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									Erwin Rommel
Early Life Of Erwin Rommel
   Rommel was born in Heidenheim,
    Germany just a few kilometers from Ulm.
   His father was a Protestant headmaster of
    a secondary school at Aalen and his
    mother was a daughter of a prominent
   Rommel had also two brothers named Karl
    and Gerhard, and a sister named Helene.
Early Life Continued
   At the age of fourteen, him and a friend built a full
    scale glider. Through his childhood he considered
    becoming a engineer and continued to show his
   But because of his father he joined the 124th
    Württemberg Infantry Regiment as an officer
    cadet in 1910. He was sent to Officer Cadet
    School in Danzig, and he graduated in 1911 and
    commissioned as a lieutenant by 1912.
   While in Cadet School he met his future wife and
    was married in 1916 and had a son in 1928.
Rommel In World War I
   Erwin Rommel fought in France, Romania, and
    Italy as apart of the Württemberg Mountain
    Battalion of the Alpenkorps. While he was serving
    Rommel gained a reputation of being a quick
    thinking tactician, taking advantage of the
    enemies confusion. While fighting he was
    wounded three times and awarded the Iron Cross,
    First and Second Class, and Prussia’s highest
    award the Pour le Merite.
Rommel In World War II
   Poland 1939 – Rommel Continued command of
    the Führerbegleitbataillon during the Polish
    Campaign often moving close to the frontlines and
    seeing much of Hitler. He actually returned to
    Berlin to conduct Hitler’s victory parade and was
    apart of Hitler’s entourage.
   Rommel also asked Hitler for the command of a
    panzer division and on Feb. 6th 1940, just three
    months before the invasion of France and the Low
    Countries, he was given command of the 7.
    Panzer Division.
Rommel In World War II Continued
   Rommel took part in the invasion of France
    and the other Low Countries. His Division
    was given the name Gespenster-Division or
    “Ghost Division” because he always had
    the element of surprise and the higher ups
    could never keep track of his divisions
Rommel In World War II (North
   For Rommel achievements he was promoted and given the 5th Light
    Division. It was in Africa where he was given the name “The Desert
   He lead a offensive strike against the British Commonwealth forces
    that had been fighting against the Italian forces and previous to
    Rommel’s arrival had captured 130,000 Italian soldiers and nearly
    400 tanks. With about 7,000 Italian soldiers left Rommel lead them
    against the British and actually pushed the British back to a port
    called Tobruk.
Rommel In World War II (North
Africa Continued)
   Axis and Allied forces throughout the North African Campaign
    sustained massive casualties and the lines moved back and
    forth. Final Rommel was defeated in Africa due to not enough
    German forces. He Returned to Germany and while he was
    there his staff car was strafed by a British Spitfire, he was
    hospitalized and had sustained major head injures. While he
    was in the hospital a plot against Hitler was put into motion
    but had failed to overthrow him. There was an investigation
    and Rommel’s name came up, but it was disproved and no
    evidence was found. Closer to the end of the war he was
    given the option of going against the People’s Court or to
    commit suicide and be remembered as a hero. Rommel
    chose to commit suicide and died secretly, but he did explain
    the situation to his wife and son.

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