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       This document is formatted in the manner required of paper assignments in all MI core

courses. The paper should be double-spaced, printed on one side. Use a 12 point serif font

(Times New Roman or similar) with one inch margins all around and headers and footers as

shown (in Print Layout). Make sure your name is in the upper right corner! Staple the paper in

the upper left corner. The number of pages for the body should not exceed that specified by the

assignment. The References section begins on a new page and is in addition to this maximum

page count.

       The paper shall follow consistently a standard citation practice (e.g. Chicago, APA,

MLA). Please review the material you covered in Cite it Right, familiarize yourself with the

How Not to Plagiarize site and UofT’s policy, and consult the Office of English Language and

Writing Support as necessary.

       The paper will be evaluated according to the discussion’s and analysis’ clarity,

organization, depth, clarity of evaluative and analytic comments, and the demonstrated

understanding of the issues involved and the extent to which class readings and other literature

are incorporated in the discussion and analysis. Please look here for a few other tips.

       You must generally turn in a paper copy at the beginning of the lecture session the day it

is due. (If you are unable to hand in a paper copy, discuss this with your tutorial instructor


       Did you look at the header and footer for required metadata? (Name, page #s, etc.)

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