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					             Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
             (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

Kia Kaha Otautahi!

                                     Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                     (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)


The Ngāti Kāpō logo and all photographs of Ngāti Kāpō
members produced in this panui are the property of Ngāti
Kāpō O Aotearoa Inc. Written permission to reproduce the
logo and photographs must be obtained from Te Tumuaki.
Failure to abide with the contents of this disclaimer may
lead to legal action.

Written requests to reproduce and use the Ngāti Kāpō logo
and photographs in non Ngāti Kāpō publications should be
addressed and posted to: Te Tumuaki Tuatahi, Ngāti
Kāpō O Aotearoa Inc., 510 Market Street South, Hastings

                                            Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                            (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

                PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

Mo Otautahi

Hutia te rito o te harakeke, kei whea te komako e ko,
Ki mai koe ki ahau, he aha te mea nui o te ao?
Maku e ki atu, he tangata, he tangata he tangata!

We have all been touched in one way or another by the
devastation of the 22 February 2011 aftershock that hit
Otautahi, and we still mourn the loss of so many lives. Our
hearts and prayers remain with Otautahi all through this
difficult time. We wish only the best for the future.

If there is such a thing as a happier note through all of this
devastation, I am very proud to announce that all of our
Ngāti Kāpō whanau living in Otautahi, are all accounted for,
and doing well. We have had a few leave the area, and are
now living with whanau in the North Island, but by all
accounts, our Ngāti Kāpō whanau whanui are all safe and

Ngāti Kāpō in collaboration with the RNZFB drafted out a
plan to assist our members, and as lead advisor, Ngāti
Kāpō set out to track all of our whānau so to ensure they
were safe and well. This was carried out rather promptly,
so at this time I would like to give thanks to our staff for all
of the hard work they had completed to ensure this task
was successful. Ngā mihi ki a kautou.

Most of all I would like to commend you the people and
whānau of Otautahi! We hear about the disaster zone
which is the CBD of Otautahi, and the devastation of the
many buildings and workplaces which are still very
unstable. We hear also about the many homes which have
been devastated, and the many homeless there are, but, at
the end of the day, like the beginning passage that I used to

                                          Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                          (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

start this message, if you ask me what is the most important
thing in the world? I will say to you, it is people, people,

We can restrengthan and rebuild buildings, we can clean up
sludge, relay cables and pipes, and make Otautahi stand
once more as one of the most beautiful cities in Aotearoa,
but what is it that really makes this city stand out? It is the
people and their unshakable spirit! It is the determination to
remain in Otautahi even when things are difficult! It is that
fighting spirit of which has made the people of Otautahi say,
“We will not be beaten by this disaster, we will fight on and
win”! You are truely the source of inspiration for us all, and
you are the reason Otautahi will stand even greater than

Kia kaha tonu mai e ngā whanau whanui o Otautahi, he
tangata ngakau nui kautou, he tangata humarie, he tauira
pai kautou maa maatou katoa o te ika a maui. Tuu tonu
Tuu tonu tuu tonu mai ra.

Anoo rā
Nigel Ngahiwi,
National President Ngati Kaapoo o Aotearoa inc.

                                         Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                         (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)


Tena koutou tatou mema, tatou whānau raua tatou
kaitautoko o Ngāti Kāpō O Aotearoa Inc.,

Welcome to the first edition of ‘He Purongo’ for 2011, the
national newsletter of Ngāti Kāpō.

Ngāti Kāpō continually strives to provide our members,
whānau and supporters with information about the activities
of our Society, regional and national events and topical
items of interest, with our goal being to share information
that our members wish to read about.

So to enable us to achieve this goal we value the feedback
received from our members, their whānau and supporters
about the contents of ‘He Purongo’ and welcome any
suggestions that will assist us to continue to produce a
‘member centric’ national newsletter as well as continually
improve our distribution methods.

