CG 213: Improving Parent-Child Relationships by 6H8YHUaK


									                    CG 213: Improving Parent-Child Relationships
                                        Exam #1
     Reflect on the episodes and the Viewer’s Guide and chose the one best answer.
              Episode #1: Kathy with Samantha, 18 months and Joseph, 4
                           Building an Effective Relationship

1.   Kathy is establishing credibility with her children in all of the following ways except:
        a. being consistent
        b. meeting their immediate needs
        c. taking action
        d. allowing children to experience consequences

2.   Giving appropriate attention probably:
         a. increases negative bids for attention
         b. is unrelated to negative bids for attention
         c. reduces unreasonable bids for attention
         d. should be a reward for good behavior

3.   When Kathy told Joseph the bugs would get in, Joseph closed the door because:
       a. Kathy allowed him to decide what needed to be done
       b. he knew there would be a punishment if he didn’t do it
       c. he wanted a reward for good behavior
       d. he was cold

4.   Joseph put the book in the refrigerator because:
         a. he wanted Kathy to pay attention to him instead of the phone call
         b. it was a safe place to hide it from his sister
         c. he had been told to pick up his books
         d. he thought he could keep the snowman in the story from melting

5.   Kathy walked away several times when Joseph cried because:
        a. she didn’t understand his developmental needs
        b. she was too upset to interact with him
        c. the phone caller was having an emergency
        d. she was removing the audience from the drama

6.   Samantha kept taking her cup into the living room because:
        a. she was unable to understand the limits that Kathy set
        b. she was testing the limits Kathy set
        c. she was really thirsty
        d. she wanted to share the water with her brother

7.   When Joseph doesn’t come in for dinner, Kathy needs to:
       a. provide a reasonable snack because Joseph doesn’t understand the rule
       b. allow him to experience the consequences of his decision
       c. remind him until he finally comes
       d. take away his allowance

8.     Joseph broke his sunglasses:
           a. because he didn’t know any better
           b. as revenge from the dinner situation
           c. because his sister was going to get them
           d. because he wanted a new pair

9.     When children escalate their misbehavior, it is helpful for parents to:
         a. control the behavior through punishment
         b. count to 3 to give children time to stop the misbehavior
         c. take firm and immediate action
         d. become involved before power turns to revenge

10.    Joseph banged on the window because:
           a. he didn’t understand it might break
           b. Kathy was unfair in dealing with the dinner situation
           c. he was attempting to show he could do what he wants\
           d. he is expressing a need to go outside

Episode #2: Rick and Linda & Tiwana, 6
Being Firm Without Being Authoritarian

11.    Tiwana has been able to involve Rick and Linda in reminding her because Tiwana:
          a. doesn’t know what she is supposed to do
          b. can’t remember what to do
          c. easily engages them in power struggles
          d. may not understand why she should do something

12.    When Tiwana was squirting Rick's food with the glass cleaner, he could have been most
       effective by:
           a. telling her not to do it
           b. giving a reason why not to do it
           c. removing the bottle without comment
           d. restating the rule

13.    In the past, Tiwana has involved Linda in scolding, reminding, or arguing. Tiwana’s
       tactics with Rick:
            a. are essentially the same
            b. are practically non-existent because she doesn’t involve him in power struggles
            c. involve getting sympathy
            d. are intended to get Linda to correct Rick

14.    One parent should intervene when the other parent is in a power struggle with a child:
           a. when the other parent is obviously frustrated
           b. when it’s clear the other parent isn’t effective
           c. never
           d. when invited

15.    After bedtime, Tiwana probably said she had no socks because she:
            a. really didn’t have any
            b. was attempting to distract Linda from the room issue
            c. was trying to be helpful by planning ahead
            d. felt guilty about cleaning her room

16.    Regarding room cleaning, Linda wants Rick to support her by:
           a. intervening if Tiwana won’t do what is asked
           b. validating Tiwana’s concerns about her mother’s bossiness
           c. telling Tiwana that Linda’s requests are reasonable.
           d. checking to see whether Tiwana has done what Linda asks

17.    When you tell children more than once to stop doing something, you:
          a. are giving helpful reminders
          b. help the child remember what is important, especially children under age 5
          c. teach the child that when you say something, it can be ignored
          d. must choose a time to repeat yourself when you’re sure the child is listening.

18.    Taking action rather than talking in times of conflict:
           a. is unfair to the child
           b. builds credibility
           c. can lead to emotional disturbance on the part of the child
           d. is confusing to a child because she or he may not know what is going on

Episode #3: Mark and Tara with Anthony, 3
Developing a Mutually Respectful Relationship

19.    Tara uses a number of successful parenting skills except:
           a. inviting participation
           b. setting limits
           c. using time out
           d. acknowledging contributions

20.    Warnings are needed only when:
          a. children don’t know what to do
          b. parent feel anxious
          c. children break a well-established rule
          d. children aren’t listening

21.    Tara told Anthony the reason she took the potato peeler away was:
            a. it made her anxious
            b. he is too young to peel potatoes
            c. he had cut himself using it before
            d. it wasn’t time to peel potatoes

22.    Tara was “flingin’ skins” with Anthony because:
           a. he was repeatedly in Tara’s way
           b. it was a way to keep him away from boiling water on the stove
           c. it was an opportunity for unplanned fun
           d. she wanted him to understand that hard work is sometimes messy

23.    In discussing spitting on other children with Anthony, Tara’s emphasis was on:
            a. laying down the law about spitting
            b. checking out his understanding about spitting
            c. making sure he knew about germs and infections
            d. apologizing to the children who he spit on

