will give me a chance to             group, called The Scoundrels, playing New
wear some of the sweaters that sit in the            Orleans flavored R&B.
drawer in Florida. So we won’t be at the
reunion this year, but plan to be up in
Buffalo for Brittany Ballacchino’s wedding
in September.
Mary Jane McCarthy

                                                             Ken MacKay Family News

             Nau Family News                         It’s official…Parker is a lawyer! Ken and I
                                                     were present today at a very personal
                                                     swearing in by the Honorable Timothy
                                                     Drury, State Supreme Court Justice. Parker
Lisa is completing her Masters Program in            sat for the California Bar Exam in February;
Differential Instruction (Education) at              he learned of his successful passing in May.
Canisius College in Buffalo this summer              Plans are to take the New York Bar Exam in
(yeah!) She has been substitute teaching in          July…from there, who knows! Learning of
Buffalo area schools, and in addition has            passing the exam coincided with a double
been working part time as a portrait                 graduation weekend in May.
photographer.                                        That weekend Stuart received his Bachelor
                                                     of Bio-chemistry degree from Canisius
Julia has been attending Buffalo State               College during late morning ceremonies.
College, pursuing a business degree. As this         Afternoon ceremonies were in the next
                                                     building over for the UB Law School

graduates.     Needless to say it was a              18 months old and a busy walker! Josie was
celebratory day! Stuart anticipates pursuing         in Buffalo in May for a visit before finishing
a Masters in Medicinal Chemistry at UB               her first year as librarian at the Suffolk
come fall time [along with moving back               County Community College in Riverhead.
home!].                                              She is planning a road trip this summer to
Emily is doing well in her position as               keep her busy and meeting friends in the
Program Director at the Ken-Ton YMCA. It             Northeast on her travels. Chris is busy all
is absolutely amazing the training and               summer directing camps and summer events
benefits this young woman is receiving at            at the Bronx Zoo. He will be vacationing in
her first job! She will be busy beyond belief        the fall when all the kiddies return to school
once the camp season starts this summer. In          and the zoo settles down for fall and winter
addition to all this, Emily completed the            events.
Disney Princess Half Marathon in February
(with props and thanks to Aunt Eileen &              Mary Ellen and John, along with Jerry and
Uncle Dave!!).                                       Beth and other family and friends, are
So, you may wonder what Ken & I are                  planning a cruise in December to the
doing. Motoring about in our new MINI!               Western Caribbean with a follow-up
What a hoot!                                         Christmas celebration in Florida. But before
Wishing good health and safe travels to all          that we are looking forward to the Buffalo
and as always, looking forward to seeing             clan gathering this August and a chance to
everyone the first weekend in August.                renew ties with the MacKays. We enjoyed
Much love,                                           the Mackay mini-clan get together in
Kenneth S. MacKay Family                             Orlando with family and hope we can do
                                                     that again next winter. Retirement has been

       John MacKay Family News

                                                        Christopher Martineck Family News
The Gerald MacKay branch of our clan is a
busy group this year with moving back and
forth to Clermont, Florida for Mary Ellen            This just in....
and John and visits there with children and
grandchildren. We arrived back in New                It's a three ring circus at the Chris and Lisa
York in April to meet our newest                     Martineck household.
grandaughter, Alice Mary Ellen Colonna,
who lives in Fairview, NJ with her mom               In Ring One - Natalle had her first show (for
Elizabeth and dad Roy. They are loving the           the Arts and Theatre Academy) in the
parenting of this adorable baby who is the           Winter. It was a Beatles play/show in which
best little sister to Liz's daughter Doris.          she performed to "I Wanna Hold Your
We're looking forward to having them all in          Hand." She has another show this Spring
Buffalo this June to visit with their Uncles -       (A Broadway Showcase) - should be fun!
 Robert and Jerry with Aunt Beth and cousin          On the flipside, she will be testing for her
Penelope.                                            yellow belt in karate this June. Yes indeed,
                                                     a movie action star in the making.
The Long Islanders, Josie and Chris
with Aunt Liz and Baby Audrey are all                In Ring Two - Chase is busy...being Chase.
enjoying this little sweetheart who is now           She is currently enamored with Pink

