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									Studying law…..

Choosing a subject to study at University which will stand you in good stead for your future life
can seem a somewhat daunting process. It is important to choose not only something that you
believe will help you on your future career path, but to choose a subject that you enjoy.

Law is a very broad subject and one that can lead you down many differing career paths. From
my law class alone people have undertaken further training in order to qualify as a
solicitor/barrister, joined the police force, joined the graduate training programme at the local
council, become a teacher and someone is now even working for the United Nations. Law
provides you with the skills and knowledge to progress and develop in any career path that you
should choose.

Think long and hard before choosing to study law at university as it is by no means an easy feat.
But that said, successfully completing three years of study is one of the most satisfying feelings.

Of course not every subject comes without the down sides. It requires serious amounts of
reading and analysing lengthy boring documents! Depending on your personal preferences
some core topics on your can be quite mundane.

However, the plus points far out weigh any negatives. You will gain many skills that will be
necessary in later life.

The advocacy element of your subject will provide you with the confidence and skills needed to
express you opinion throughout your future work and personal life.

The ability to work within a team when trying to co ordinate those all important presentations,
and the need to work and study alone are vital skills that are transferable into the work place.

Law is a challenging yet very rewarding subject to study at university. It will well equip you for
future life; work related or within your personal life.

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