Corporate credit card conditions of use agreement by jjs207uy


									                      Crime and Misconduct Commission

                                Corporate Credit Card


Functional Area
Cost Centre
Authorising Officer

The CMC Corporate Credit Card (CMCCCC) will be issued to you on
the following conditions:

1. I am aware of my responsibilities contained in the Commonwealth Bank Business
Card Conditions of Use;

2. I am aware of my responsibilities contained in the CMC credit card policy

3. I am required to take strict care over the custody and use of the card at all times, and I
will not permit the CMCCCC to be used by another person;

4. I will not use the CMCCCC, nor permit it to be used, for other than official purposes;

5. I will not use the CMCCCC to obtain cash;

6. I acknowledge that I am personally liable for any charge to the CMCCCC that the
CMC declines to accept;

7. I may only use the CMCCCC for purchasing/paying to a limit of $. . . . . . . in any one

8. I may only accumulate purchase/payment transactions in any one (monthly) billing
cycle to a total value of $. . . . . . . ;

9. I will retain all Tax Invoices for presentation to the relevant Approving Officer in my

10. If I misuse the CMCCCC (i.e. use it otherwise than in accordance with these
instructions) proceedings may be instituted against me under State laws and if found
guilty, I may be liable for a fine, imprisonment, or both;

11. If I identify or it is brought to my attention that misuse or fraud is taking place against
my CMCCCC, I will immediately inform the Finance Manager and/or the card provider;

12. If the CMCCCC is lost or stolen, I will immediately inform the Finance Manager
and/or the card provider;

13. Upon the cessation of my employment in the current position, I am required to return
the CMCCCC promptly to the Finance Manager; and

I am aware that personal information has been collected during the application process
and will be held on an ongoing basis as part of the regular card maintenance program
and has been done for the following purposes:

•      to meet the application processing requirements of the CBA;
•      to maintain accurate records of cardholders;
•      to allow the efficient management of the CMCCCC;

and I give approval for the information to be disclosed to the following:

•      the CBA;
•      the Authorised Officer;
•      Queensland Treasury; and
•      other parties who may legally gain access to the information.

I am aware that I am able to gain access to the personal information held by the
Government as provided by Information Standard 42.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the conditions set out above which
govern the issue and use of the CMCCCC in my name and I will report all breaches to
the Finance Manager immediately.

Signature of Cardholder

Date signed

I have witnessed the signature of the cardholder - YES / NO




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