As long-term readers of ‘He Purongo’ will have noted the
layout of our December 2010 print newsletter was produced
in a ‘booklet’ form and I thank those readers who conveyed
their feedback about this, all of which was very positive. As
a result of the information received we will continue to use
this layout for future print editions of our newsletter.
Additionally, upholding our commitment in producing the
newsletter in accessible formats i.e. tape has also received
positive feedback as has the increase in requests to receive
the panui via email, this format becoming a popular trend
amongst our readership and one that greatly assists us to
reduce our production costs. Past and current editions of
‘He Purongo’ can also be accessed on our website as can a
number of other Ngāti Kāpō documents e.g. 2009

                                        Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                        (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

Reviewing and refining the contents of the newsletter is
another area that readers’ feedback is appreciated. In this
edition of ‘He Purongo’ we have introduced under
‘Members News’ section – Haremai, Haere ra and He Aitua.
This section focuses on informing our readers about
individuals e.g. new member registrations, members and
staff movements and advising the readership about
members who have passed away during the course of the
year. The adjustments to the ‘Members News’ section is
the only new addition with standard sections remaining the
same - key feature articles, general notices, Ngāti Kāpō
services brief, calendar of events and contact details.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition of ‘He Purongo’ and
look forward to receiving your feedback on how we can
continually improve the contents and layout of our

Mauri Ora
Chrissie Cowan, Executive Officer

                                         Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                         (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

                  FEATURE ARTICLES

                  Otautahi Earthquake

On the 22 February 2011 life for many of our Otautahi
members, staff and supporters was changed forever as a
result of the 6.3 aftershock that hit the city and surrounding
residential suburbs of Otautahi. This aftershock was the
most devastating experienced since the 4 September 2011
earthquake which caused damage and havoc to the city
and surrounding suburbs such as Kaikohe but was no
comparison to the severity and extensive devastation of the
February 2011 shake.

Ngāti Kāpō as like many other of the blind community
consumer and service organisations in September 2010
mobilised and within the first 48 hours had begun to contact
Otautahi members. Staff also worked in collaboration with
the RNZFB to co-ordinate efforts to contact kāpō and their
whānau, liaising with local civil defence and emergency
services so to ensure that kāpō and their whānau were able
to access emergency community services.

Ngāti Kāpō members and their whānau, supporters, our
National Projects Co-ordinator, Mere Courtis and her
whānau and our Otautahi office although shaken were safe
and not severely affected with buildings receiving minimal

Regrettably for Ngāti Kāpō this was not the case in
February 2011 in that our office was decimated as was the
home of Mere and her whānau. However, our members
and their whānau, Mere and her whānau and supporters
although traumatised were physically unharmed. Again
within 48 hours Ngāti Kāpō initiated attempts to contact
members, whānau and supporters and by Friday of that
week had made contact with three quarters of our Otautahi

                                         Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                         (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

members. Many members and their whānau had relocated
out of Otautahi and although attempts to contact members
were inhibited due to the unstable nature of the Otautahi
telephone network the tireless efforts of our staff enabled us
to locate 98% of our members within a fortnight of the tragic

As like September 2011 Ngāti Kāpō worked in collaboration
with the RNZFB and other blind community service and
consumer organisations with Ngāti Kāpō leading the efforts
to contact both RNZFB kāpō Māori members and Ngāti
Kāpō members, the efforts of Ngāti Kāpō staff, blind
community and service agencies is acknowledged with

The RNZFB since the event has made contact with all
RNZFB registered members and is working with Otautahi
kāpō to adjust to the changes in their daily lives. The
RNZFB have focussed their efforts on providing O&M
services, counselling and equipment replacement. For
those kāpō members who need equipment replaced please
telephone your orders through to the RNZFB earthquake
related equipment replacement line - Ph. 03 3754300.
Additionally, any Ngāti Kāpō members who require
assistance in obtaining information about earthquake
related grants or supports please do not hesitate to
telephone our 0800 freephone – Ph. 0800 770990 and we
will ensure that your request is directed to the appropriate

