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									April 14, 2011

Present were: Bob Stoll, Mike Halvorson, Rose Nolan, Robert Gehring, Randy Kaskin, Carol Haas and
Phyllis Kaskin

    1.    Meeting called to order. Chairman Bob Stoll called the meeting of the Randall Town Board to
         order at 7:01 p.m.
    2.   Pledge of Allegiance.
    3.   Approval of minutes. A revised copy of the minutes was passed out. The minutes were
         corrected to read “Approval of the silo does not infer approval of further projects.” A motion by
         Halvorson/Kaskin to approve the minutes. Motion carried.
    4.   Reports:
         a. Committees and reports from the floor. None.
         b. Clerk. The Towns Association will be holding workshops for town officials in May. The
              Board of Review has been set for June 22nd. Kruzan Oil sent a letter thanking us for our
              business as they have been purchased by Cooperative Plus. The insurance company
              inspected the parks and buildings. They sent a list of things that need to be corrected within
              60 days.
         c. Treasurer. There was a balance of $10,409.93 in the general fund as of March 31st.
         d. Supervisors: Mr. Gehring – He didn’t make the transportation meeting but stated his
              position in previous meetings. He did attend the Farmland preservation meeting. Some
              farmers have expressed interest in having another place to deliver grain. Mr. Kaskin – He
              was impressed with the amount of bids that were turned in for the mowing. Mr. Halvorson
              – There wasn’t a Parks meeting this month. A road is broken up by a driveway in BelAir.
              Thanked the seven citizen volunteers that helped patch the Town roads. Thanked Dennis
              Elverman for picking up and delivering the patch. The owners of the ice shack have been
              located and it should be moved today. Suggested putting the tree trimming out for bid.
              Ms. Nolan – Attended the Powers Lake District meeting. They would like to meet with the
              Board and Chief George Lawrence to discuss the ski pattern. Next week the library will hold
              a senior coffee and show a movie.
         e. Chairperson: Mr. Stoll – Gave the Kenosha County Transportation Report from SEWRPC to
              Supervisor Gehring. Received notice of the Kenosha County Council of Governments on May
              7th. A Hazardous Waste Collection will be held at the county center on May 7th from 8 to 1.
    5.   Citizen Comments. Carol Haas asked about the collection of the envelopes from the boat
    6.   Business:
         a. Consider charging a $2.00 handling fee for issuing County Dog Park Licenses. The County
              has allowed municipalities to collect a $2.00 fee for issuing the dog park licenses. Other
              municipalities have begun charging the handling fee. Discussion followed. A motion by
              Nolan/Halvorson to collect the $2.00 handling fee for issuing the County Dog Park Licenses.
              Motion carried.
   b. Review and possible awarding of lawn mowing bids. More bids were received than
       anticipated. Supervisor Halvorson put together a list of three that looked the best. This will
       be tabled to the next meeting to give all board members a chance to review them.
   c. Proposed split of $600.00 for grant writing. The Lake District had requested that we apply
       for a grant for an electronic system to monitor trailers being launched into the lake. A
       special meeting was held to discuss the grant. Because of unanticipated expenses and other
       issues associated with it was decided not to go ahead with the grant application. The grant
       writer submitted a bill for writing it. The Lake District paid $200 toward the bill and
       requested the Town pay $200. Discussion followed. A motion by Kaskin/Gehring not to split
       the money. Motion carried.
7. Bills. A motion by Kaskin/Nolan to pay the bills with the exception of $129.25 to Paul
   Yakowenko. Motion carried. Check #30925 through #30963.
8. Adjourn. A motion by Halvorson/Gehring to adjourn. The motion was carried and the meeting
   adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

                                                            Phyllis J. Kaskin

                                                            Town Clerk

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