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					                    The “Beowulf Song”—song by Enya—author of lyrics unknown

Anglo Saxon po-e-try                               Back to Sweden he returns
From Circa A.D., seven-fifty                       To the Kingship he has earned

Though it’s based on his-tory                      Until one date late in his life
Most is just embellished story                     His realm is struck with fiery strife

Passed down by scops –singers of tales             The vengeful rage of a dragon
Mixed Saxons’ dialects with Angles                 For his golden cup was stolen

The author’s name we’ll never know                 Who but Beowulf can slay him?]
But Beowulf remains our hero                       Save his people from destruction

(note the sounds of Old English in                 Save his people from destruction
background)                                        Written in alliteration
Hwæt! We Gardena in geardagum
                                                   Cremated, buried by the sea
Beowulf hero of Geats                              The poem drifts into elegy
In a world governed by fate
                                                   English epic song of praise
The monster Grendel plagued the hall               Tells of Beowulf’s glory days
Attacked the warriors---killed them all
                                                   How in those tragic days of yore
So Beowulf and his Thanes                          The noble ones did deed of valour
Leave their Homeland to save the Danes             The kennings speak in metaphor
                                                   Remains forever in the lore
Their swords break from the magic charm
‘Til Beowulf tears Grendel’s arm
In revenge, dead Grendel’s mother                  scops
Comes to kill the king’s best warrior              Beowulf/Grendel
Beowulf tracks her to her lair                     Fate (wyrd)
An eerie lake of despair                           Comitatus
                                                   Wergeild (blood vengeance)
Protected by enchanted armor                       Trophy; Boast
He wins the fight and then beheads her             Alliteration
Returns victorious in the “ninth hour”             Elegy
The comitatus gave him power                       Valor

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