Welcome to the 16th Annual Connecticut Commercial Real Estate by 86nImH


									     Welcome to the
      18th Annual
Connecticut Commercial
Real Estate Conference
  Center for Real Estate
 University of Connecticut
 Thanks to the following sponsors:
Associate Sponsors                 Affiliate Sponsors

Connecticut Association of         Connecticut Economic
REALTORS, Inc.                     Resource Center, Inc.

CB Richard Ellis                   NewAlliance Bank

Connecticut Chapter of the         Pullman & Comley, LLC
Appraisal Institute/ Connecticut
Appraisal Education Foundation     Sentry Commercial Real
                                   Estate Services, Inc
         Upcoming Events
1. Real Estate Market Trends Presentation,
   January or February 2009
3. Alumni/Friends Networking Basketball
   Event, January or February 2009
4. Connecticut Housing Conference, May
   12, 2009
5. 6th Annual Real Estate Center Awards
   Banquet, April 15, 2009

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