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					                                         Evangelism for Pastors

DVD194 Just Walk Across the Room
Winner of Best Outreach Resource of the Year Award. Empower your members to be salt and light in
today's complex culture. Ignite this shared and powerful outreach vision in your small groups and Bible
studies with the four-week Just Walk DVD. Led by Bill Hybels, the DVD includes icebreakers, true stories,
and time-tested illustrations to jump-start spirited discussions. Four 15-minute video clips and a 32-page
Leader's Guide correspond to material covered in weekend services: The Single Greatest Gift, Living in
3D: Developing friendship - Discovering stories - Discerning next steps, The Power of Story, Grander-
Vision Living.

DVD306 Where Faith and Culture Meet
This six-session Bible study helps your group experience and envision how followers of Christ can be a
counterculture for the common good. Together you’ll experience stories of other believers who changed
the culture around them. You’ll watch how their journeys unfolded, their challenges, and their
breakthroughs. Also included on the DVD are insights from trusted pastors and Christian leaders such as
Tim Keller, Lauren Winner, James Meeks, Brenda Salter McNeil, and Ken Fong. Video Sessions consist
of: 1. Begin: God calls the church to be a counterculture for the common good 2. Dwell: When we live
closely with others, we find new opportunities to minister 3. Unite: We serve more effectively and joyfully
when we serve together 4. Reconcile: God wants to heal our racial and ethnic divisions, especially in and
through his church 5. Invest: Transforming entire communities begins when we give ourselves to people
one by one 6. Abide: Spiritual disciplines help us abide in Christ so we can serve him faithfully.

KIT69 Selling Swimsuits in the Arctic
Using the story of Bob, a successful swimsuit salesman whose business takes a turn for the worse when
he moves to Alaska, Adam Hamilton reminds us that all of life is about sales. Whether we are in a job
interview, a candidates’ debate, or a classroom, we are selling something: our skills, our convictions, our
selves. The same is true of presenting the gospel to the unchurched. In leading a friend to a saving
relationship with Christ, in inviting them to join us at church, we are presenting them with something that
we believe they need, that will make all the difference in their life. Yet if we don’t understand what we are
presenting, who we are presenting it to, if we don’t believe in the message we are offering, or if we don’t
believe that people need that message more than anything else, then we will not be faithful witnesses to
it. In short, says Hamilton, if we don’t understand some of the most basic principles that all successful
salespersons know, then we will not succeed in presenting the message of Christ to those who most
need to hear it. By telling the humorous and quirky story of Bob trying to sell swimsuits in the Arctic,
Hamilton explains the fundamental concepts of sales that also apply in how we spread the gospel
message. Drawing on his experience as the leader of one of the country’s fastest-growing churches, he
offers pastors and other Christian leaders solid, simple guidance on how to share the faith, and grow
one’s congregation. The kit includes the book with leader's guide, DVD with four 15-minute presentations,
and a CD-ROM with audio sessions and printable sheets for taking notes.

KIT103 TIME: Time Together in Ministry Everyday: Go Fish
T.I.M.E. is the first in the Go Fish! series of proven evangelism resources. Jesus told Peter and the
disciples to get out there and do some fishing. We can't expect that people will come to our churches
simply because we are there. We've go to go fishing for people! T.I.M.E. was created with that in
mind. Born out of a congregation in Indiana that decided they were going to be an outward focused
church, T.I.M.E. is all about getting church members to share God's love and compassion through
outreach evangelism. Inspire your congregation to take seriously Jesus' instructions to "Feed my Sheep".
In fact, inspire them further to Teach, Heal, Hug, and shelter people in the name of God. The kit includes:
Handbook, DVD, Workbook and Book of Devotions.

