ECB ACO Level 1 Course - DOC by 5KxFLO6


									ECB ACO Level 1 Course

The 42 Laws of Cricket are split into 2 areas – Practical Laws and Administrative Laws.

The premise behind the syllabus for this Level 1 Course is that we teach only those Laws that
are of a practical nature.

Practical means:

        i)      the Law is an on-field matter that the umpire cannot look-up
                e.g. a response to an appeal
        ii)     a matter that is of practical use to enable the umpire to do his job effectively
                e.g. pre- match duties

Administration means:

        i)      it is an off-field matter that can be looked-up in the Law book
                e.g. mowing, rolling etc.
        ii)     it is invariably covered by Playing Regulations e.g. Intervals

The Laws are taught in Modules with each Module being a specific subject, and all the Laws
and part-laws that relate to that subject have been drawn together. This enables the tutor to
deal with related questions that will crop up and leads to easier learning by the umpire.

The Modules are:

        No.     Subject                           Estimated session time

        1       The Umpires                                        130
        2       The Pitch                                           80
        3       The Ball                                           140
        4       Substitutes & runners etc                          110
        5       Scoring                                             75
        6       The Wicket                                          75
        7       No ball – foot faults & LBW                         70
        8       Fieldcraft and Working as a Team                    40

                TOTAL TIME                                         720
                                                                 (12 hrs)

It is envisaged that this Course will give the umpire an excellent grounding of the Laws and
will stand him/her in good stead for officiating in his/her first couple of seasons.

It will also give the umpire the confidence to tackle Level 2 (when available), which will
concentrate on more non-Law matters, without the worry of learning new Laws.

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