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									                               Poetry Unit – Lyric Poetry
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                                             Lyric Poetry


       Lyric poetry is a little different than regular poetry. Rather than telling a story, the poet
attempts to talk directly to the reader; it can be very personal. Sometimes there are specific
characters or actions, but mostly ideas, feelings, perceptions, etc. Very often the poems are
written in a very rhythmic, “singable” way.
       Themes of lyric poetry often include love, nature, and state of mind. Common
constructions of lyric poetry include rhyme and alliteration.

       Rhyme: repetition of identical or similar sounds at the end of two or more different
                   tree, knee ; stop, top ; blow; river, shiver

       Alliteration: the repetition of words with the same first letter:
                        The tree bowed beautifully to the bright, blissful bay.

                               Some famous lyric poets include:
                             Geoffrey Chaucer      Emily Dickinson
                               Dante Alighieri         E.A. Poe
                              William Shakespeare    WilliamBlake

              1. Create 5 pairs of rhyming words

              2. Create 2 sentences using alliteration.

Your assignment is to create a lyric poem with a minimum of 8-10 lines.

             1. Must include an example of alliteration
             2. Must include multiple examples of rhyme

            Remember to base your poem around personal ideas, feelings, perceptions, love,
                                  nature, state of mind, etc.

        The Tiger Asks Blake For A Bedtime Story

                                   By William Blake

     William, William, writing late           miss the three lumps of sugar by your

     by the chill and sooty grate,                             tea.

       what immortal story can

     make your tiger roar again?                  Soon I saw my health decline

                                                 and I knew the fault was mine.

    When I sent to fetch your meat                 Only William Blake can tell

        I confess that I did eat                    tales to make a tiger well.

   half the roast and all the bread.

      He will never know, I said.                  Now I lay me down to sleep

When I was sent to fetch your drink, I        with bear and rabbit, bird and sheep.

confess that I did thin you would never          If I should dream before I wake,

                                                 may I dream of William Blake.

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