May 2012 Parish Council Minutes by 5KxFLO6


									                            WINTERTON ON SEA PARISH COUNCIL
                             ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING
                              HELD ON THURSDAY 17 May 2012
                             AT 7.30PM IN THE CHURCH ROOMS


                        Cllr M Blake (Chair)                         Cllr B Kay
                        Cllr L Sharples                              Cllr M Ross
                        Cllr A Hammond (after co-option)
                        G Lack (Clerk)

9 residents were welcomed to the meeting and it was stated that the meeting was held in accordance
with the Parish Council Standing Orders and Code of Conduct

1.     Election of Chairman of Parish Council
       The Chairman asked for nominations for a new Chairman and Cllr Sharples nominated Cllr
       Blake which was seconded by Cllr Kay. It was unanimously resolved that Cllr Blake be re-
       elected as Chairman of Winterton on Sea Parish Council.

2.     Signing of Declaration of Acceptance by Chairman
       Cllr Blake duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance as Chairman of the Parish Council.

3.     Election of Vice Chairman of Parish Council
       No proposals were made and therefore no Vice Chairman was elected.

4.     Co-option to fill vacancies
       Cllr Kay proposed that Ayeshia Hammond be co-opted onto the Council and this was
       seconded by Cllr Sharples and unanimously agreed. Ayeshia Hammond was duly co-opted
       onto Winterton on Sea Parish Council.

5.     Apologies for Absence and date for receipt of Acceptance of Office forms
       No apologies were received and all Declarations of Acceptance of Office were duly signed by
       Councillors and returned to the Clerk.

6.     Return of Election Expenses forms
       Councillors were asked to return the forms to the Clerk as soon as possible.

7.     Declarations of Interest (see Guidance Notes)

8.     Signing of Declaration of Interest forms
       Councillors’ Declarations of Interest forms were duly completed and passed to the Clerk.

9.     Reading of Minutes of AGM held on 19th May 2011.
       The minutes were read out by the clerk.

10.    Acceptance of Minutes.
       Cllr Sharples proposed that the minutes be accepted and this was seconded by Cllr Kay and
       unanimously agreed by the Council. The Chairman duly signed the minutes.

11.    Review of delegation arrangements to groups, local authorities & external bodies.
       A paper had already been circulated which the Chairman read out and all positions were
       agreed. It was noted that there would be no representative on Village Hall Committee at this
       time. Membership of external bodies remained unchanged.

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12.    Declarations of interest in items on the agenda.
       Cllr Kay declared an interest in the allotments. No other declarations were noted.

13.    Public discussion:
          A resident suggested that information be made available to holidaymakers, particularly
             those staying at the Winterton Valley Estate, about the potential danger of children
             playing on the dunes. The Chairman noted that Jan Davis, GYBC, had already been
             informed about the previous accident on the dunes and would follow this up.
          A resident asked if the Parish Council was concerned that there were two Winterton on
             Sea websites. The Chairman confirmed that only one of the websites was used by the
             Parish Council to display minutes of meetings and that the Council did not pay for this
             website but did pay expenses. The Parish Council had no jurisdiction over either
             website and had no authority to prevent the setting up of websites.

14.    To receive a report from the County/Borough Councillors
       Cllr Weymouth noted that GYBC had allocated an amount of money to be split between the
       parishes of which Cllrs Weymouth and Jermany were Borough Councillors. The money would
       have to be spent on specific projects which would have to be completed by 31 March 2013.
       Cllr Weymouth would confirm the allocation criteria with GYBC.

Reopening of the Meeting:-

15.     To receive a report from the PCSO:
       The PCSO reported on the crime statistics between April 2011 and April 2012 as follows: 195
       calls were made. A total of 28 crimes had been committed broken down as: 1 actual bodily
       harm, 10 thefts, 1 cultivation of cannabis, 4 common assaults, 1 fear/provocation of violence,
       3 burglaries from premises other than dwellings and 8 criminal damage. The PCSO noted
       that this was much lower than some of the surrounding villages.

16.    To agree the minutes of the previous meeting:
          Cllr Sharples proposed a Motion that the minutes of the meeting held on 19 April 2012

             be confirmed as a true record of that meeting and this was seconded by Cllr Kay and
             unanimously agreed by Councillors. IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the Motion be carried
             and the minutes were duly signed by the Chairman.

17.    To report matters arising from the previous minutes:
            There were no matters arising that were not included on the Agenda.

