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					                                          PLUG AND PLAY TECH CENTER

    General overview of Plug and Play

With 3 campuses located in Silicon Valley – Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Redwood City -, The Plug and Play Tech Center
currently helps over 212 high tech start-ups with:

- Funding, by co-investing with more than 100 angels and 25 Top Tier VC firms in the Valley (monthly deal review
sessions with Sequoia, Northwest Ventures, DFJ, Foundation Capital,etc)
- Networking and funding events: 10 events/month with extraordinary speakers and resources (VC, CEOs)
- Corporate partners: Business development opportunities with top 30 corporations in Silicon Valley (Microsoft, E-Bay,
Oracle, Symantec, etc)
- Flexible, full service and short term lease office space
- IT services, Data Center, talent acquisition and events division
- A full range of other service providers: lawyers, accountants, HR. etc

Over the last 3 years, Plug and Play Tech Center start-up companies have raised $700 Million in venture funding, with
success stories such as Google, Paypal or Logitech.

   International services at Plug and Play

Plug and Play Tech Center has recreated a mini-ecosystem of Silicon Valley, hosting a critical number of companies and
having built the right network of investors and partners.
The center currently works with 26 international start-up (from the UK, Switzerland, Spain, France, Australia, etc), with
success stories such as
     -    Novauris, UK
     -    Monitoring Division, Australia
     -    Secuware, Spain
     -    Ect

And with about 20 international entities (Governments, incubators, technology centers and technology centers from
Spain, France, Malaysia, etc)
    -     Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
    -     Kind Saud University
    -     National University of Singapore
    -     Euratechnology incubator, France
    -     Delft University, the Netherlands

These international partners have found in Plug and Play a valuable eco-system and perfect environment for the global
acceleration of their start-ups.

Plug and Play’s goal is to work closely with about 1,000 start-ups by 2010 of which up to 40% will be international.

As such, we are developing strong partnerships with top incubators, technology centers and government agencies around
the world and have developed the PACT program to accelerate the success of international start-ups that want to come to
Silicon Valley, with the following programs:

     -     University Track, to help foster the entrepreneurship spirit in the top Universities in the world
     -     Tech Track, to enable top international start-ups to Silicon Valley and learn
     -     Two international start-ups tracks: an introductory track over one month to help start-ups do the right market
           study; Global Acceleration Track for 3 months to accelerate the success of start-ups that want to come to
           Silicon Valley

For more information, please visit our website

Saeed Amidi,                                                             Maud Pasturaud
CEO and President                                                        Business Relationship Manager
Plug and Play Tech Center                                                Plug and Play Tech Center

         440 N. Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale, CA 94085 • Phone: 408-524-1400 • Fax: 408-733-8462

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