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									Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments

The Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments (OCPA) annually
publishes statistics on the number of appointments and re-appointments to
public bodies that fall within the remit of the Commissioner. The statistics for
the period 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010 have been designated as official
statistics and have been compiled in accordance with the Code of Practice for
Official Statistics. The headline statistics will be released on 27 October and
will be followed by the publication of the Commissioner’s 2009/10 annual
report, which will be published on 28 October 2010.

The role of Commissioner for Public Appointments was established in
November 1995 on the recommendation of the Committee on Standards in
Public Life, chaired by Lord Nolan.

The Commissioner is appointed by The Queen by Order in Council for the
purposes of the Public Appointments Order in Council 2002, as amended,
(which revoked the 1995 and 1998 Orders). The Commissioner is
independent of both the Government and the Civil Service.

In order to meet the Commissioner’s obligation under the Order in Council,
the Commissioner requires detailed information for inclusion in the
Commissioner’s Annual Report at the end of the reporting year and for other
specified purposes.

Departments are required to record and provide to the Commissioner the
following information relating to:-

New Appointments and Reappointments made between 1 April and 31 March

Statistics are divided into ‘chair’ or ‘member’ categories. (For the purpose of
these statistics deputy/vice chairs are included as members.) In relation to
these categories the information collected is as follows:

      number of appointments made;
      gender*;
      ethnicity*;
      age;
      disability;
      political activity by party (including details about levels of political
      number of reappointments;
      whether the member of the public body holds more than one public
       appointment and, if so, how many.

*In addition, these categories are divided into remuneration bands.
   The number and broad details of any complaints received, for the
     purpose of recording these in the Commissioner’s Annual Report.

Departments are required to record the above information on an Excel
spreadsheet. Completed returns are collated and analysed by OCPA officials.

If you have any queries about the content of this statement please contact:
Ginny Randall 0207 276 2623, or
Mariatu Turay 0207 276 2628

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