Mere and her whānau as like many Otautahi residents
dispossessed of their homes lived for the first three weeks
after the shake on their front lawn in a tent and at the time
of going to print with this edition of ‘He Purongo’ had moved
temporarily in with friends. They hope to have confirmed
more permanent accommodation by the end of March
2011. Understandably Mere was put on leave and it is
hoped that she will be back on board by early April 2011.
                                        Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                        (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

The focus of Te Tumuaki and management over the next
three months will be to develop appropriate strategies that
will assist Otautahi members, their whānau and supporters
to regain control of their day-to-day lives. Accordingly,
consultation hui with Otautahi members, their whānau and
supporters will be facilitated during June and July 2011 to
identify key priorities that will guide the organisation in
developing and implementing appropriate activities and
systems. Re-establishment of our Otautahi office will also
be reviewed during this period.

The heartfelt messages, koha and offers of support
received from other members and agencies throughout
Aotearoa for our members and staff in Otautahi are
appreciated and have been conveyed to our Otautahi

So to enable us to maintain contact as well as offer
assistance with relocation we ask that those members who
intend to relocate or have already relocated out of Otautahi
telephone our 0800 freephone (Ph. 0800 770990) and
leave their new contact details.

As an outcome of the events in Otautahi particular Ngāti
Kāpō activities have had to be postponed and or cancelled.
Such an event is the Otautahi First Aid course, which will
now be facilitated during 2011/2012. The Gisborne course
scheduled for 25 June 2011 will proceed and we ask kāpō
members living in the Tairawhiti region to telephone our
0800 freephone and register their interest. We require six
participants. Field visits to the Bay of Plenty, Waikato,
Whanganui, Hawke’s Bay and Southland regions will be
rescheduled and members will be notified once dates are
confirmed. Projects running in Tamaki have continued and
participants will be advised before the end of April of the
date for the inaugural group hui. The annual national
telephone survey, which is normally conducted during April
and May, has been deferred till June 2011. The Society’s
                                       Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                       (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

biennial conference is on schedule to be held 11 to 13
November 2011 and a special edition of ‘He Purongo’ will
be posted our before the end of May 2011 and will focus
specifically on information about the event. Lastly, all
proposed ‘new’ activities will now be implemented in the
latter part of 2011.

           St John Kāpō Member Courses

As stated earlier the Gisborne course will proceed as
planned on 25 June 2011 and the Otautahi course has
been deferred until further notice. Both the Auckland and
Wellington courses which will introduce a new stream to the
current six kāpō person course will go ahead in 2011 with
dates to be confirmed by the end of April 2011.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank St John
for their commitment in making their course materials more
accessible to kāpō participants. In December 2011 Ngāti
Kāpō management and lead field staff had the opportunity
to meet with Rob Bialostocki whom had been
recommended by St John to assist in the production of
voice accessible course resources. Along with input from
Morty Mortisen (St John facilitator) and Carol Srhoy-Pullon
(St John) Rob has reproduced the course resources in an
oral format. It is intended to implement the new resources
at the Gisborne course.

                                      Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                      (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

                  MEMBERS’ NEWS

                        Haere Mai

Te Tumuaki welcomes the following new members to Ngāti

- Marge Kani                 - Steven Rawiri
- Olive (Lulu) Kani          - Charmaine Boyd
- Jonathan Paul              - Natasha Kani
- Nadia Clark                - Renee Tonga
- Neil McFarlane             - Maureen Kani
- Sally Ann Puangi           - Roimata Maipi
- Richard Love               - Alavina Leungwai
- Lynn Moa                   - Hayley Wallis
- Milton Paul                - Logan Smith
- Monique Sweet              - Ata Nikau
- Waitoa Taute               - Rosie Te Aroha
- Eve Turner                 - Nganehu Turner
- Jenny Bartlett             - Melanie Aramakutu
- Maraea Taimehana           - Teina Aue
- Katriona Nepia             - Chantelle Wallace
- Thomas Tuki                - Sina Tanoi
- Thomas Davies              - Dallas Phillips
- Darius Peautagi            - Sharleen Tongalea
- Hilda Cumming              - Herbert Whittaker
- Josephine Whittaker        - Pania Kerapa
- Sandy Martin               - Wandaria Newton
- James Turner               - Shirley-Anne Turner
- Jamie Turner               - Rana Brown

