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									January 26, 2010 Work Session

The work session of the Township Committee of the Township of Franklin was called to order by Mayor Dougherty
at 7:05 p.m. in the Municipal Building, Delsea Drive, Franklinville, NJ. The following Committee members were
present: Mr. Atkinson, Mrs. Pfrommer, Mr. Ciancaglini, Mr. Petsch and Mayor Dougherty. Mr. DiGiorgio,
Administrator, Mrs. Carder, CFO, Captain Howe, Mr. Nese and Mrs. Knobloch were also in attendance.

Mayor Dougherty opened the meeting with the Statement of Notice of Meeting as per the Open Public Meetings
Law with notices having been sent to the Gloucester County Times and The Sentinel, as well as having been posted
in the Municipal Building.

Members reviewed bills as presented by the Treasurer.

Mrs. Toy, Clerk, reviewed the correspondence as follows:
 From NJ Dept. of Transportation, Approval of Ordinance O-20-09 Commercial Motor Vehicle Restriction, Four
    Ton Weight Limit, Grubb Road, Franklin Township. Also, received a copy of the Approval Letter to Vineland
    for the Four Ton Weight Limit on Grubb Road in the City of Vineland.
 From Kay Sullivan, requesting to take a leave-of-absence from her duties of overseeing the lifeguards and
    township lakes for the 2010 season, and also requesting to be replaced on the Recreation Commission.
 From Winzinger Inc, thanking the Township for our cooperation with their business and advising they accepted
    5,015 cubic yards of recyclable material from Franklin and Newfield Public Works, waiving the cost of
    dumping which would have been $75,225.00.

Mrs. Carder, CFO, reported on the following:
 JIF Breakfast – safety recognition – Thursday, February 25th at 8:30 a.m. at Nicolosi’s
 Bus damage – total of damages was $5,550.71, the Township has a $1,000 deductible, and we have received a
    check for $4,550.71. The bus is currently being repaired.
 Budget hearings started on Monday and are continuing.

Mrs. Knobloch, Community Development, reported that the Engineer made recommendations for awards for work
at Newfield Terrace through the CBG Grant.

Mr. DiGiorgio, Administrator, referenced the Engineer’s “Status Update” on South Jersey Gas Road Openings for
the 24” gas transmission line. Mr. DiGiorgio said that Flora Road is a disaster; he spoke to Mr. Nardelli personally
as the residents are not happy. Mr. DiGiorgio stated there are real issues – the road is crumbling, the residents have
had to use the farm road, and that is not working. Mr. DiGiorgio said that he has been on the phone with South
Jersey Gas almost every day, the Mayor met with residents of Flora Road tonight, and SJ Gas agreed to replace
Flora Road with new asphalt.

Mrs. Pfrommer asked what was the timeline, and Captain Howe answered that it should be done next week.

Mr. DiGiorgio said there are water problems at Flora, Blue Bell and Main Roads.

Mayor Dougherty said that the water that is pumped out, is coming right back.

Captain Howe advised that the owner of the farmfield won’t let the trucks park on the field, they have to use the

Mr. Nese, Public Works, reviewed the State’s Stormwater Program, they are pushing it, and informed the
Committee of some of the “Solutions To Storm Water Pollution” to protect drinking water as follows: limit use of
fertilizers and pesticides, properly use and dispose of hazardous products, don’t litter, and control pet waste. Mr.
Nese said we need to promote the program, it will go on Channel 9, he has asked the Clerk’s Office to distribute the
notice with the dog licensing and to have available at the Rabies Clinic. Mr. Nese has also asked the Clerk’s Office
to distribute the notice about pet waste.

Mr. Nese advised that the sign is up at Malaga Lake Park Trail, and Mr. Atkinson thanked him. Mr. Atkinson said
that the Environmental Commission could help with the storm water promotion.

Mr. Atkinson said he talked to Mr. Daubenspeck, Recreation Chairman, about developing long-range plans for
cleaning up and upgrading the lakes and parks, working into the budget a little at a time.

Mrs. Pfrommer noted that Mrs. Sullivan has a list of things she would like to see done.

Mr. Atkinson said we need to set goals.

Mr. Nese advised it is a problem trying to keep the signs up, it gets expensive. He said that the gate at Malaga Lake
Park Trail has been fixed a dozen times. By keeping the gate up, it keeps the people from going back there and

Mr. Ziegler advised that he received a faxed copy of an agreement from Dr. George, he will review it tomorrow, and
begin the process.

Mr. Ziegler requested adoption of R-38-10 to go into closed session, adding litigation, specifically New Greenways
and Kalnas, to the subjects to be discussed.
Upon motion by Mr. Petsch seconded by Mr. Atkinson and carried Resolution R-38-10 entitled “Resolution
Authorizing A Closed Executive Meeting For The Township Committee Of The Township Of Franklin” was
ordered adopted.
Atkinson-yes Pfrommer-yes Ciancaglini-yes Petsch-yes Dougherty-yes

Mr. DiGiorgio reported on the following:
 Deer Meadows – quote to deck open basements - $3,300 each
 Storm damage on January 25th – a shed was damaged on Tern Drive and two cars on Idle Lake Road from fallen
 Elected Officials Seminar JIF on January 28th
 2010 Calendars should be mailed Friday
 Herb Wagner Contract for Farmland Facilitator for renewal tonight

Mr. DiGiorgio said he was sad to lose Mrs. Sullivan, she does a lot of work for the Township.

Mrs. Pfrommer said she will stop to see her.

Mayor Dougherty reported that Planning Board Member Marsha Dougherty passed away over the weekend, noting
she cared about the town.

Mr. Nese advised the Committee that there are two Storm Water ordinances required by the State that must be
adopted by September.

Mr. Ziegler stated that they may fall by the wayside.

The meeting was ordered adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
All members voted in the affirmative.

                                                              Respectfully submitted,

                                                              Carolyn Toy
                                                              Township Clerk


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