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									                                                   Appendix A               Thursday 15 December 2005
                                   Slinfold Parish Council
                                   PO Box 315, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 9XX
                                   Tel: 01403 785864 Email:clerk@slinfold-pc.gov.uk

                                             Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                                              Held on Thursday 31 January 2008
                                                At 7.30pm at the Parish Room

016/08 Attendance and Apologies for Absence

Those present: Councillors A Mawer (Chairman), R Hillyard, C Burke, D Harding, E Sorenson, G Stenton-Chandler, D
White, N Jefferys and M Dunkerton.

Also present: Councillors M Hodgson (WSCC) and P Rowlinson (District) and Parish Clerk M Burroughs.

Apologies were received and the reasons noted from: Cllrs. A Skeates and R Nye (District).

John Willcox, CARES joined the meeting to answer members questions on item 020/08.

017/08 Declarations of Interest and Notification of Change to Members’ Interests

There were no changes notified to Members’ Register of Interests. Cllr. Burke declared a prejudicial (amended to
personal) interest in item 020/08 as Cllr. Burke lives opposite the Mitchell Garden’s gate in the KGV field.

018/08 Chairman’s Announcements

   i.   Cllr. Mawer has reviewed a consultation document relating to the Conduct of Local Authority Members and
        Horsham District Council’s response to the same. No further action is required from the Parish Council.
  ii.   Cllr. Grundy reluctantly advised Cllr. Mawer that she wished to resign from the Parish Council. Cllr. Mawer
        will speak to Cllr. Grundy and report back at the next meeting.
 iii.   Member Councils are invited to submit motions for discussion at the NALC National Conference on 21 May
        2008. Councillors are requested to give this consideration and report back at the next meeting.
 iv.    HDC are consulting on their 3 year Draft Corporate Plan. Cllr. Jefferys will review the plan and provide
        feedback on behalf of the Parish Council.
  v.    The Sussex Police Authority has advised that, at their meeting on 14 February 2008, they will be setting the
        budget for 2008/9 and would welcome comments on the same. This request was received on 22 January and
        feedback was requested by 31 January 2008. The Clerk was requested to advise that the Parish Council was
        disappointed at the short timescale given to respond.
 vi.    HDC has asked for comment on their consultation document ‘Timebank’. Cllr. Hillyard will review the
        document and respond as appropriate on behalf the Parish Council.
vii.    The Clerk had received a request to reconsider the position with regard to renovating the ‘Viewpoint Steps’ on the
        Downs Link between Hayes Lane and Spring Lane. The Recreation Committee will investigate and advise
viii.   HDC and Horsham Churches are hosting a one-day ‘Help’ conference in Dial Post. Cllr. White volunteered to
        attend on behalf of the Parish Council.
 ix.    Cllr. Mawer provided an update on the adoption of the Six Acre land. Despite many attempts to engage George
        Wimpey in discussions, via our solicitors Rawlinson & Butler, no response has been received from George
        Wimpey. Cllr. Mawer proposed that the Parish Council write to Rawlinson & Butler to advise that the Parish
        Council will play a more passive role and enter into discussions with George Wimpey when they are prepared to
        do so. Cllr. Jefferys suggested that the Parish Council communicate this course of action to the residents of Six
        Acres. It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would write to Rawlinson & Butler on this basis and
        ‘copy in’ the residents of Six Acres.

019/08 Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13 December 2007

The draft Minutes, having been circulated, were taken as read. Cllr. Burke asked that the minutes be changed to reflect
that the correct tense, with regard to minute 408/07 ‘Waterland Chalet’, is used. This was duly amended and it was
agreed that the Minutes be accepted and signed as a true record.

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          Slinfold Parish Council                                           Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                                                                                             Thursday 31 Jan 2008

020/08 Approval of the Minutes and Recommendations of the Recreation Committee 22 January 2008,
previously circulated

  i.    It was RESOLVED that the CARES Committee proceed to the planning application stage and submit the
        planning application to HDC for the Phase II MUGA/ Ball Court facility in the KGV field, and that the Parish
        Council meet the cost of this application.

