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									    Commercial Replacement Expert (CRE) Seminar
  Carrier’s Commercial Replacement Expert Seminar is designed as an entry-level course for territory managers
and residential / commercial dealers who want to be more proficient in the 2-25t commercial replacement business.

 This course is also targeted at dealers and contractors who are relatively new in the commercial replacement
business and are looking for some focused training to help them grow and develop that segment of their business.

Course Objectives
A brief overview of Carrier commercial products, software and sales tools to help you with:
 Commercial Load Estimating ( Block Load example)
 Commercial product overview ( Rooftops & controls )
 Rooftop Replacement Opportunities
 Equipment Selection ( hands on )
 Operating & Life-cycle Costs ( Commercial Inve$t)
 Leasing options ( Ervin Leasing)
 Creating a Polished Professional Quote
 Selling Strategies

Provide software training using the following software tools:
 Packaged Rooftop Builder E-CAT selection software ( latest version)
 Commercial INVE$T (payback calculator)

     (DISTRIBUTOR NAME) cordially invites you to attend our

    Commercial Replacement Expert (CRE) Training Seminar
    LOCATION:                                                    COST: ( $209 - Distr cost)
    DATE:                                                        TIME: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
    REGISTRATION @: ( hvacpartners registration web site &/or manual)
   Increase market penetration by leveraging your experience & resources to a new set of HVAC customers.
   Expand your business portfolio to offer more service and increased satisfaction to existing & new clients.
   Helps to streamline your cash flow by filling in the seasonal gaps in your residential business.
   Each participant that completes the class will receive the following:
        o Carrier’s Packaged RTU Builder (v1.2_) & Commercial INVE$T (ver.2.04_) software on a cd.
        o Training manual showing how to use Block Load, E-CAT RTU selection software & CML INVE$T.
        o A Commercial Replacement Guide to determine if a curb adapter is required & how to select.
        o A hard cover binder with copies of each slide presented to take notes on.

           REGISTER TODAY as attendance is limited to (25)!

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