The District will most likely be sending out several layoff notices this year by 86nImH


									           Campolindo Parents Club Board Meeting Minutes
                                     February 10, 2009

Present: Ann Oeth, Grace Panetta, Sharon Richard, Tanya Forbes, Lori Edelstone, Val
Pettegrew, Craig Isaacs, Carmelita Perez, Susan Nork, Laura Woodman and Carol
   President’s Report: Grace Panetta and Ann Oeth called the meeting of the
    Campolindo Parents Club (“CPC”) to order. Ann Oeth reported on the Acalanes
    School District Board Meeting that took place on Monday, February 9. Ann stated
    that about 30 people spoke, primarily about the leadership class and the librarians.
    No one commented on the parcel tax. Carol Kitchens mentioned that we need
    Campolindo representatives to the Measure E Oversight Committee. It meets twice a
    year and is a two-year commitment.

   Secretary’s Report: Laura Woodman, Recording Secretary, distributed copies of the
    minutes from the January 13, 2009 Parents Club Board meeting. Ann Oeth
    distributed copies of the minutes from the January 16 General Membership Meeting.
    Susan Nork suggested one change to the Board meeting minutes.

       o A motion was made to approve the minutes from the January 13, 2009
         Parents Club Board Meeting, as amended. The motion passed

       o A motion was made to approve the minutes from the January 16, 2009
         Parents Club General Meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

   Principal’s Report: Carol Kitchens presented the Principal’s Report. Ms. Kitchens
    reported that the teachers are concerned that the District has decided to implement a
    “skip” for layoffs. Under normal layoffs, seniority protects teachers. But with a
    “skip,” a more junior teacher can be “skipped” for layoff if he or she has other
    qualifications. The District will most likely be sending out several layoff notices this
    year. Ms. Kitchens also explained the process for selecting classes that are offered
    each year. Classes are offered based on what students identify as their choices on
    their preference sheets. Therefore, students need to be careful that they select classes
    to which they can definitely commit. Finally, Ms. Kitchens reported that the Sadie
    Hawkins Dance was a success.

   Treasurer’s Report: Lori Edelstone, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer’s Report.

       o Profit and Loss Statement: Lori reported that the bulk of CPC expenses on
         the Profit and Loss Statement are for the Acalanes District. EScrip revenue
         also went down because it has now been segregated into accounts for each of
           the classes. Lori mentioned that a letter has been sent to request the use of
           ASB funds to make a deposit for the Senior Ball. If we can use ASB money
           in lieu of eScrip money, CPC could retain more eScrip money. This change
           could free up as much as $40,000 over the new few years.

       o Matching Contributions: Lori also mentioned that CPC has received more
         matching fund contributions this year. Lori suggested that we publicize a list
         of companies that provide matching contributions.

       o Statement of Financial Position: Lori also presented the audit prepared by
         Doug Regalia and Associates for the years ending June 30, 2008.

                  A motion was made to accept the Review prepared by Doug
                   Regalia and Associates for the year ending June 30, 2008 . The
                   motion passed unanimously.

       o Tax Return: Lori reported that she has filed the CPC tax return.

   eScrip: Carmelita Perez gave a presentation on eScrip. Carmelita reported that the
    eScrip committee recently examined the amounts CPC received from eScrip for 2006,
    2007 and 2008. CPC received $55,000 in 2006, $57,000 in 2007 and $54,000 in
    2008. There are 1282 families that participate in eScrip. Safeway is by far the
    biggest source of eScrip income for CPC: $46,000 in 2006, $48,000 in 2007 and
    $46,000 in 2008. Other sources are Diablo Foods ($2,400 in 2008), Macy’s ($1,100
    in 2008) and Lunardi’s ($500 in 2008). There are 1200 families at Campolindo. The
    eScrip committee automatically renews eScrip for people who do not renew
    themselves. The 1282 eScrip families include some families who no longer have any
    kids at Campolindo. Carmelita has contacted the eScrip representatives at other
    schools to inquire what they have been doing to increase eScrip participation.
    Carmelita also mentioned that she attended Back to School Registration and was able
    to register a lot of people then. However, the eScrip committee needs more people to
    help with eScrip on Cougar Day so they can register more people. Carmelita will
    contact the Registrar to obtain a list of Campolindo parents so she can go over the list
    and contact families that have not signed up for eScrip.

   Class Advisors: Susan Nork reported that the Parent Advisors met and proposed a
    job description and an application form for Parent Advisor applicants. These forms
    will be included in the folder that will be given to 8th grade parents. The Parent
    Advisors propose that the CPC President(s) and Ms. Kitchens will review the
    applications and consult with the PTA President at Joaquin Moraga or Stanley, as
    applicable, to obtain information about each applicant.

   Budget/Parcel Tax: Ann Oeth reported that she attended a forum on Monday,
    February 9 for parents to comment on what they would like to save in the budget
    process. Ann mentioned that no one spoke about what we need to do in order to save
    things. The current parcel tax is $189, and it expires in 2011. Ann raised the

    question whether the CPC Board would like to encourage the District to put a parcel
    tax on the ballot in June.

       o A motion was made that the Executive Board of the CPC encourages the
         Acalanes School District to put a parcel tax initiative on the ballot in
         June. The motion passed unanimously.

    Ann will attend the Board meeting on Wednesday and present our motion. Carol also
    recommended that Ann email the Acalanes School District Superintendent and inform
    him that the CPC Board has passed this motion.

   Marketing Update: Sharon Richard gave an update on CPC’s marketing efforts.
    Sharon passed around the flyer that will be included in the packets for incoming 8th
    graders. For next steps, the CPC will include facts about what we do in the Daily
    Bulletin. Lori Edelstone will provide her list of items that CPC supports to Sharon.
    Sharon will ask Diane Haley, who prepares and sends out the Daily Bulletin, to
    change the promoted item each week. CPC will also include similar information in
    Cougar Tracks. Sharon will also work with Craig Isaacs to put the flyer on the
    website. Going forward, CPC will use the new logo, with our new tagline “Fund the
    Gap,” on all CPC materials.

   On-Line Registration: Sharon updated the Board on the status of on-line
    registration. The subcommittee, consisting of Sharon, Val Pettegrew, Craig Isaacs
    and Lori Edelstone, met and discussed various ways to increase the effectiveness of
    on-line registration. One idea is to recognize those families who donated $1,000 or
    more for the school year. Potential methods include acknowledgement on the CPC
    web site, or a donor plaque. The Board then discussed the different giving levels for
    next school year. CPC decided that the donation for 1 student would be $300, which
    includes a $50 Parents Club membership. The 2-student donation would be $550
    (less $50 for membership), and $1,000 for “Super” Donors. Any donation over $50
    would include membership in the Parent Club and a directory.

       o A motion was made to have Lori Edelstone, Treasurer, contact families
         who gave $1,000 or more for school year 2008-2009 for permission to be
         named and recognized. The motion passed unanimously.

       o A motion was made to have 4 donations levels for on-line registration:
         $300 for 1 student; $550 for 2 students; $1,000 for “Super” Donors; and
         any amount. The motion passed unanimously.

   Nominating Committee Update: Ann Oeth reported that Linda O’Brien is
    interested in the position of Vice President. Sharon Richard and Laura Woodman
    will follow up with Linda.

   Next Meetings:

      Friday, February 20         Coffee with Carol
      Tuesday, March 10           Board Meeting

Respectfully submitted by Laura Woodman, Recording Secretary


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