Cllr. Mawer pointed out that the Parish Council will have to review the Planning Application for the MUGA court and
asked whether the Parish Council should ‘give all the opportunity to have their say’ on the proposal for the KGV field.
The Parish Council agreed that HDC would provide this opportunity as part of their planning consultation process.

 ii.    It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would purchase a new lock for the Cherry Tree gate. Cllr. White
        will obtain this lock.
iii.    It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to the Managing Director, Flint Group to ask who may be approached
        within their organisation to open up negotiations to insert a clause into the lease agreement that may give some
        comfort to the Sports Association when the lease ends. The Clerk will write to Flint Group.
 iv.    It was RESOLVED that the Youth Issues Committee form part of the Recreation and Environment Committee.
        Councillor White will chair the Recreation Youth and Environment Committee.
 v.     It was RESOLVED, following the visit made by Cllr. White and Mawer to the KGV field, that the fencing
        around the Grattons entrance be repaired and that a self-closing gate is installed. The Grattons Gate will be used
        to form a pedestrian entrance to the side of the Greenfield 5 bar gate. The 5 bar gate will be locked and a key
        given the ground maintenance contractor. The Clerk will obtain quotes on this basis for approval.

021/08 Approval of the Minutes and Recommendations of the Youth Issues Committee 22 January
2008, previously circulated

It was RESOLVED that the Youth Issues Committee form part of the Recreation and Environment Committee.
Councillor White will chair the Recreation Youth and Environment Committee.

022/08 Approval of the Minutes and Recommendations of the Finance Committee 6 December 2007,
previously circulated

  i.    It was RESOLVED that the reserve allocations as detailed in Appendix B of the Finance minutes be retained.
 ii.    It was RESOLVED that the Budget and Precept be set at £48,750 for the period 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2009,
        this represents a 2.5% increase on the previous year.
iii.    It was RESOLVED that the asset register, risk assessment and insurance cover be reviewed and updated.

023/08 Matters arising from agenda items 4 to 7, for information only

There were no matters arising.

024/08 Matters arising from the Public Session

The Clerk advised that the member of the public present at the last meeting had been advised of the Parish Council’s
decision with regard to the matter that was raised.

025/08 Planning Report

Cllr. Burke presented the previously circulated Planning Report to the Parish Council.

New and amended planning applications:

The Planning Working Group has reviewed the following applications since the last meeting. The Parish Council
reviewed and discussed applications DC/08/0023, Hillcrest School, DC/07/2849, Gleniffer House and DC/07/2606, 16
Greenfield Road, the outcome of which is highlighted in bold below.

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           Slinfold Parish Council                                                                    Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                                                                                                                       Thursday 31 Jan 2008

HDC have been advised of the Parish Council’s recommendations as follows:
               Name Applicant      Address & Post Code of                                                                             Feedback to HDC Planning Committee
 Application                                                                           Nature of application
                 or Agent               application                                                                                                 (Date)

                                                                      Proposed internal and rear external alterations to include
                                  Slinfold Manor Five Oaks         removal of a chimney breast at ground floor level, installation
                Mr & Mrs D                                                                                                            13/01 - No objection (U 4/4). Ratified
DC/07/2850                         Road Slinfold Horsham          of new French doors in a modern opening containing windows,
                  Lewis                                                                                                                 Parish Council meeting 31/1/2008.
                                   West Sussex RH13 0SX                increasing the depth of two windows and creation of a
                                                                                bathroom (Listed Building Consent)

                                  Slinfold Manor Five Oaks           Partial conversion of existing garage to provide ancillary
                Mr & Mrs D                                                                                                            13/01 - No objection (U 4/4). Ratified
DC/07/2842                         Road Slinfold Horsham           residential accommodation for occupation by staff or family
                  Lewis                                                                                                                 Parish Council meeting 31/1/2008.
                                   West Sussex RH13 0SX                      and single storey toilet extension to garage

                                    Gaskyns, Lyons Road,           Construction of a riding arena surrounded by fencing and bar        17/12 - No objection (U 4/4). Ratified
DC/07/2660      Mrs Mariani
                                     Slinfold RH13 0QT                          gate entrance for private use only                      Parish Council meeting 31/1/2008.
                                  Clovermead Lyons Road
                Mr & Mrs C                                                                                                            21/01 - No objection (U 4/4). Ratified
DC/08/0052                        Slinfold Horsham West                                   Side extension
                 Waples                                                                                                                 Parish Council meeting 31/1/2008.
                                     Sussex RH13 0QS
                                   1 Rowhook Hill House,
               Prof P & Mrs G                                                                                                          21/01 - No objection (U 4/4). Ratified
DC/08/0010                         Rowhook Hill, Horsham       Gable and Dormer extensions to roof to provide extra bedrooms
                    Haers                                                                                                               Parish Council meeting 31/1/2008.
                                        RH12 3PU

                                                                                                                                     01/02/2008 Objection - (U - PC meeting
                                                                                                                                      31/01/2008). Application is vague with
                                    Hillcrest, Stane Street,                                                                              regard to use of classroom and
DC/08/0023 Hillcrest Care Ltd                                                          New classroom block
                                     Slinfold RH13 0QX                                                                               materials. Design and Access statement
                                                                                                                                       requires amendment with regard to
                                                                                                                                        assumptions/presumptions made.

