1.02 Accounting Initial Training Plans by orientalhospitality


Hospitality Manuals for the Hotels, Resorts and Travel Agencys.

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									Initial Training Plan
Name of Host: Designation: General Cashier Section: ________ Department: Accounts Training Number: Joining Date: Below are tasks the host needs to achieve in Phase One Task No.

Designation 7000

Phase 1
Briefed, shown or demonstrated MONIES / CHEQUES / RECEIPTS


Trainee Signature

Trainer Name and Signature

Comments, Further Training Needed

7001 7002 7003 7004

How to collect daily collections from cashiers How to verify this against daily witness sheet How to prepare bank deposits of all cheques / cash How to deposit in safe / bank

HOW TO PREPARE ALL VOUCHERS 7005 7006 7007 7008 7009 How to compile all credit – card vouchers How to verify against computer total How to ensure cash vouchers have all relevant documents attached How to get authorization How to update and maintain transaction detail by credit card company REPORTS 7010 7011 How to make general cashiers daily report How to prepare foreign exchange report

MISCELLANEOUS 7012 7013 7014 How to maintain petty cash How to control safe How to provide cashiers with required change

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