                                         Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                         (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

                         Haere Ra

Brian and Waina Emery

Brian and Waina Emery have moved to Melbourne,
Australia where Brian has been appointed the Quality and
Risk Management Manager for ‘EACH’ (Eastern Melbourne
Community Health). Brian accepted the voluntary position
of project co-ordinator for the Kāpō Māori Education
Collective working on behalf of the collective to advance the
development of a marae/learning complex at BLENNZ,
Manurewa, Auckland. Although we are saddened that
Brian will no longer be able to lead the project Ngāti Kāpō is
very happy and congratulate Brian on his appointment. Ka
mau te wehi!!!

Terri-Kay Onekawa

On 18 March 2011 Terri-Kay Onekawa, National Field
Consultant completed her final day as an employee of Ngāti
Kāpō. Terri-Kay who commenced work with the Society as
a field worker in February 2009 resigned from her position
due to illness and has moved to Auckland. An enthusiastic
and hard worker (and I must add a fabulous cook) Terri-
Kay was a popular member of staff and we wish her the
very best now and into the future.

                                        Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                        (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

                         He Aitua

Rangimarie Maria (Crash) Emery

Prior to Christmas we received the sad news that
Rangimarie had passed away due to medical complications
in Kaikhoe. Rangimarie or better known to many of us as
‘Crash’ was a colorful character who was frequently heard
on the late night air waves talking about Ngāti Kāpō and
sharing her opinions on topical Māori issues. Crash was a
staunch advocate for the rights of kāpō Māori and their
whānau and an unwavering supporter of our kaupapa.

Hinemoa Maria (Maude) Belmont

On 28 December 2010 after a valiant battle whaea
Hinemoa passed away in Napier. Known to many Ngāti
Kāpō members as ‘Nan’, Hinemoa chaired Ngāti Kāpō ki
Kahungunu rōpu from 2005 to 2009. Nan was a natural
leader and a staunch supporter to not only members living
in Kahungunu but also other Ngāti Kāpō members and rōpu
throughout Aotearoa. Under her guidance Ngāti Kāpō ki
Kahungunu rōpu members hosted a number of Te Reo me
onā Tikanga Māori wananga. The rōpu also tirelessly
travelled throughout the motu to tautoko hui and wananga
of other Ngāti Kāpō rōpu as well as national events. As like
Crash Nan was unwavering in her support of Ngāti Kāpō
and its kaupapa.

Our thoughts and condolences go to both Rangimarie and
Nan’s respective whānau.

                                        Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                        (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

                       NGĀ PANUI

1. Accessing ‘He Purongo’ Panui and other Ngāti Kāpo
Information in the appropriate format

Ngāti Kāpo is committed to providing member information in
the member’s preferred medium – large print, email, braille
and or tape. However, we can only achieve this if we know
what your preference is. Therefore, if you do not receive
this issue of ‘He Purongo’ in your preferred medium please
telephone us on Ph. 0800 770 990 and tell us what your
preferred medium is.

Knowing where to post member panui and how to contact
members is another area that we struggle to maintain with
the Society receiving many panui back due to ‘gone no
address’, wrong street name and or number. Ngāti Kāpo
field staff will be systematically updating member contact
information throughout the year. What would greatly assist
us is that if you are changing your address, email address,
telephone or mobile phone numbers please telephone us
on Ph. 0800 770 990 and tell us your new address,
email address, telephone and or mobile phone

2. 2010/2011 Tangata Membership Subscriptions

The national annual tangata membership subscription is
due from 1 July 2011.

As agreed by ‘Tangata members’ at the Society’s annual
general meeting in November 2009 the 2010/2011
subscription fee is $20.00 per person, with children under
the age of 16 years exempt.

