This form is to be used for all apprenticeship vacancies to be by jjs207uy


									Greater Manchester Commitment Vacancy Form

This form is to be used for all Apprenticeship/Work Trial & Apprenticeship opportunities being
advertised under the GM Commitment Programme.

        Employer Details

        Employer Name                    Winsor Lettings

        Employer Address                 Winsor Lettings Ltd
                                         7 Bradstone Road
                                         Cheetham Hill
                                         M8 8WA
        Employer Contact Name            Guy Barlow

        Contact Number                   0161 772 3333

        Contact Email          

        Number of Employees (Please tick)                9 or less      10 to 49        50 to 249       250 or


        Nature of Business (Please tick)

         Automotive (including              Environmental technology               Manufacturing
         Aviation                           Financial & professional               Public sector
         Construction                       Hospitality & tourism                  Retail
         Creative / digital / new           ICT Digital                            Sport
         media                              &communications
         Education                          Life sciences including                Other Please state     x
         Energy                             Logistics                              below
        Declaration to be signed by the Employer
        I authorise the training provider to share this information with partners and funders for monitoring
        I have read the information above and understand how that information will be used.


        Print Name:Guy Barlow                                          Date:06/08/2012
Apprenticeship Vacancy Details

Training Provider           The Manchester College

Training Provider Contact   Christopher Eidukas

Training Provider Contact   0161 920 4033
Telephone Number
Training Provider Contact
Vacancy Title               Business Administration Apprentice

Vacancy Location            Cheetham Hill, Manchester

Vacancy Description         Formed over 10 years ago Winsor has built up an excellent
                            reputation as a management company throughout the property
                            market. The infrastructure built over a period of time is aimed at
                            maximising your investments by controlling occupancy and rent
                            collection. The service also includes managing the maintenance
                            aspects of the property thus minimising the cost impact to our

                            Winsor Lettings specialise in the management of both
                            commercial and residential properties where its vast experience
                            and knowledge of the industry puts the managing of your
                            investment in safe hands.

                            - Full market appraisal (pre-purchase)
                            - Full marketing of property
                            - Tenant application and referencing
                            - Tenancy agreement and check in
                            - Rent collection and credit control
                            - Monthly BACS payment and statement
                            - Annual gas safety and property inspections
                            - Winsor Lettings is registered & accredited by NALS & The
                            Property Ombudsman Scheme

                            Winsor Lettings is part of a group of companies formed over ten
                            years ago consisting of a number of different property
                            companies. Each of these companies focus on different aspects
                            of property investment, from building residential and commercial
                            portfolios, to property management and the Group has
                            developed as excellent infrastructure to facilitate property

                            Primarily, the company’s focus was solely to build the groups
                            own property portfolio. But whilst building its portfolio, the Group
                            was approached by other investors to source, refurbish and
                            manage property on their behalf. This was done very
                            successfully due to our in house knowledge of popular locations,
                            rental trends, capital growth hotspots, but above all our extensive

                                 Until now this service was only available to local investors,
                                 mostly consisting of business contacts, staff, family and friends.
                                 Now the Group has decided to go mainstream and open up a
                                 number of investment opportunities for both novice and
                                 experienced investors.

                                 With our extensive knowledge of property investment, we believe
                                 we can help investors make the right choice when it comes to

                                 We will then work with you to maximise your rental income and
                                 ensure that letting your property is as stress free as possible.

Type and level of                Business Administration
apprenticeship (from NAS
Type of contract                 Permanent x            Fixed Term          Duration
Number of positions              1
Weekly wage                      £110
Holiday entitlement
Expected duration of training    12 Months
Working week/hours of work       9am-5pm Monday-Friday
NAS Vacancy ID Reference         VAC000143650

Pre-apprenticeship trial details

Training offered                 Business Admin

Description of planned work      Trial run

Expected duration and hours      9am-5pm Monday-Friday
per week
Location of trial and training   Cheetham Hill, Manchester

The following outcomes are       Evidenced willingness to learn, commitment and a good attitude
required of the young person
at the end of the trial
Person Specification (pre-trial)

Skills required                •       Confident at problem solving
                               •       Confident dealing with difficult customers
                               •       Good time-management skills
                               •       Well organised
                               •       Dynamic
                               Able to work alone as well as part of a team

Experience required            Unfortunately due to the unavailability of apprenticeship funding,
                               we are unable to accept applications for this vacancy from
                               candidates who have a degree.

                               We welcome applications from 16-24 year olds who are not in
                               employment, education or training, and who live within Greater
                               Manchester. However, all applications will be considered and
                               recruitment will be on merit.

                               Successful applicants may be offered an 8 week trial before
                               starting their Apprenticeship and during this time they will begin
                               working towards their Apprenticeship.

                               If you are on Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), you would continue
                               to receive this during the trial period. If you are not on JSA you
                               would receive an allowance during this period.

                               If you would like further information about this vacancy please
                               contact the college directly and not the employer. Your
                               application may not be considered if you do not follow this

Personal qualities             N/A

Qualifications required        N/A

Recruitment arrangements

Date advertised                06/08/2012

Closing date                   20/08/2012

Possible interview date        August 2012
Possible start date    August/ September 2012

Please email the completed form to:
Guidance notes
This form is to be used for all Apprenticeship/Work Trial and Apprenticeship vacancies to be
accessed through the GM Commitment offer. A unique part of the GM Commitment offer is
the Apprenticeship/Work trial. Employers are able to ‘try before they buy’ and it is an
opportunity for the young person to develop employment skills and demonstrate capability in a
work setting. This form is designed to include details of both the Apprenticeship vacancy and
the Apprenticeship/Work trial and what training and work experience can be accessed to
ensure the young person is ‘apprenticeship ready’ at the end of it.

It is the training provider’s responsibility to fill this in with the employer and to confirm that the
vacancy is eligible for the GM Commitment grants. The provider will send the completed form
to New Economy who will circulate to the identified contacts at JCP, Work Programme
Providers and Connexions for them to source suitable candidates.

 The offer is open to all 16-24 year olds that are unemployed or NEET. The offer is available
 to Greater Manchester residents only.
 This includes:
      JSA claimants
      ESA claimants
      Income Support claimants
      IB claimants
      Young people that are NEET and registered as such with the LA or Connexions
      Young people that are unemployed but not in receipt of benefits

 The offer is not open to young people currently employed or in learning.

 The offer is open to all employers, including those located outside GM. Young people taking
 up the offer will be Greater Manchester residents only. There will not be a restriction on the
 number of apprentices one company can employ, though this will be monitored.

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