Bookstore Software Download Tutorial by tGpvUCu7


									              Bookstore Software Download Tutorial

1. Go to and click on the download
 NOTE- For the best results please use a supported browser such as Google Chrome
                                or Mozilla Firefox

 Click Here
                      2. Choose the suitable program for your student needs-

Select one of these
3. Add to cart the Free version of the software in your language-

                                                Add to Cart Free Version
4. Click the “Check Out” option-

                                   Click “Check Out”
5. After reviewing the product to download, click the “Continue”

                                      Click Here
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your student
     username(ID) and your name(this will serve as an online
     signature) and click “Accept” -

                                                                 Input Student ID , your name and
                                                                 click “I Accept”


 Congratulations! Your Microsoft Office software program will now be
                       downloaded onto your computer. Enjoy!
-If, after following through this tutorial, you still cannot download the Microsoft Office suite, please-
contact either the IT Help Desk at (208) 496-9000 or the Online Support Center at (208) 496-1800 for
                                          further assistance.

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