                                         Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                         (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

The tangata membership fee is a voluntary payment and
entitles members to participate in the national strategic
development and decision-making activities of Ngāti Kāpo
O Aotearoa Inc. Tangata members also receive ‘Tangata
Member Only’ discounts e.g. when purchasing Ngāti Kāpo
merchandise and Ngāti Kāpō Biennial Conference
registration fee, and because Ngāti Kāpō is a registered
charity are able to claim the membership contribution for tax


Those members who choose not to pay the fee are still
eligible to access and receive Ngāti Kāpo services.

During this time of financial uncertainty and decreasing
Government and Non Government funding Ngāti Kāpō
must find alternative sources of income so to sustain its
services to members. Payment of the Tangata membership
fee will greatly contribute to enabling Te Tumuaki and staff
to fulfill the aspirations of you, our members. Please help us
to help you.

For more information or if you would like to pay your
subscription, please contact our national office, Ph. 0800
770 990.

3. Ngāti Kāpo O Aotearoa Inc. Biennial Conference 2011

Conference dates: 11 to 13 November 2011. Please note
that the conference has been reduced to two days.

Conference theme: “Oranga Tinana, Oranga Wairua – The
Best that you can be.”

Conference venue: Kingsgate Hotel, Rotorua.

                                           Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                           (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

A special edition of ‘He Purongo’ providing details about the
conference e.g. accommodation, conference registration
forms, call for remits etc will be posted out in May 2011.
4. Annual Consumer Telephone Survey

During June 2011 we will be conducting our annual
consumer telephone survey to obtain feedback from our
members about our services and activities.

The survey is also the opportunity for members to comment
or submit suggestions on how to improve our services and
or potential activities they would like Ngāti Kāpō to facilitate
during 2011/2012.

Have your say!!!

5. St John Kāpo First Aid Course - Call for Participants

This course designed specifically for kāpō, was being
offered during 2011 in Gisborne and Otautahi. As a result
of the 22 February 2011 earthquake the Otautahi course
has been deferred till the 2011/2012 year. The Gisborne
course will proceed on 25 June 2011. To run the course we
require six Ngāti Kāpō kāpō participants.

If there are six kāpō members in Tairawhiti region who
would like to participate in the course please phone Fiona
at our national office Ph. 0800 770990 to confirm your

6. Ngāti Kāpo Merchandise

Ngāti Kāpo has a range of merchandise for sale. All items
and prices are listed below.

If you would like to order any item please phone 0800 770
990 and one of the administration staff will take your order.

                                        Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                        (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

Please note that the:

 Jacket, hooddy and t-shirt sizes range from small to 5XL.
 T-shirt and caps are available in either white or black.
  Jackets are only available in black.
 Prices quoted are GST inclusive and also include
  packaging and postage.
 Items will not be ordered until payment has been
 Payment can either be via cheque (made out to Ngāti
  Kāpō O Aotearoa Inc.) or internet (stating your name).
 Members should expect a delay of up to 20 days from
  date of payment.

Price List

   Jackets: $90.00
   T Shirts: $20.00
   Caps: $15.00
   NKR Hoodies: $30.00
   NKR T-shirts: $20.00
   NKR Caps: $15.00

Funds raised to the sale of our merchandise is used
to advance

7. Growing Up Kāpo Māori: Accessing Pediatric
Ophthalmology Services

Whānau with kāpō children or young adults: Please join us
and participate

During 2010-2011, Ngāti Kāpō O Aotearoa will be
completing its national study about kāpō (blind or vision
                                         Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                         (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

impaired) Māori children and young adults up to the age of
We hope that whānau with a kāpō child or young adult will
join us. Simply call Ngāti Kāpō O Aotearoa on 0800-770-
990 and we will send you more information about the study
and a participant interest form.

If you have any questions about this project, you can also
contact Dr. Nancy Higgins, the principal researcher for this
project, by calling: 0800-770-990, or emailing her at

                 CALL FOR ARTICLES

Do you have any handy hints, recipes, remedies or stories
about an individual member or an event your rōpu has held
in your rohe? We would love to hear about it and share it
with other members.

