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									92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 3500, Stoneham, MA 02180 ~ p. 781-279-1361 ~ f. 781-279-0292

                              SEEM Collaborative Board of Director’s Meeting
                                       SEEM Administrative Office
                                              April 4, 2012
                                          9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Dr. John Doherty – Reading
Dr. Les Olson – Stoneham
Ms. Joanne Benton – Wilmington
Mr. Mark Donovan – Woburn
Dr. Thomas Jefferson – Lynnfield
Mr. William McAlduff – Winchester
Mr. Richard Langlois - Saugus
Mr. Joseph Casey – Melrose

Also Present
Ms. Alison Elmer, Director of Student Services, Reading

Collaborative Staff
Cathy Lawson, Executive Director
Clinton Rowe, Finance Director

Absent Superintendents
Ms. Joan Landers - Wakefield
92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 3500, Stoneham, MA 02180 ~ p. 781-279-1361 ~ f. 781-279-0292

1. Meeting called to order by Chair of the Board, Dr. John Doherty at 9:00 AM.

(Materials in addition to Board packet included SEEM Collaborative Articles of Agreement and Surplus
Funds Policy Hypothetical Scenario)

2. Public Comment – There were no public comments.

3. Agenda – Motion to accept as enclosed – approved by all

4. Approval of the minutes – Dr. John Doherty, seconded by Mr. Mark Donovan– approved by all

5. Administrative and Committee Reports

   a.  Planning and Assessment Committee – Alison Elmer gave an update of the last meeting of
      3/22/12 and reviewed the minutes. The last meeting included preschool directors from all
      member districts; discussion items included – program overviews, program determination,
      evaluation instruments and transportation. The results of this meeting are to establish a formal
      ongoing job alike for preschool directors.
   b. Facilities Subcommittee – Ms. Cathy Lawson – The minutes of the 3/23/12 meeting were
      reviewed. Survey responses were reviewed. The focus continues to be on our mission and vision.
      As the next steps, a district enrollment survey will be conducted to track how long students are
      staying out of district and specific space needs will be collected from each program. Ms. Lawson
      will work with the administrators to develop a facility consolidation model. Mr. Rowe will meet
      with banks regarding pre-approval to determine if we are eligible.
           Executive Director’s Report
                     Ms. Lawson reviewed the memo from the DESE regarding Chapter 43 changes.
                       Some of the key provisions were discussed. Superintendents will need to be
                       reappointed annually by their school committee. They will also need to report
                       on the collaborative quarterly to their school committee. Ms. Lawson will
                       provide a report to the superintendents for this purpose. All collaborative
                       Articles of Agreement will need to be rewritten by 2013 to conform to the new
                       law. Ms. Lawson will keep the board informed of any developments regarding
                       the legislative changes.
                     Ms. Lawson reviewed programs and consultative services. SEEM programs are
                       strong and all students are being accommodated, however, the schools are near
                       capacity. In order to avoid a waiting list, the programs are working internally to
                       solve some space issues.
                     A private program for Autism from the state of Nebraska has consulted SEEM as
                       they are developing a BCBA program. The Nebraska team spent a day with our
                       BCBA staff and have expressed interest in flying SEEM staff out to Nebraska to
92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 3500, Stoneham, MA 02180 ~ p. 781-279-1361 ~ f. 781-279-0292

                         provide consultation. Ms. Lawson will get more information and will keep the
                         board informed of any developments.
                        New personnel have been hired to replace terminations. New positions added
                         were for a required 1:1 instructional aid and an ABA home therapist.
                         Ms. Lawson has a meeting with Fitchburg State University to discuss partnering
                         with them to offer credits for our professional development programs. This will
                         enable SEEM to offer more affordable courses.
                        Ms. Lawson gave an update on the Curriculum Directors meeting. The goal is to
                         create a math institute for common core. DSAC’s regional math specialist has
                         agreed to come in for a four day institute for preK-8. The Math Institute will be
                         held in June and will be open to all member districts.

   c. Financial Report – Mr. Clinton Rowe
      The FY2012 Enrollment Report as of 3/20/12 and the Revenue and Expense Budget Projections as
      of 3/20/12 were presented and reviewed. Enrollment is expected to be approximately 10-12
      over projection for the year. We are projecting retained earnings for the year to be
      approximately $300,000.