                                  Gleniffer House Five Oaks
                                                                   Part second floor and part single storey extension to existing       No objection (7:1). HDC advised
DC/07/2849 Bramley Care Ltd        Road Slinfold Horsham
                                                                                        residential school                                         01/02/2008
                                   West Sussex RH13 0RQ

                                     16 Greenfield Road,                                                                               No Objection (5:3). HDC advised
DC/07/2606      Mr S J Pinch                                                  Erection of 1x1 bed attached dwelling
                                     Slinfold, RH13 0SF                                                                                           01/02/2008

Planning applications pending consideration or decision by HDC:

The Parish Council received a report on all previous applications currently pending consideration or a decision by HDC.

Applications permitted, refused and withdrawn:

The following applications have been processed by HDC and the results follow:
   HDC         Address & Post                                                                                                                                             Status on planning
 Application      Code of             Nature of application                                   Feedback to HDC Planning Committee (Date)                                       application
  number        application                                                                                                                                                 /Enforcement

               Fairmead Lyons
                Road Slinfold
                              2 storey extension and double            No Objection (3 from 4 reviewed) - and ratified at full council meeting 13th December 2007.              Application
 DC/07/2745     Horsham West
                                          garage                                                   HDC advised 17th December 2007                                                Permitted
                Sussex RH13

                 Five Oaks        Forecourt signage to include
               Road, Horsham,       1xdirectional sign, 4xfree       No Objection - discussed at PC meeting (Split 7 No Ob, 2 Obj to Hero signs). HDC advised no                Application
                West Sussex,       stranding signs and 3xpole                                             objection 30/11/07                                                     Permitted
                 RH13 0SY                mounted signs

                 Farm Stane                                                                                                                                                     Application
 DC/07/2465                       Construction of a sand school            No Objection (5 from 5 reviewed) - 18/11/07. Ratified full council meeting 29/11/07
                Street Slinfold                                                                                                                                                  Permitted
                 West Sussex

               Guildford Road
                                   2 - Storey and single-storey         No objection 5/11/2007 (4 from 4 reviewed) and ratified full council meeting 29/11/2007.
                Broadbridge                                                                                                                                                     Application
 DC/07/2398                        extensions and extension to          Requested feedback from HDC as to whether part of building previously designated as an
               Heath Horsham                                                                                                                                                     Permitted
                                           conservatory                                                        annexe.
                West Sussex
                 RH12 3PG

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                  Slinfold Parish Council                                                              Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                                                                                                                        Thursday 31 Jan 2008

                                                                        Objection (Split 3 from 4) 22/09/2007, out of keeping/character. FC meet object 27/09/2007 on
                                      First floor side extension over
                 Field House,                                            the basis of disproportionate effect on Costrels. Emailed S Booth HDC, re revised plans, PC's
  DC/07/2045                          existing single-storey section
                 Lyons Road,                                            objection remains the same. Discussed again at PC meeting 13 December 2007. PC upheld 5          Application
(amended plans                        with new hipped pitch roof to
                Slinfold RH13                                              objected, 3 no objection and 1 abstained due to a disproportionate effect on neighbouring      Permitted
received 16/10)                          provide ancillary living
                     0QS                                                     property Costrels. Applicant advised 14th December. HDC, Pauline Olive advised by
                                                                                                            telephone 14th December.

                      Lower Lodge
                                        Cessation of the outdoor
                      Ground The                                            No objection providing site tidy & recreation business ceases. S106 agreement signed
                                         recreation centre uses                                                                                                          Application
 DC/07/0161              Haven                                           29/11/2006 between HDC, Kingston Pant Hire and Nat West. Cease activities, S106 facility
                                    comprising clay pigeon shooting                                                                                                       Permitted
                      Billingshurst                                                           £3,000 and proceed to issue planning permission
                                      archery and off road driving
                      West Sussex
                       RH14 9BE


DC/07/1238                  Erection of hay/tractor barn shed (Millstones, Stane Street) to be used in conjunction with private
                            equestrian facility. The appeal will be made by way of an informal hearing; the outcome of this
                            hearing is awaited.