18.    To consider planning Applications and review planning permissions: -
       None received.

19.    Finance: To agree payments in accordance with the budget:
      Cllr Ross proposed a Motion that the following payments be made in accordance with the
     budget. This was seconded by Cllr Hammond and unanimously agreed by Councillors. IT
     WAS RESOLVED THAT the Motion be carried.
Cheque Name                        Description                 Amount
DD        BT                       Telephone                      21.00
501026 G Lack                      Clerk Salary                  516.22
501027 G Lack                      G Lack Expenses                31.80
501028 Norfolk Pension Fund        Clerk Pension                 103.41
501029 Winterton Parish Church Church Maintenance 50% 1,300.00
501030 P Lynham                    Bus shelter cleaning           40.00
501031 K Brown                     Bus shelter cleaning           40.00
501032 D Carver                    Grass Cutting                 128.74
501033 P Carver                    Litter Picking                 25.12
501034 D Carver                    Petrol lawnmower                7.46
501035 GYBC                        Newsletter printing           102.40

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501036     M Blake                     MB Expenses                      150.00
501037     C Barlow                    C Barlow Expenses                 11.56
501038     NALC                        Postage                            2.02
501039     K Harrison                  Jubilee Grant                    200.00
                                       TOTAL                           2679.73

             Income      Grant for Jubilee GYBC                £200
                         Precept 2012/13 GYBC                £24,050
                         Total                               £24,250

20.      To receive an update on Coastal Erosion.
            It was noted that there was good beach level to the north but continuing problems to
               the south, mostly wind activated.

21.      To receive an update from the Village Hall Committee.
              It was reported that the Christmas Fayre would be held on Sunday 2 December

                2012 between 11.00 am and 2.00 p.m.
              It was noted that the two former parish councillor representatives would continue on
                the committee.

22.      To receive an update from the Parish Council Surgery held last month.
              No one attended.

23.      Group Reports
             Finance
               Cllr Sharples noted that the finance report was now being generated directly from the
               new software package and that there may be expenditure required in the changing
               The Annual Return for the year ended 31.3.2012 was approved by the Council and
               signed by the Chairman. The Annual Governance Statement was approved at the
               same time.
             Planning/Administration – no meeting held.

                  Amenities. The next meeting would be held on June 14 in the Village Hall.

24.      Councillor Feedback.
         Councillors to report on any residents’ individual concerns/comments or any other item as
              It was agreed that the Annual Report would form part of the newsletter itself and not
                 circulated as a separate insert.

25.      Empsons Loke
         It was noted that the response to a questionnaire asking residents if they would support the
         council’s decision to go to the ombudsman was very poor with less than 8% of the village
         signing it. It was agreed to defer the decision to the next meeting to allow the Parish Council
         to determine how much the process would cost.

26.      Correspondence Received. Comments/decisions made at meeting are in italics.
  ITEM     FROM WHOM         CONTENT                              ACTION REQUIRED
  1        GYBC              Development Control Committee
                             Agenda 10.5.12
  2        GYBC              Agendas for Council meetings
  3        GYBC              Jubilee Grant Celebration. £200
                             grant notification
  4        NCC               Mineral Site Specific Allocations    Invitation to make representations.
                             Development Plan                     Consultation period ends 29 June 2012.

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                                                                             CD available.
      5          GYBC               Winterton PC election – Statement        Displayed on notice board. Co-options
                                    of Persons Nominated                     must take place before 26 June 2012
      6          NCC                Section 53 Wildlife and Countryside      Confirmed on 24 April 2012
                                    Act 1981 Modification Order 2012
      7          Norfolk Coast      Confirmation of grant of £3,101 for
                 AONB SDF           Winterton Duffles Pond & Jubilee

    27.         Items requiring attention/update. Comments/decisions made at meeting are in italics.
No        Details    Action/Item                   Update                              What has happened
1         Resident   Curb not lowered on           New footpath outside school         In hand. Highways Reference
                     Black Street                  needs to be sloped at both          316936
2         Resident   Uneven road repair The        Utility companies not               Completed
                     Lane and King Street          resurfaced road properly.

3         Resident   Posts The Holway              Need painting or reflectors fixed   On-going
                                                   to them.
4         Resident   Litter bin on footpath from   Large amount of litter being        Request made to GYBC.
                     Winmer Ave to The             dropped on path.                    Awaiting response.
5         Resident   Cars parking on corner of     Potential for accidents             Police informed and a response
                     The Holway and The Craft                                          has been received saying that it
                                                                                       is being followed up.
6         Resident   Parking of Landover on        Potential for accidents             Police informed and a response
                     corner of Dune Court                                              has been received saying that it
                                                                                       is being followed up.
7         Resident   Potholes in footpath on       Need repairing                      NCC informed.
                     Bush Road
8         Resident   Notices on Dunes              Warning notices about playing       Jan Davis contacted. Clerk to
                     between Hemsby &              on dunes following an accident      follow up
9         Resident   Nettles on footpath           Footpath between Bush Road          To be dealt with by Highway
                                                   and dunes including steps           Rangers
                                                   overgrown with nettles

    29.         Next Parish Council Surgery, Saturday 19 May 2012 at the Village Hall.

    30.         Date of the next meeting: Thursday 21st June 2012 in the Church Rooms from 7.30pm

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