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									                                                                                                   Summer, 2012

                             Digital Signage Policy & Protocol
1.   Primary System Requirements
          a. Messages for the department hosting the display (local messages).
          b. Messages for the college in general (global messages).
          c. Emergency messages (global messages).
2.   Secondary System Requirements
          a. Maps and directions to help locate buildings, departments, and people (wayfinding).
          b. Maps and directions to help locate a current event, such as for a conference (wayfinding).
3.   Site Selection and Approval
          a. Initial request for, and location of, a digital sign is made to Dir of Instructional Resources.
          b. Dir of Instructional Resources, Dir of Phys Plant and VP AF/IS will approve or deny the request
               based on available infrastructure to support the signage and inform relevant departments.
4.   Responsibility for Costs
          a. Costs are paid by the department which requests the system.
5.   Costs
          a. Initial equipment and installation.
                     i. $500 (estimate) 40” Flat panel display screen.
                    ii. $100 (estimate) display hanger bracket.
                   iii. $450 (estimate) mini-pc media player & IR emitter.
                   iv. $500 (flat fee) installation of ac power, network, catv, hanger & display.
          b. Ongoing operations.
                     i. RedPost charges less than $15 per month for each media player.
          c. Replacement, repair, upgrades.
                     i. Equipment replacement and offsite repair paid by the department which requested the
                    ii. AV, IT, and Physical Plant do not typically charge for the time spent troubleshooting and
                        repairing existing installations.
          d. Creating content
                     i. Departments are responsible to create and upload content for their signs.
6.   Installation Procedure
          a. AV coordinates installation and repair
                     i. IT orders equipment
                    ii. Physical Plant installs ac power.
                   iii. Telecom installs network and catv lines.
                   iv. AV mounts display bracket, programs & installs display screen & media player.
7.   Message Design & Content
          a. Local & Global.
                     i. Most messages will apply to the hosting department (local messages). The college
                        reserves the right to include messages which apply to the entire campus (global
                    ii. The local hosting department is responsible for composing and uploading messages into
                        the system. They are encouraged to keep the messages fresh and current with frequent
                   iii. The Communications and Marketing Department is responsible for composing and
                        entering messages which apply to the entire campus.
          b. Emergency messages.
                     i. Campus Safety is responsible for the contents of emergency messages.
                    ii. Campus Safety is authorized to override all messages with emergency messages on all
                        displays, as needed.
          c. Wayfinding.
                     i. Responsibilities and procedures are to-be-determined.
          d. Guidelines
                     i. Various college departments are available to provide advice and assistance on visual
                        design, messaging strategy, photography, and video production.

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                                                                                              Summer, 2012

    8.  Training.
            a. AV will train designated staff to create posters and to schedule playlists.
            b. Video Productions is available to create and consult on video production.
            c. Communications and Marketing is available to consult on messaging strategy.
    9. Support.
            a. AV will support the displays, media players, Linux device control system and RedPost/Wicker
                 software, including providing Linux device control scheduling.
            b. IT provides network support.
    10. Administration.
            a. AV will coordinate payment of Red Post invoices with each department. Payment is made for a
                 year in advance, renewing each November 30.

       Cabinet: 10/27/10

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                                                                           Summer, 2012

Calvin College Digital Signage TV Screen Info
Toshiba Regza flat screen TV
Dimensions (may vary a bit as models change):
40" TV (updated May, 2012)
Frame = 39.12" wide x 27.4" high x 3.5 deep.
Screen = 35" wide x 19.75" high.
Model 40E200U is LCD backlit, $500.
NEC P402 Monitor (no tuner) for touchscreens $900 in stock at CDW

46" TV (updated June, 2012)
Frame = 44.20" wide x 28.10" tall.
Screen = 40" wide x 22.5" high
Model 46L5200U is LED backlit, so 1.4” thick for $750.

55" TV (updated May, 2012)
Frame = 50.67" wide x 30.71" tall.
Screen = 48" wide x 27" high
The LED backlight version is 1.4" deep, and costs $1300.

Touchscreen Info (updated May, 2012)
42” Samsung LCD touchscreen is $4000.
42” no-name LCD touchscreen is $2200.
40” NEC M40B-AV with 3M DST is LCD touch screen $2300 + $50 for tv tuner

Touch overlays run between $1000 and $1300 for 40-42 inch screens
Touch overlay for P-series NEC tv:
$1,099 for Nextwindow Optical Touchscreen Overlay
 Model #2700-40303 for 40” tv. (June, 2012)

Wall-hanger brackets: (updated May, 2011)
Flat (no-tilt) $56
Tilt (up to 15 degrees) $70

FIT-PC3 from RedPost (with auto power-on) is $500. (June, 2012)
Solid State hard drive, 30GB is $50
Wicker software is $10
HDMI cable, 3’ is $12

The IR USB Transceiver is $40 from Iguanaworks,
The IR emitter is $10.

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