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									» To the Financial Director or the Director of IT Department
Reduce of power consumption costs is possible thanks to effective power-saving modes of
office equipment. We offer the “OffMon” software that maximizes effective usage of
power-saving mode of monitor. This software switches off monitor as soon as computer is
locked or instead of screen saver being started.

Economic benefits of the program are in a table below. Usual monitor with a capacity of
50W, 251 business days in a year, 1 kWh priced at $0.11 USD are taken into consideration.
Total time of monitor delay for 1 business day is equal to 100 minutes.

                                     Economy table
   Number of        Electricity cost saved   Electricity cost saved
                                                                           Payback period
   employees             per month                  per year

      100                  $20 USD                  $221 USD                   1 year

      200                  $40 USD                  $443 USD                  6 months

      300                  $60 USD                  $665 USD                  4 months

      500                 $100 USD                 $1109 USD                  2 months

      1000                $201 USD                 $2218 USD                  1 months

More than 1000      More than $300 USD       More than $3000 USD          Less then 1 month

At customer’s request it is possible to make custom build with predefined settings
required by your company.

Unlimited Computer License costs $249.90 USD (the offer is up to April of 2009).
Additional information about this program is available at
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or
+7-919-905-19-11 (UTC+4).

Andrey V. Rychkov

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