Enforcement and other outstanding planning issues

       -          Waterlands Chalet - HDC has carried out a site visit. The owner advised that the new access/driveway would
                  be removed and the bridle path restored by the 18th October 2007. The owner would also consult with a
                  planning adviser regarding an application to include the retention of the mobile home on the site as temporary
                  accommodation. Cllr. Nye reported that proceedings would be issued if the owner did not stop residency. HDC
                  advised 24th September 2007 that an authority to prepare for an enforcement action is to be issued. Update - 22
                  October, 25 November 2007 and 16 January 2008; HDC are still trying to obtain the necessary evidence to
                  serve an enforcement notice.

026/08 Report from County Councillor

Cllr. Hodgson provided a report on the following matters:

  i.         The spending and 3rd phase efficiency programmes for next year.
 ii.         Post Office closures in the area.
iii.         The Downs Link and the proposal to bring the footpath up to a safe standard.
iv.          A letter from a resident with regard to access to the Downs Link from the Five Oaks Road.

027/08 Report from District Councillors

Cllr. Rowlinson provided a report on the following matters:

  i.         Opinions would be welcome from members on whether the Town Hall in Horsham should be retained for
             public use and if so how should this be funded? If not what other alternatives could be considered?
 ii.         A report had been received from a resident who had been bitten by a Rotweiller dog. Cllr. Rowlinson is
             investigating this matter with the appropriate authorities.

028/08 Discuss and approve the vacancies on the sub-committees

It was RESOLVED that Cllr. Jefferys would join the Recreation Youth and Environment Committee.

Whilst there are vacancies on the Planning and Development and Finance and General Purposes Committees, these will
not be filled at this time and will be discussed again at the AGM in May 2008.

029/08 Highways Matters to include the Highways Programme Consultation Document 2008-2010

             i.     WSCC, Highways are consulting on their works programme for the period 2008-2010. The Clerk informed
                    members of the programme ‘content’ and asked that Councillors consider if further work was required,
                    particularly for 2009.
            ii.     The report from WSCC, Highways with regard to the proposed work in The Street and Lyons Road was
                    circulated to members.
           iii.     The Clerk has received a complaint from a resident in the Grattons with regard to cars being parked on the
                    pavements. The PCSO is investigating this matter.
           iv.      The ‘red’ surface outside Cobblers and the mini-roundabout at Six Acres will be resurfaced on 1 February
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                Slinfold Parish Council                                      Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                                                                                              Thursday 31 Jan 2008

          v.       The trees at the ‘Old Bakery’ will be attended to by WSCC, Highways in April or May 2008.
         vi.       The Clerk has received a copy of a letter sent to WSCC Highways, from the residents at Kerwin Court. The
                   residents are requesting a pedestrian/wheelchair friendly crossing over the Five Oaks Road; improved
                   pathways and dropped kerbs to the village; and a 30mph speed limit either side of the crossing. The Parish
                   Council supports this request and will advise Kerwin Court and WSCC accordingly.
         vii.      The Clerk has written to WSCC, Highways with regard to a resident’s request that the ‘dollies’ outside their
                   property in Park Road be replaced.
     viii.         The graffiti on the signage in Lyons Road has been reported to WSCC Highways by the PCSO.
      ix.          The Clerk has received a response from Anne Panella, WSCC with regard to the question raised, i.e. whether
                   the CLC could look at the state of pavement surfaces in Slinfold by those using Motability Scooters. The
                   CLC has asked that the Parish Council provide evidence of the problems being encountered. The Clerk will
                   discuss further options that could be presented to the CLC with the Cllr. Skeates, Chairman of the
                   Highways Committee.

030/08 Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies

               Cllr. Dunkerton provided an update on the Shop Association Committee meeting. Their AGM is to be held on
                15 May 2008 and events this year include ‘Slinfest’ in June and a Barn Dance in November 2008.
               Cllr. White provided an update on the Sports Association Committee meeting; the matters arising have been
                reported in the Recreation Committee minutes. Cllr. White also advised that the Sports Association is thriving
                with increasing membership.

031/08 Approve the contract for grounds maintenance for KGV and Cherry Tree Fields from quotes

Four quotations were reviewed for ground maintenance for the KGV and Cherry Tree fields. It was RESOLVED that
the contract for 2008 be awarded to Howards (GardenCare). Only two quotes have been received for the play area at Six
Acres but it was RESOLVED, in light of the minimal cost involved, to continue with Evergreens for this contract for

032/08 Accounts for payment/approval

A list of accounts to be paid in the sum of £7,142.72 was distributed to all Councillors present. This list was reviewed
and duly agreed.

