PERSON SPECIFICATION
                                          LECTURER/SENIOR LECTURER

Post:              Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
School/Department: Teesside University Business School

Qualities                             Essential                         Desirable
Qualifications/                       - First degree in a relevant      - Membership of relevant
Experience                              discipline                        professional association(s)
                                      Either                            - PhD in relevant discipline
                                      - Higher Degree in a relevant     - Relevant teaching
                                        discipline or equivalent          qualification i.e. PGC
                                        professional qualification
                                      - Significant practical work
                                        experience in a related
Teaching                              - Be able to contribute to        - Previous relevant teaching
                                        curriculum design and             experience at HE level
                                        development                     - Experience of leading and
                                      - Be able to teach at a range       contributing to curriculum
                                        of different levels i.e.          design and development
                                        undergraduate, postgraduate
                                      - Be able to lead programmes
                                        and programme development
Research                              - Commitment to and               - Record of research and
                                        demonstrable potential to         scholarly publication
                                        undertake Research,             - Experience of successful
                                        Development and/or                completion of Research and
                                        Scholarship                       Development projects
                                                                        - Supervision of research
Skills                                - Effective communication         - Potential to contribute to
                                        skills, both oral and written     consultancy and income
                                      - Good presentation skills          generation activity
                                                                        - Experience of course
Values                                - To support the University
                                        Mission and commitment to
                                        working within University
                                        policies and procedures
                                      - Flexible approach
                                      - Adaptable to change
Teamwork                              - Appropriate team-working        - Work as a member of a
                                        and interpersonal skills          multi-disciplinary team in a
                                                                          range of contexts

NB: Judgement on criteria could be based on a combination of any of these

The PGCE in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Learning and Teaching in Higher
Education (PGCE LTHE) is a work-based programme of learning, designed to meet
the professional development needs of practitioners who are actively engaged in
teaching or the support of learning. It is accredited by the Higher Education
Academy, an independent organisation funded by and responsible to the Higher
Education community, which places research and practice in learning, teaching and
assessment at the centre of its work. The programme consists of three core and two
optional (elective) modules:

Core modules
Higher Education in Context (delivered in a two day block at the start of the
An introduction to learning and teaching in Higher Education including a ‘survival
guide’ of resources for new staff and sessions on learning theories, team working,
diversity, assessment, the structure and content of modules and programmes,
preparing and delivering material for learning.
Teaching Practice in Higher Education (monthly workshops)
Sessions on presentation styles, working with small and large groups, technology
enhanced learning; assessment and feedback, work based learning, quality
assurance and enhancement, current issues (e.g. Institutional audit). Teaching
observation is included in the module.
Learning and Teaching in Academic Practice (project delivered through one-to-
one tutorials)
Participants complete a project in an area relevant to their role (for example, review a
module, design a new assessment strategy, produce learning materials on-line, etc.)

Elective modules
Choices include: Diversity and Inclusivity; Technology Enhanced Learning; Module
and Programme Design and Approval; Innovative Assessment; Research Informed
Teaching; Internationalisation in Higher Education; Working with Work-Based
Learners; Leading Change in Academic Practice.

The key characteristics of the programme include:

            Two start dates per year – early September and February. This will allow all
             new staff opportunity for support and networking with other new colleagues
             within a few months of joining the University.
            Core module delivery through a two day residential, followed by one morning
             per month.
            A focus on work based learning; all work will be related to the specific role
             and responsibilities of the member of staff, working with experienced staff in
             their school and/or Teaching Fellows across the University.
            A choice of electives to allow a focus on the interests and needs of
             participants and Schools.
            Elements to encourage research focussed staff to engage in research
             informed teaching.
            Completion within a calendar year.
            Successful completion continues to provide Fellow of the Higher Education
             Academy (FHEA) status and an increment for those staff who are
             contractually required to complete the programme.


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