6. Old Business
       The Central Office Salaries and Principal Salaries were reviewed and discussed. The Board
          requested that Ms. Lawson collect information on principal salaries from other
          collaboratives. She will report on this at the next meeting.
       Ms. Lawson presented the request for Membership from Revere Public Schools. The board
          discussed their request. The financial impact is projected to be $281,674. The Board
          discussed continuing the moratorium on new membership until all changes relative to the
          new legislation take place and the collaborative agreement is rewritten. Motion to table the
          request for membership from Revere Public School until changes relative to new legislation
          have been made, by Mr. William McAlduff, seconded by Dr. Thomas Jefferson, all in favor.

7. New Business
      A draft of the SEEM Collaborative Surplus Funds Policy was presented by Ms. Cathy Lawson
         for a first reading. Mr. Clinton Rowe presented a Surplus Funds Policy Hypothetical Scenario
         and reviewed the bank account cash flow history from July 2008 to November 2011. After
         discussion it was decided table the surplus funds policy until we receive more guidance from
         DESE about requirements under the new legislation and that Ms. Lawson will gather
         information on unfunded liabilities and present it at the next meeting. Motion to table first
         reading of the Surplus Funds Policy by Dr. John Doherty, seconded Mr. Joseph Casey, all in
      A draft of the updated SEEM Collaborative Policy on Imputed Income for Domestic Partners
         was presented by Ms. Cathy Lawson for a first reading. After discussion it was decided to
         obtain more information. The Board members will check with their respective districts to
92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 3500, Stoneham, MA 02180 ~ p. 781-279-1361 ~ f. 781-279-0292

           determine if this benefit is offered by the districts. Ms. Lawson will have legal counsel review
           the legal issues involving termination of the Domestic Partners benefit.
          Two technology evaluation proposals were reviewed from Sun Associates and CELT. The
           proposal from Sun Associates was less at $15,000 and includes instructional technology audit
           and strategic planning. CELT offered two proposals for $19,500 for technology capacity
           review and $24,500 for technology capacity review and implementation. Motion to accept
           the proposal from Sun Associates and fund the project from the operating reserve account
           by Ms. Joanne Benton, seconded by Mr. William McAlduff, all in favor.
          Description of in-house facilities cleaning model with two options were reviewed by Ms.
           Cathy Lawson and Mr. Clinton Rowe. After discussion of the two options the Board
           requested more information with regard to benefits and the budget impact for providing
           vacation coverage. Motion to table the decision on in-house cleaning models until the next
           meeting of the Board of Directors, by Dr. John Doherty, seconded by Dr. Thomas Jefferson,
           all in favor.
          The proposed salary scale for certified nurses was presented by Ms. Cathy Lawson. Chapter
           43 of the acts of 2012 requires that all collaboratives appoint one or more registered nurses
           who are subject to certification as a school nurse. The salary scale was created based on the
           board approved teachers scales. Motion to accept the proposed certified nurse salary scale
           by Mr. Joseph Casey, seconded by Mr. William McAlduff, voting in favor Dr. John Doherty,
           Dr. Les Olson, Dr. Thomas Jefferson, Mr. Mark Donovan, opposed Mr. Richard Langlois,
           abstained Ms. Joanne Benton.

8. Future Meeting Dates and Agenda Items – 5/30/2012

      Ms. Cathy Lawson will report principal salaries from other collaboratives.
      Ms. Cathy Lawson will present the legal opinion regarding the Domestic Partner Benefit.
      Ms. Cathy Lawson will present information and a recommendation on unfunded liabilities.
      Ms. Cathy Lawson and Mr. Clinton Rowe will present the facilities maintenance models with the
       benefit information and budget impact included.

Motion to adjourn general session was made by Dr. John Doherty at 11:00 am, seconded by Dr. Les
Olson – approved by all.

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