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Applications are now being accepted for the Leadership Sunnyvale class of 2011 -
2012. Classes begin in October 2011. Please respond to each question in the space
provided. Complete pages 1 & 2 of the application. All information will be held in
strictest confidence. Please print in blue or black ink.

Tuition is $1,600. There will be a $100 filing fee submitted with application. This fee
applies to tuition. All applications will be processed upon receipt followed by an
informational interview. Class membership will be offered without regard to
financial need. Partial scholarships are available.

                            Please return applications to:
                                Leadership Sunnyvale
                                    P.O. Box 61435
                              Sunnyvale, CA 94088-1435
                You may also email to:
                                or fax to: 408/738.9502
                         Office Phone Number 408-716-1837

Applicant Contact Information


Home Address                                        City                Zip

Mailing Address                                     City                Zip

Work Phone                                 Home Phone

FAX                                        E-mail

Community/Volunteer Activities
List, in order of importance to you, any professional, community, school, volunteer,
family, religious, social, athletic or other activities or organizations in which you
have participated.

Organization          Involvement/Leadership Responsibility Awards/Honors




Deadline 09/30/2011
         Professional Experience (Current or most recent employment)


     Location (City, State)



     Accomplishments/Areas of Expertise

     Other Experience/Areas of Expertise

     General Information

a) How would you describe yourself?

b) What skills, talents or personal experiences would you bring to the program?

c) Why do you want to be in Leadership Sunnyvale?

d) What are your key interests? In what community issues are you most interested? Why?
   (E.g. Education, Housing, Homelessness, Seniors, City Commissions, Transportation...)

e) How did you find out about the Leadership Sunnyvale Program?

f)   I was nominated to the 2010-2011 Leadership Sunnyvale Program by

     Education Background
                           High School          
                           College              
                           Post Graduate        
                           Other                
                           Training Skills
     Deadline 09/30/2011

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