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2.01 Butler Service


Hospitality Manuals for the Hotels, Resorts and Travel Agencys.

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.....................Resort & Spa

The butler concept
The butler service for the hideaways is designed to create a new and unique Concept for our customers. Where luxury and innovative style is created and presented to them from the butler’s, From their arrival to their departure. ...... butlers are unique to Thailand as the first to embrace a full resort. There is nothing they can do There is nothing they can’t find There is nothing they don’t know There is nothing they will not do In this they have one thing on their mind A CAN DO Attitude ! Long hour’s hard work and dedication is the name of the game. You are either in or out. When the going gets tough the tough get going This is a ...... butler.


Pre guest Arrival A butler will be assigned to 5 villas per person. He will be dedicated to his villas He must know his villas inside out He must look back at all defects their villas have had in the past; they must talk to each other. Review correspondence All correspondence must be read through three times to get to know the details. Frits time you will miss something Second time you will find something new Third time you will get the details. Check their names -----------Write down the first names on their correspondence then take a look at the second and third correspondence. We make mistakes in taking down reservations so you as a butler must look closer. (A mistake can be costly) Customers like to be called and corresponded with their correct name.


Would it be possible to have a word with you please? Check their rates and package Understanding priorities Do they have Breakfast Included? Do they have a free transfer? Do they have a spa treatment? Do they have a site inspection? What is included in their package if any? What special request have they made in regards to their villa? Privacy Hideaway Pool villa Pool villa suite Presidential Have they booked two next to each other? Discuss the correspondence with your manager, to ensure that the details are correct. How many children what are their ages Do you need cots? Do you need children’s amenities? Discuss with housekeeping to make sure they add the towels and extra items in the villa before you check. Could I interrupt you and bring over the villa folder for your Do not commit to flight changes. Mr Taylor let me call the flight centre at the airport to see if there is any availability in seats on the next flight. I cannot promise there is but give let me call them and I will be right back. Mr Taylor I’m sorry but the flight centre has confirmed that all flights out on that day are fully booked and there are some customers on stand by. I would not suggest going on a stand by flight out of samui airport as many flights are delayed. May I come over to the villa to present you the villa folder? Could it be possible? For me to change the times for?



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