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									Finalised Priority Assessment List for the National Heritage List for 2009-10
Name of Place                 Description                                                                                                          Assessment
Historic Places

Australian Cornish Mining     About 950ha, located at Burra and Moonta, comprising the Burra State Heritage Area (designated as a State            30/06/2011
Heritage Sites, SA            Heritage Area in 1993) and the Moonta Mines State Heritage Area (designated as a State Heritage Area in May
                              1984) as entered in the South Australian State Heritage Register.

Fremantle Museum and Arts     About 1.5ha, 1 - 33 Finnerty Street, corner Ord Street, Fremantle, comprising the whole of Reserve 31435 Lot         30/06/2011
Centre, WA                    1922 and Reserve 31436 Lot 1930.

Home Hill, Devonport, Tas     About 2ha, 7 Middle Road, Devonport, comprising the Devonport City Council's Home Hill Reserve.                      30/06/2010

Low Head Historic Precinct,   About 33ha, 1km north west of Low Head, Low Head Road, comprising Low Head Conservation Area and Low                 30/06/2010
Tas                           Head Historic Site.

Canberra - Central National   About 12,600ha, comprising the inner historic area of Canberra including Designated Areas ( [i] Central National     30/06/2011
Area and Inner Hills, ACT     Area excluding Airport precinct; and [ii] Inner Hills) and inner FCAC/FCC garden city suburbs gazetted in 1928
                              (Yarralumla, Deakin, Forrest, Griffith, Kingston, Barton, Reid, Braddon, Turner , Ainslie).

Canberra and Surrounding      About 146,000ha, comprising:                                                                                         30/06/2011
Areas, ACT
                                     All land in the Designated Areas as defined in the National Capital Plan
                                     the River Corridors, and the Mountains and Bushlands;
                                     Extant elements of the 1918 Griffin Plan and the 1925 Gazetted Plan which have set the framework for
                                      Central Canberra, including the avenues, open spaces, structures, axial lines and subdivision
                                      geometries (many of which are not covered by the National Capital Plan);
                                     Early garden suburbs of the Federal Capital Commission, and other prototypical suburbs in Central
                                      Canberra by subsequent planning agencies (including the former National Capital Development
                                      Commission) up to 1984; and
                                     The river corridors and landscape views of the Brindabella's that form the backdrop to the city when
                                      viewed from the hill tops in the National Capital Open Space System around Central Canberra, and as
                                      described by Griffin as forming the backdrop to the ‘amphitheatre’ of central Canberra, i.e.: ‘ the purple
                                      distant mountain ranges; sun-reflecting, forming the back scene’.

                            Specifically excluded:
                               1. Within the built environment of Central Canberra: all land outside the public domain that is not within the
                                    Designated Areas as defined in the National Capital Plan – i.e. residential and commercial land,
                                    buildings and structures outside the avenues, streets, parklands, parkways, key vistas and major public
                                    buildings comprising the historic layout of the city. Exceptions include the principles of building height
                                    control, setbacks, and no-front-fences which preserve the essential character of Canberra as a city in the
                                    landscape; and the early garden suburbs where architectural fabric and streetscapes (i.e. the ‘private
                                    realm’) are important to heritage significance (such as those entered on the ACT heritage list as
                                    Canberra’s Early Garden City Planned Precincts in Ainslie, Braddon, Reid, Kingston, Barton, Griffith and
                               2. In the New Towns: all the urban areas including buildings, roads, and open spaces which are not part of
                                    the continuum of the National Capital Open Space System comprising the Inner Hills Ridges and Buffer
                               3. In the Australian Alps National Parks, the same areas excluded from the existing National Heritage

Indigenous Places

Moree Baths and Swimming    About .5ha, Anne Street corner Warialda Street, Moree, comprising the whole of Lot17 DP789779.                       30/06/2010
Pool, NSW
Wurrwurrwuy, Yirrkala, NT   About 1.41ha, 10km south east of Yirrkala, being those parts of Northern Territory Portions 1044 and 1692            31/12/2010
                            designated Northern Territory Portion 6647(A) and enclosed by a fence line located on a series of straight lines
                            connecting in succession the Map Grid of Australia Zone 53 coordinates listed hereunder:
                            Easting (metres) Northing (metres)
                            1. 710097 8636036
                            2. 710131 8636024
                            3. 710181 8636007
                            4. 710223 8636049
                            5. 710262 8636086
                            6. 710226 8636124
                            7. 710186 8636159
                            8. 710145 8636123
                            9. 710105 8636083
                            10. 710102 8636042
                            11. 710097 8636036 (commencement point)

Natural Places

Eranondoo Hill,            About 360ha, 160km east north east of Meekatharra, comprising an area bounded by a line connecting the   30/06/2011
Meekatharra, WA            following MGA Zone 50 grid points sequentially:
                                1. 498474E 7107000N
                                2. 500673E 7107000N
                                3. 500673E 7106230N
                                4. 500000E 7106160N
                                5. 500000E 7105000N
                                6. 498474E 7105000N
                                7. 498474E 7107000N (commencement point)

Christmas Island, Indian   The whole of the island.                                                                                 30/06/2011


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