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									                                                                                    401 North Michigan Avenue
                                                                                        Chicago, Illinois 60611
                                                                                        PHONE: 312/321-5166
                                                                                          FAX: 312/673-6928


To:           WA Members

From:         The 2010 Allman Award Committee
              Chairman: Mike Bixler, WA President
              Committee: The WA Executive Committee
                     Phil Tarullo, Vice President
                     Brian Murphy, Treasurer
                     Peter Ciaccia, Immediate Past President
                     Louis Solomon, Associate Chair
              3 - Immediate Past Allman Award Recipients
                     2008 – Tim Quinn, RJF International Corp.
                     2007 – Bob Parisi, J. Josephson
                     2006 – Ken Salyer, Jr., Tri-Kes Wallcovering

Date:         July 14, 2010

Re:           2010 Allman Award Nominations

Each year the Wallcoverings Association bestows the highest honor in the industry, the Allman
Award, to a person of outstanding achievement in the wallcoverings industry.

Nominations for this prestigious honor are currently being accepted by the award team. The
award criteria, which is used to evaluate candidates is enclosed, along with a list of past
recipients. Please take a moment to nominate an individual that you believe has earned the
distinction and embodies the spirit of the award.

The 2010 Allman Award will be presented at the Wallcoverings Association’s Spring Meeting.
For the tentative schedule of events, visit the “Events” tab at

Thank you for returning your nomination forms to WA Headquarters by September 24th!
                                                                         Please return no later than
                                                                          September 24, 2010 to:

                                                                        Wallcoverings Association
                                                            401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200
                                                                           Chicago, Illinois 60611
                                                                            FAX: (312) 673-6928

                        2010 ALLMAN AWARD NOMINATION FORM

I recommend the following individual:



Business Affiliation:


Phone:                                                                       ______

My reasons for suggesting this individual as a candidate:


My Name:


                                WA ALLMAN AWARD CRITERIA

                                                                                      Page 2
Background: The Allman Award is the most distinguished honor in the wallcoverings industry. The
award is named after Henry Allman, the founder and first president of the Wallcoverings Wholesalers
Association, the predecessor of WA. WA bestows the award to an individual in the industry who has
made a lasting contribution(s) to the industry over a significant period of time. The award is customarily
bestowed annually, however WA is not obligated to bestow the award every year.

Criteria: Each year WA sends a request to all member companies for nominations for the award.
Individuals may be nominated to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding contributions in the form of
personal, corporate, technical, product or marketing achievements that have benefited the wallcoverings
industry. The award is designed to recognize individuals who have demonstrated the ability to be true
leaders of the industry. The award is not designed to recognize companies. While consideration will be
given to participation in the activities of the Wallcoverings Association as an active member,
participating as either a member of the board of directors, or project team member, it is not an
established criterion to measure a candidate’s contributions to the industry. Candidates may be selected
from all industry segments including, but not limited to manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to the
wallcoverings industry. Those nominating a candidate must clearly outline the contribution(s) made
by the individual on the nomination form.

Selection Process: A committee consisting of the current WA Executive Committee and three most
recent Allman Award recipients will review the candidates and finalize the selection from the list of
candidates received. Current members of the WA Executive Committee are not eligible to receive the

Announcement: Once a winner has been selected, a member of the committee will contact the
individual. WA staff will contact the recipient to prepare an official announcement for the membership
and the press. The award will be presented to the recipient at the annual meeting. The Allman recipient
will receive a complimentary 1-bedroom suite for the dates of the meeting in which the recipient is
honored by the association. The recipient and his/her spouse will receive complimentary registration for
the meeting in which the recipient is honored by the association. The convention brochure will feature
the Allman recipient as an honored guest of the industry.

                                                                                              Page 3
                                                         401 North Michigan Avenue
                                                             Chicago, Illinois 60611
                                                             PHONE: 312/321-5166
                 PAST ALLMAN AWARD RECIPIENTS                  FAX: 312/673-6928

1946 Nancy Vincent McClelland     1978 W. Stuart Brown
1947 William Burton               1979 Walter B. Mendelsohn
1948 Walter L. Carver             1980 Jospeh M. Kern
1949 Harry E. Bruce               1981 George R. Sellers
1950 William E. Katzenbach        1982 Joseph E. Gallagher, Jr.
1951 George Louis Zuber           1983 Arnold Grandberg
1952 Robert B. Griffin            1984 William D. Armstrong
1953 Maurice Pinover              1985 Bryce Bumstead
1954 James Seeman                 1986 J. Dollard Carey
1955 Elizabeth Gordon             1987 B. Morton Gittlin
1956 S. Abbot Smith               1988 Carl Vizzi
1957 Luther Lalendorf             1989 C. Howard Dodson
1958 Luther Lalendorf             1990 Michael Landau
1959 Warren G. Nelson             1991 Gilbert Goodman
1960 Lucile Stockwell Chatain     1992 James Ward
1961 Isadore J. Goldberg          1993 Martin Johnson
1962 Albert Van Luit              1994 George Warner, Jr.
1963 Morris Lapidus               1995 Kenneth Grandberg
1964 M.L. Pemble                  1996 Frank Baker, Sr.
1965 Henry H. Allman              1997 Jack Glinn
1966 Jerome Blonder               1998 Aaron F. Rice, Jr.
1967 Jack Denst                   1999 Ron Redding
1969 George E. Warner, Sr.        2000 Leroy Dodson
1970 Robert B. Blakeslee          2001 Mel Weinzimer
1971 Charles Freeman              2002 John Fitzgerald
1972 Albert Grandberg             2003 Jim Thybony
1973 Earl Kinney/                 2004 Michael Glynn
    Paul Dowskin                  2005 Jerry Russo
1974 Henry Allman                 2006 Ken Salyer, Jr.
1975 Herman Kugler                2007 Bob Parisi
1976 Sydney B. Karofsky           2008 Tim Quinn
1977 Conrad L. Seabrook           2009 N/A

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