Forthcoming payments approved were:

               Chartwell Windows – a further £1,646.50 is to be paid from the Village Hall Development Fund for
                replacement windows in the Village Hall.

033/08 Clerk’s Announcements & Correspondence Received


    i.          WSCC are offering a grant of 50% on a new or replacement bus shelter. The Parish Council felt that there was
                no need for another bus shelter at this time.
   ii.          HDC are inviting local voluntary and community groups to an information session to raise awareness of POPP
                (Partnership for Older People Project). The Clerk will provide further information on this event upon request.
  iii.          The Senior Persons Council are encouraging residents >50 to put forward their ideas at four meetings to be held
                this year. The Clerk will provide further information on this event upon request.
  iv.           The Clerk has been invited to the SLCC Clerk’s meeting on 13 th February and the HDC Clerk’s meeting on 29th
                February. The Clerk is also attending a training course at Midhurst, 8-10 February 2008.
   v.           A letter from the Audit Commission has been received to advise that Mazars has been appointed as auditor for
                the next five years. The fees are £400 for a basic audit. The Audit Commission advise that there is no need to
                respond if the Parish Council is content with the proposal. The Parish Council agreed that there was no need to

Correspondence Received:

The following correspondence was made available for Councillors to review:

               Planning News Update – HDC.
               SLCC - Practitioners Conference.
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          Slinfold Parish Council                                           Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                                                                                             Thursday 31 Jan 2008

         AirS Workshop – Include Young People in Plans.
         Southern Water – Strategic Direction and Accounts.
         AGM for SLCC is 20/03/2008 at Southwater.
         HDC Local Development Framework – Adoption of General Development Control Policies.
         HDC – Statement of Licensing Policy.
         Walk & Talk – January to March programme.
         NHS Bulletin – Issues 25, 26 & 27.
         Partnership News – January 2008.
         SALC – Winter Bulletin.
         GACC January 2008.
         HACVS – December 2007.
         NALC – Local Council Review January 2008.
         AirS – January 2008.
         Slinfold Village Hall Trustees Meeting 21 January 2008.

034/08 Members’ Questions and Comments

         Cllr. Dunkerton advised that the section of the Downs Link where there is no distinction between a bridle path
          and a footpath is very muddy. The Parish Council suggested that signage may be appropriate and
          recommended that the Clerk discuss this matter with Cllr. Skeates.
         Cllr. Dunkerton advised that a part of the wall taken down and replaced by a gate to allow an entrance point for
          contractors has not been replaced at the Primary School. As the school is in the Conservation Area it was felt
          that the wall should have been replaced. Cllr. Burke will investigate this matter.
         Cllr. Sorenson requested that the Parish Council review the position with regard to tarmacing the school car
          park. Cllr. Mawer and the Clerk will investigate opportunities.
         Cllr. Stenton-Chandler requested that the Parish Council look at light pollution from the Spring Business Park
          and the Flint Group sites. The Clerk will investigate this matter.
         Cllr. Stenton-Chandler advised that she believed that there was a requirement to re-plant a row of trees taken
          down when the Spring Copse Business Park was developed. The re-planting of these trees would screen a
          number of buildings. The Clerk was requested to identify the landowner and investigate this matter.
         Cllr. White questioned the new method of delivery, i.e. the posting of the agenda and minutes by the Clerk
          rather than by the previous method used i.e. e-mail. The Clerk advised that it had come to her attention that
          these documents were required to be either posted or hand-delivered and that e-mail was not an acceptable
          method of delivery. This had been confirmed by SALC. A number of Councillors felt that in the 21 st Century
          emailing documents as attachments should be an acceptable delivery option. The Clerk is investigating this
         Cllr. Hillyard advised that dog faeces is being placed in the Litter Bin on the corner of Hayes Lane and West
          Way and recommended that a new Dog Litter Bin be installed at this location. The Parish Council agreed with
          the recommendation. Cllr. Hillyard will forward details of the cost of a new Dog Litter Bin to the Clerk
          for the Parish Council’s approval at the next meeting.

035/08 Items for the Parish Magazine

     -    Advertise the Annual Parish Meeting in April 2008

036/08 Staff Matters

Confidential staff matters were discussed.

037/08 Next Meeting(s)

                         Parish Council Meeting:             Thursday 28 February 2008 (7.30pm) Parish Room

Meeting closed at 10.10pm.

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