Flamingo's (or as she calls them, Mingo's)              After the reunion in August, we will be
and Polar Bears. She stops in her tracks at             going to the 1000 Islands for a week of rest
the sight of one...even if it's stuffed or poked        and relaxation!! I will be flying down to
into a front lawn.                                      Baltimore soon and going to Sesame Place
                                                        and Dutch Wonderland with Kris, Jon and
In Ring Three - Nicholas. He'll be just over            the boys. We had so much fun at Sesame
one by the time the reunion rolls around,               Place last year we are going again. (Kris
and he's already mastered getting into                  said no to Disney World until next year :-))
everyone's business. The girls love                     I come home and a few days later Dale and I
him...until he tortures them.                           will drive to Omaha to attend Ryan &
                                                        Kirsten's wedding. I don't know if Karen
We had a great time with all at Disney in               will be sending any information in so I will
February. And the impromptu MacKay                      tell you the other good news~~ Patrick,
reunion was awesome - even if we could                  Ryan and Karen have all changed their last
only stay for a couple of drinks (Chase had             name to McCready!! Hopefully the
hit the wall from our day at Animal                     McCready name lives on!! In October I
Kingdom....I think it was the 3 hours she               will fly out to Omaha and Denise, Karen
spent with the Mingo's.)                                and I will take a road trip to Dubuque, Iowa.
                                                        Of course to see Rick Springfield!! What
Lisa and I are "insane". We've been doing               else!!! Last time we did this same road trip
the "Insanity" workout (perhaps you've seen             we had a blast!! Hotel has an indoor water
the infomercial.) It has made me cry at                 park and we had so much fun acting like
times, but figured it would be a nice jump              little kids on the slides! And running into
start to marathon training. Yes, I've signed            Rick while we were soaking wet. Speaking
up again to do the Chicago Marathon in                  of Rick last November Jim and I went on
October. It will be number five if I can                our 2nd Rick Springfield cruise. And the
avoid injury, and going insane with the                 best part is that it wasn't my idea to go. Yes
Three Ring Circus.                                      Jim booked it!! He did it himself and
                                                        surprised me. We had the best time, met so
Chris and      Lisa   (Natalle,   Chase     and         many great people. Swam with the
Nicholas)                                               stingrays, had a beach party, took tours of
                                                        the islands. Didn't want it to end!! Came
                                                        home from the cruise and we flew out to
                                                        Omaha to attend Amber & Nick's wedding.
                                                        Beautiful time with that wedding!! Came
                                                        home from NE and had visitors waiting for
            Watts Family News                           us!! Kris, Jon, Owen, Colben and Logan
                                                        were here for Thanksgiving. A couple
                                                        weeks later we drove down to VA for the
It has been a very busy year for the Watts              boys 4th b/day! Cant believe they are 4
family. Lots of wedding planning. Kory &                already!! Then it was back to Grand Island
Jesse were married on May 5, 2012.                      for Christmas. I hope everybody can check
Beautiful bride, handsome groom, fantastic              out Kris's blog and see what a fantastic job
day & night. They can tell you all about it at          she does writing about her/their adventures!
reunion. Kelly & Kip will be married on
July 6, 2012. Going to be another exciting    
week as we will be at Keuka Lake for their              m/
wedding. What can be better a lake and                  Jim is still working in Rochester. His
wine county!! :-)                                       company was bought out by another so it
                                                        was a very stressful trying process. Lots of

hard work and long hours. Not an easy or             been the year of weddings. We attended to
fun time!                                            two out of town weddings in the past year.
Looking forward to seeing everybody at               Dave’s nephew was married in Virginia last
reunion this year!                                   October and we just found out that they are
Lynn                                                 expecting. In May a friend of ours was
                                                     married on Siesta Key Beach in Florida.
                                                     Dave’s brother was married in Saratoga
                                                     Springs in April, we will be celebrating with
                                                     them at the end of June, and another friend
                                                     is getting married the week before the
          Jeff Geist Family News                     reunion in Lyons, NY.

Hi everyone from Idaho. The Jeff Geist               In February, we made a special trip to
family has had another busy year and its             Disney with niece Emily who completed the
crazy how fast the days go.                          Princess Half Marathon (her first)! We
Our daughter has finished her first year of          always try to get together with the
college and she really has enjoyed her               McCarthy’s when we are in FL and met
experience at the College of Idaho. This fall        them several times over the past year.
when she arrives back at the college she will
be a floor      mentor for       one       of        We still run to stay healthy, and have
the freshman dorms. Our son Ryan is                  completed several half marathons in the last
graduating this June and he will also                year including Philadelphia and Disney
be attending the College of Idaho. Ryan will         World.    We’re registered for Disney’s
be playing college soccer this fall. Jeff and        Tower of Terror 10 Miler at the end of
I will certainly be traveling to watch him.          September, which has a unique 10PM start
We are excited about them both heading to            time. And we are also running the 20th
the same college this fall.                          annual Disney World full marathon in
                                                     January 2013.
Jeff has been busy entering swimming races
this year and working on remodeling a                We look forward to seeing everyone at the
rental house for me. I have been extremely           reunion.
busy with work and family. There is always
something going on that seems to fill up our
time. Our family enjoys reading the Clan
Courier each year, what a great way to keep
in touch.
                                                            Jerry MacKay Family News
Jeff, Janice, Ashley & Ryan Geist

