Syll DOC 4 by jjs207uy


									                       BMC 1st Year - GJU
Code   Subject
101    Human Communication
102    Hindi
103    English
104    Basic Skills Writing
105    Computer Applications

                       BMC 2nd Year - GJU
Code   Subject
106    Social Sciences-I
107    Social Sciences-II
108    Mass Communication
109    News Writing
110    Production Portfolio (I)

                       BMC 3rd Year - GJU
Code   Subject
111    Reporting
112    Editing
113    Advertising & Public Relations
114    Media Issues
115    Production Portfolio (II)

                         BAJM 1st Year -SMU
First Semester
  Code    Subject
BJ0001    Communications Skills
BJ0002    Computer Fundametals
BJ0003    Fundamentals of Language*
BJ0004    Human Communication
BJ0005    Print Journalism*
Second Semester
BJ0006    Internet and New Media
BJ0007    Organizational Behaviour
BJ0008    Computer & Printing Process
BJ0009    Media Organization
BJ0010    History of Media

                        BAJM 2nd Year - SMU
Third Semester
  Code    Subject
BJ0011    Audio-Visual Communication
BJ0012    Photo Journalism
BJ0013    Technology based Media Communication
BJ0014    Public Relations
Fourth Semester
BJ0015    Media & Society
BJ0016    Media Laws and Media Ethics
BJ0017    Advertising
BJ0018    Information Society
BJ0019    Magazine Journalism

                        BAJM 3rd Year - SMU
Fifth Semester
  Code    Subject
BJ0020    Media Management
BJ0021    Media and Political System
BJ0022    Media and Development
BJ0023    Media Criticism
Sixth Semester
BJ0024    Media Research
BJ0025    Investigative Reporting and Interviews
BJ0026    Anchor Person TV and Radio Broadcasting   13
BJ0027    Project

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