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					                              Executive Summary
        My Fire Plan, Inc. is a non-profit, 501 c (3), private operating foundation in its
first year of operation. Our Form 1023 was submitted to IRS in August for review.

        The horrific national impact of residential fires is reflected in historical data.
In 2007, there were 14,000 injuries, 2,895 deaths, and a property loss of $7.5
billion. One person dies from a fire every 134 minutes. 83% of fire deaths occur in

        The strategic focus of My Fire Plan, Inc. is to reduce these numbers by the
enablement of the development of residential fire pre-plans. My Fire Plan, Inc. will
provide the leadership of this initiate and will collaborate with community fire
departments and other community organizations. The development of a fire pre-plan
builds an understanding of fire safety fundamentals, of fire prevention principles, and
creates a vital planning tool for an individual home.

        In Bexar County, My Fire Plan, Inc. has entered into collaborative agreements
with San Antonio Fire Department and San Antonio Chapter of American Red Cross.
Additional collaborative agreements will be developed with other local fire
departments and community organizations. It is our objective to build on existing
infrastructures and community resources which creates great efficiencies.

       My Fire Plan, Inc. has an exclusive license to use fire pre-plan software for
residences. The stellar software is robust, web based, and interactive. It enables a
person to download a foot print of their home and to develop a fire pre-plan. The
software is unique and similar to software used for fire pre-plans used for
commercial buildings.

       To promote the development of fire pre-plans, My Fire Plan, Inc. will conduct
workshops for school children, neighborhood associations, and community groups in
collaboration with the San Antonio Fire Department and American Red Cross. These
workshops are expected to enable the completion of 10,000 residential fire pre-plans
during the first year impacting over 20,000 residents.

       Funding and corporate volunteers are being sought from local and national
corporations and foundations. Grants will be sought from federal and state agencies.

       My Fire Plan, Inc.’s leadership team consists of five highly qualified and
experienced executives. Three additional persons will be employed in 2010.

       The initial deployment and implementation of My Fire Plan, Inc. software and
processes will occur in San Antonio. National expansion will begin in 2010 and is
expected to be robust.

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