                                                     Two months ago, this update would've
                                                     mentioned how it's been a calm, uneventful
                                                     year. It would've talked about how Penelope
      Dave Lawrence Family News                      is enjoying life as a two-year old, having fun
                                                     at school and music class. It would've said
                                                     that my narration business has been steadily
We are doing well, still working and                 increasing. It even would've talked about
actually enjoy our jobs! We enjoy traveling,         how we were looking forward to a relaxing
and get away when we are able. In addition           summer with lots of barbecues.
to our usual trips to Disney World, this has

Instead, I can tell you that interest rates on         reading and math. I'll be very happy once
home equity loans are at all-time lows,                kindergarten starts in 2013!
which is great, because we're using one to
replace our roof, which finally gave up the            Jon's still at the same job, same old. The
ghost. And since we're doing the roof, we              work on our DIY house continues, but at a
might as well paint the whole house. And               more relaxed pace. We finished adding a
put in a new fence in the backyard. And                new front porch on last fall, and have been
replace the entire foundation of the porch.            doing a lot of landscape work this
Why not clear out the entire attic and                 spring. The boys are enjoying their
insulate everything. Oh, and let's throw in a          newly paved driveway (thanks to a water
fireplace while we're at it!                           pipe leak a few months ago) which allows
                                                       them to go really fast on their new Big
So it's turning into the 2012 summer home              Wheels and scooters.
renovation bonanza, but Beth and I are
actually pretty excited about it. We love              I'm discovering that life as a stay-at-home-
living in Buffalo, especially in our home, so          Mom is anything but boring. I was recently
this clearly means we'll be here for awhile!           elected to serve as a Vice President of the
                                                       Northern VA Parents of
It's also great to have my parents living in           Multiples organization, where I'll promote
Buffalo for half the year. They moved to an            membership and oversee enrollment of new
apartment just a short walk from our house,            members. Just as that election was going on,
so Penelope gets to see Nana and PopPop all            I was appointed the Chair of the Lifespan
the time. And even MORE family is here                 Education Committee at my church. In the
now, as her Uncle Rob moved here this past             temporary absence of a paid religious ed
November. The population of Buffalo may                director, I've been managing the whole RE
have declined over the past few decades, but           program. It's been crazy, meeting after
we MacKays are single-handedly reversing               meeting. Luckily, Jon is great at putting the
the trend!                                             boys to bed.

                                                       In May, the boys were the ring bearers for
                                                       their Uncle Kory's wedding. Cutest
                                                       triplet ring bearers ever. Then they had an
             Watts/Krzos News                          awesome time dancing with the flower girls
                                                       at the reception. This served as great
                                                       practice for Aunt Kelly's wedding which is
It's been a very busy year for the                     coming up in July where they'll reprise their
Watts/Krzos family. The boys and I have                ring bearer roles. (Or make that one ring
been doing homeschool preschool. We use a              bear (Colben), one ring monkey
mail-order prepared curriculum, which I                (Owen), and a ring tiger (Logan).) We're
supplement with extra books, crafts, and               looking forward to a great time there in the
relevant field trips. It's been great. The boys        Finger Lakes.
are such quick learners and it's awesome to
hear them talking about and applying all the           We just got back from our non-wedding-
facts they're learning about different                 related summer vacation, a tour of local
subjects (dinosaurs, farms, pets, sea                  preschooler-friendly amusement parks. We
animals, quilts, healthy eating, etc.) We              spent two days at Sesame Place and one at
have another year of preschool next year,              Dutch Wonderland (both in PA.) We
but I need to find a more challenging                  discovered that Logan is the Roller Coaster
curriculum to take them to the next step in            King - he LOVES them. The "big" one at
                                                       Dutch Wonderland is a thrilling ride even