24.    When Anthony eats without using silverware, Tara plans to:
          a. remind him of the rules
          b. withhold dessert
          c. remove his plate
          d. let him eat with his fingers

25.    To improve truth telling, Mark and Tara need to:
           a. act on what the child says as if it were true
           b. correct Anthony when he tells a mistruth
           c. use time out as a consequence
           d. conceal their own mistruths from Anthony

26.    Regarding Anthony’s getting out of bed at night, Mark and Tara need to:
           a. let him fall asleep on the couch and then transfer him to bed
           b. understand that he is too young to sleep through the night
           c. escort him back to bed without comment
           d. have more involvement with Anthony before bedtime

Episode #4: Wanita and Miguel with Devante, 10
Dealing With Bids for Attention and Power

27.    Wanita and Miguel need to give Devante attention:
          a. whenever he wants it
          b. when his needs are not being met
          c. when he is not demanding it
          d. when his unreasonable behavior needs correction

28.    Miguel needs to invite Devante to help him cook because:
           a. Miguel really needs the help
           b. boys need to learn to cook
           c. Wanita can’t cook dinner because of her work schedule
           d. it gives Devante a chance to gain attention in a positive way

29.    When Devante is playing video games instead of setting the table, Wanita would be most
       effective if she was to:
            a. tell him what to do
            b. give him a reasonable explanation about why to do something
            c. try to get action with a question
            d. take action

30.    Devante told Wanita that Miguel would not give him popcorn because:
           a. Miguel didn’t offer to share the popcorn
           b. Devante doesn’t like Miguel
           c. Devante wants to involve Wanita
           d. Miguel makes fun of Devante at other times

31.    If Devante spills water on the way to the table:
            a. Miguel should clean it up because Devante I only trying to help
            b. Miguel should clean it up because it was really an accident
            c. Devante should clean it up because he spilled it
            d. Wanita should clean it up since she didn’t cook

32.    Devante didn’t eat dinner with the family several nights because:
           a. it was the consequence for being late
           b. he was on a diet
           c. it was a punishment for being late
           d. he wasn’t hungry

33.    Miguel’s approach when Devante refused to vacuum would be effective because:
           a. he acted on Devante’s choice
           b. it was the expected action
           c. vacuuming is too difficult for a child of Devante’s age
           d. Miguel is showing Devante he really cares for him

Episode #5: Stephanie with Adrianne, 2 and Catalina, 4
Reducing Power Struggles

34.    Catalina refused to pick up her blocks because:
           a. she is testing limits about rules
           b. she doesn’t know how
           c. it’s unfair that her sister doesn’t help
           d. she’s too young to observe such a rule

35.    All of the following are true about rules except:
            a. establish clear and consistent rules
            b. take moods into account when establishing rules
            c. involve children in making rules
            d. have simple and direct consequences when rules are not followed

36.    When Adrianne and Catalina fight over a toy, their parents need to:
          a. determine who instigates the struggle and remove her
          b. remove toys fought over without talking
          c. warn them that the toys will be removed
          d. explain why the behavior is unacceptable

37.    Catalina didn’t eat her broccoli because:
           a. she doesn’t like broccoli
           b. she was showing off in front of her sister
           c. she was showing her parents she doesn’t have to do what they say
           d. she was angry with her father for giving her too much broccoli

38.    Catalina’s parents could have best sidestepped the broccoli issue by:
           a. not serving broccoli to Catalina if she doesn’t want it
           b. eating the broccoli themselves and commenting on how good it is
           c. pointing out that Adrianne is eating her broccoli
           d. introducing food like broccoli when Catalina is older

39.    What did Catalina do with the broccoli?
          a. saved it for later
          b. fed it to her sister
          c. hid it under the table
          d. put it in the garbage

40.    When in a power struggle with children, parents need to:
          a. accept the power struggle is only over a specific object
          b. understand the object is secondary to who is going to win
          c. prove that the child cannot win and should give up the fight
          d. recall that children rarely redouble efforts when parents are firm

Episode #6: Stephanie with Adrianne, 2 and Catalina, 4
Learning When to Intervene in Competition Between Siblings

41.    When Catalina hits, Stephanie needs to:
          a. ask her not to do it
          b. explain why it hurts
          c. hit her back
          d. remove her from the situation

42.    Stephanie needs to resist the temptation to feel sorry for Catalina because:
           a. reasonable discipline doesn’t require the child’s approval
           b. the punishment fit the crime
           c. Catalina didn’t really feel bad
           d. discipline is necessary to establish power over children

43.    Taking time to help children learn skills:
           a. has little relationship to other power struggles
           b. strengthens the relationship
           c. should be a reward for good behavior
           d. guarantees good behavior

44.    When Adrianne sits on the table, Stephanie needs to:
          a. ignore the behavior because Adrianne is too young to understand the rule
          b. remind her of the rule and remove her from the table
          c. remove her from the table without talking
          d. point out that big girls like Catalina do not sit on the table

45.    When Adrianne and Catalina are fighting over puzzles, Stephanie needs to:
          a. redirect them to more appropriate play
          b. ignore the struggle no matter what happens
          c. sort out the puzzle pieces because they are all mixed up
          d. remove the puzzles when conflict begins

46.   Intervening early is important because:
           a. children cannot control themselves emotionally
           b. unfair outcomes should be avoided
           c. children should not have to work through conflict
           d. parents are more likely to be upset as struggles escalate


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