If you would like to have something published in ‘He
Purongo’ please either email to chrissie_c@me.com or post
a print copy of the article to:

510 Market Street South
Hastings 4122.

Please note in your electronic message or on the print
article that the item is for the Ngāti Kāpo O Aotearoa Inc.
‘He Purongo’ panui.

                                          Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                          (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)


                       WRAPP TIPS

We are often asked a range of questions such as “Who is
Ngāti Kāpo?” and “Who can be a member of Ngāti Kāpo?”

The most frequently asked and popular question is “What
services does Ngāti Kāpo provide?”

To answer this question we have come up with an
ingenious acronym that we hope will help members to
remember and also explain to other members, whānau,
friends, providers etc our services. The acronym is


Workforce development:
   - Growing and nurturing the internal skill and knowledge
   of Ngāti Kāpo O Aotearoa Inc members and staff.
   - Investigating and initiating opportunities for Māori kāpō,
   Māori disabled and their whānau seeking employment
  - Initiating and/or participating in research that will
    increase knowledge and better understanding about
    kāpō Māori, the kāpō community and Māori disabilities
  - Strategic advocacy e.g. challenging Government policy
    and decisions;
  - Operational advocacy e.g. responding to a member’s
    request for support.
Policy Advice:
 - Influencing Government and Non-Government policy
Public Awareness
 - Developing and implementing activities that raise
   awareness of Māori kāpō and their whānau rights e.g.

                                         Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                         (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

   Health and Disability Commission.
 - Facilitating hui with regional community groups, national
   organisations and crown agencies i.e. TPK raising
   awareness about Māori kāpō, Māori disabled and their
   whānau expectations.
  - Producing and delivering member and rōpu specific
    programs e.g. He Reo Rongo.
  - Providing advice and input to tertiary providers in the
    development of courses and programs that have an
    influence on or affect kāpō Māori and their whānau.
 - Providing information and advice to members in their
   preferred medium so that they are able to make
   independent and informed choices for themselves.
Peer Support
  - Enabling opportunities for members to come together
    e.g.rōpu hui, marae noho, biennial national conference,
   NKR (Ngāti Kāpo Rangatahi).
 - Empowering members to advocate for themselves.
 - To assist members to achieve the “S-Factor”: Self
    -confidence, self-awareness and self-determination.

                                      Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                      (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

                 CALENDAR OF EVENTS

                  Activity                       Month
MoH DSS Māori Disabilty Plan consultation         TBC
MoH DSS Consumer Consortium, Wellington      19-21 April 2011
Kāpō Māori First Aid course, Gisborne         25 June 2011
Kāpō Māori First Aid course, Auckland             TBC
Kāpō Māori First Aid course, Wellington           TBC
RNZFB AGM, Otautahi                         5 November 2011
Ngāti Kāpō Biennial Conference, Rotorua   11-13 November 2011
Kāpō Māori First Aid course, Otautahi             TBC

                                   Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                   (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

           For More Information About:

        * Ngāti Kāpo O Aotearoa Inc. services,
* Any item noted in this or previous Ngāti Kāpo panui
     please contact us. Our contact deatils are:

      Ngāti Kāpo O Aotearoa Inc. free phone:
                Ph. 0800 770 990


          Ngāti Kāpo O Aotearoa Inc. fax:
                 Ph. 06 878 9442


        Ngāti Kāpo O Aotearoa Inc. website:


         Ngāti Kāpo O Aotearoa Inc. email:

          National Office Postal Address:
             510 Market Street South
                  Hastings 4122

                                Ahakoa kaore matou i te kite kei te kite
                                (“We may be blind, but we have vision”)

Key Telephone Numbers for Otautahi Members

     Ngāti Kāpō O Aotearoa Inc. free phone
               Ph. 0800 770 990

    RNZFB Equipment Replacement Orders
             Ph. 03 375 4300

       RNZFB O&M and ADL assistance
             Ph. 0800 24 3333

   Earthquake government helpline (24 hours):
               Ph. 0800 779 997

    Health line (24 hours): Ph. 0800 611 116

Red Cross Person Enquiry Line: Ph. 0800 733 276


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