KIT108 CATCH Attracting and Connecting Visitors
Now that your congregation has had T.I.M.E. to go hone your fishing skills and have the attention of some
in your community, this second program of the Go Fish! series, CATCH, from Church of the Resurrection,
teaches churches how to connect with unchurched people or those who may have drifted away from a
church, and lead them to church membership. "An intentional effort to chart a course, research your
surroundings and conditions" are essential to attracting and connecting visitors to the ministry of the local
church. This kit includes a DVD with video on topics such as: making visitors feel welcome and inviting
others to grow in faith, as well as a printable communication tool; an example of the new members book,
the booklet: Catch Attracting and Connecting Visitors, and a workbook for your vision team.

VC340 Faith Sharing
After careful evaluation of the original Faith-Sharing: Dynamic Christian Witnessing by Invitation with
pastors and laypersons, Eddie Fox and George Morris have revised and expanded this textbook on the
why, what, who, and how of sharing the good news of Christ Jesus. Designed to help persons be
competent and confident in witnessing for Christ Jesus, Faith-Sharing has been published in English,
Portuguese, Estonian, and Russian and is a bestseller with over 150,000 copies sold. This book is
included with a VHS video to use as an enrichment for a group study. Also included is a leader's guide to
the video.

KIT8 Witness: Exploring and Sharing Your Christian Faith
The Foundation for Evangelism and the evangelism staff of the General Board of Discipleship were in
conversation, prayer, and development of this study for over two years. They hope you will share in their
excitement and commitment to exploring and sharing the Christian faith. This resource was written by Dr.
Ronald K. Crandall, McCreless Professor of Evangelism in the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission
and Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary. This 25-part series is divided into 5 themes: Exploring
God's Purpose, Up the Mountain with Jesus, Into Life in the Holy Spirit, The Church and Its Witness, and
My Life as Christ's Witness. The kit includes a VHS video, an example of a participant's journal and a
program book.

KIT22 Beyond 30 Seconds: Developing a Welcoming Congregation
This seven-session small-group video series is for all local congregations wanting to go beyond the 30-
second length of the national television commercials to explore what may block our ability to welcome
others. This group resource is designed for any congregation wanting to sharpen their welcoming skills.
Each session explores how individuals or a small group can assist a congregation to view welcoming, not
as a program but as a way of living within the body of Christ. The kit comes with (1) Leader Guide and (1)
Learner Guide as well as a study video. Additional Leader's and Learner's guides are available
separately. Video contents include some of the popular clips from our current training, with accompanying
study questions. All the video elements will provide important illustrations for the key points of the study
each week, so the video will be essential to the group activity. The guides help lead the study group
through discussions, Life Lessons and field assignments as they study welcoming as a lifestyle. They are
easy to read, thoughtfully laid-out and fun to use as well as a helpful ongoing reference. Sessions are:
What is Welcoming?, Classifieds: Trying to fill the Hole in the Soul, Good Works: Putting Faith Into Action,
Diversity: Understanding What Unites Us, Breaking News: Coping With the Unexpected, Rain: Seeing
God Every Day, Love Letters: Mending a Lost Relationship. For more information on the Igniting Ministry
program visit: http://www.ignitingministry.org/resources/beyond30.aspx
BK219 The Inviting Church: A Study of New Member Assimilation
Ever wonder why some people never return after their first visit? Why some join but you rarely see them?
Or why others become active participants in your church family’s life and worship? Discover how your
congregation can meet growth challenges. Based on Alban Institute research,The Inviting
Church includes a self-study design for assessing assimilation processes and analyzing visitors’
perceptions. Roy Oswald and Speed Leas explain what works and what does not help during the
assimilation process.

BK586 Unbinding the Gospel: Real Life Evangelism
Based on a major, four-year study of superb evangelism, funded by the Lilly Endowment,Unbinding the
Gospel sparkles with life, practicality and spiritual depth. Unbinding the Gospel: Real Life Evangelism is a
book for pastors who want to know the truth about the state of evangelism. It is a book for Christians who
want a hopeful, powerful, joy-filled way to learn to share their faith. (It's also a book for people who cringe
when they hear the "E" word!) This book for congregational use has been enthusiastically endorsed by 8
heads of denominations, Brian McLaren, Richard Peace, as well as by countless pastors and church

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