for adults. I can't believe the boys are so big        active in NTAA football and Northtowns
already they can go on these rides. Many               soccer. Daniel has survived Kindergarten.
thanks to Grandma (Lynn Watts) for coming               He is trying his hand at Babe Ruth baseball
with us, we could not have done it with out            this spring and summer. He loves it so far
having one adult per child.                            (at times). I'm hoping he has great-grandpa
                                                       Mike's baseball talent in his blood! I
                                                       decided a career at a desk was not for me, so
                                                       I returned to General Motors to build
                                                       engines last October. It's been a successful
                                                       return, leading to a promotion to General
           Bryant Family News                          Foreman on our newest launch line effective
                                                       June 1. And if that doesn't work, I still have
Since November I have been at Motorcycle               a career in politics; on May 15, I was
Mechanics Institute learning how to build &            elected to a 3-year term on the North
repair Harley Davidsons. I'm attending the             Tonawanda School District Board of
school in Phoenix, AZ and will graduate                Education. I decided it was put-up or shut-
April 19, 2013. All I've heard here is get             up time. I'm excited and nervous, but I
ready for the hot, although coming from San            know I can bring some talent to the table.
Antonio isn't the coldest place on earth.              That's all for now. We look forward to
After I graduate it opens up where I am                seeing you all in August.
going from there, I see all sorts of places
hiring for the various jobs I'm learning here,
but I am leaning toward going back to San
Antonio area. Gruene, TX is my first                                Kelly Watts News
choice, it's where they did the dance scene
for the movie "Michael". My dad and Miss
Marge are doing well.                                  On Friday July 6th, 2012 I will wed John
                                                       Kip Kelly but not become Kelly Kelly - I'll
Rob Bryant                                             be keeping my maiden name! Our
                                                       honeymoon will be delayed until next year
                                                       as this year we moved. We will start our
                                                       married life in Connecticut as Kip accepted
                                                       a job offer at the West Haven VA. Kip is a
       Jim Martineck Family News                       clinical audiologist at the medical center in
                                                       West Haven as well as the one in
                                                       Newington. I have been looking for a
Greetings and salutations,                             position and hope to have one secured by
It's been quite awhile since we've submitted,          the summer/fall. We wish we could come
so I guess it's time to share what's new in            back for the reunion but won't have the time
our lives. In October, Chrissy took a job              off. Hope to see everyone next year!
with Columbus McKinnon. Since both boys
are now in school, she wanted to keep                  ~ Kelly Watts
herself busy. I think there are many days
when she regrets this, but she is a smart and
determined girl. She is getting along just
fine. Taylor is finishing her sophomore year
at Barker, and has set her sights on a career
in the medical field. Matthew is finishing
fifth grade in North Tonawanda. He is very

           Russell Family News                       Unfortunately we will miss the Reunion this
                                                     summer as we will be with the Russell
                                                     family in Maine but I’m sure my parents
This has been a great year for the Russell’s!        will have lots of stories to share. See you in
Pete started working at JP Morgan Chase in           2013!
October and has enjoyed his role there. I’m
still with Gore and have enjoyed traveling to        Love,
Europe a few times for business. I have to           Pete, Kelly, Zach and Shane Russell
say Germany has the best beer so far……

Zach and Shane are growing up incredibly
fast and are keeping Pete and me young…or
actually making us feel old since it hurts to
keep up with them! Zach is 4 ½ and is all
Sutton. He is a mini-Greg so I’m a little
worried about what that means for his future
career choice. He played both soccer and
indoor hockey this year and has been
working hard on his golf swing. Pete is very
proud because Zach’s favorite song is the
Indiana University fight song.           Next
basketball season should be interesting.

Shane, on the other hand, is all Russell
which means he’s super cute but has a
devilish streak to him, which makes the
“terrible 2’s” even more stressful. He will
gladly kick Zach and then turn to me with a
big cute innocent smile on his face.
Needless to say, he gets away with murder.
And, since Pete’s side of the family is tall,
Shane is basically the same height as Zach
even though he’s 2 years younger so Zach is
in trouble! Shane is as obsessed with golf
as Zach is so I’m already looking forward to
the family trips where Pete and the boys
golf all day while I relax in the spa…that is
a bright future!

In May we spent a week with my parents in
Sarasota, Florida. We had a great time
although I’m not sure we will ever be
invited back. My mom claimed she child-
proofed the house, but the boys quickly
found all of her glass vases and decided it
was fun to jump on all of the furniture. So I
can’t say the trip was relaxing but it was a
lot of fun.


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