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									                       AFS 101, Fall 2009: Dairy Management
                    100 pts, Due on Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Intention: To allow you to explore issues associated with dairy production to address
the question:

What is the best approach for maximizing dairy production while minimizing
detrimental environmental impacts generated by the industry?

You will write a paper that addresses each of the requests listed below, that will assist
you with developing a compelling answer to this question. Please focus on concepts
presented by Jude Capper in “Managing Dairies to Reduce Carbon Footprint” (10/5),
Gary Wegner in “The Value of Poop: Turning Dairy Waste into Windfalls” (10/12), and
from the scientific literature to develop your paper.

1. List and discuss the environmental impacts of dairy production.
2. List and discuss the techniques available for maximizing milk production.
3. Discuss the limitations that maximizing milk production has place on environmental
   protection, as well as the limitations that protecting the environment places on the
   ability to maximize milk production.
4. Develop an approach for maximizing milk production while protecting the
   environment that could feasibly be implemented at a dairy farm or production facility.
   You must present a recommendation that is convincing, compelling and justified
   based on citations from the scientific literature.
5. Cite the sources of information that you used to gather your facts and discussion
   points from, as well as the sources of information on which your recommendations
   are based, within the text.
6. Create a reference list (i.e. bibliography) at the end of your report that incorporates
   all of the references used above. Please follow the SSSA guidelines.

Please use the following guidelines when completing this assignment:
 The document must be typed, single-spaced, spell checked, and proofread.
 Two pages minimum; five pages maximum. Please provide adequate detail in your
   responses to be convincing while being concise.
 Please type your name at the top of the first page, and staple the report.
 References must be from scholarly sources. These may include articles, books,
   government documents, primary research, or any other scholarly sources. No “dot
   com” (i.e. http:\\ references can be included among
   your references. A zero will be issued for every reference that is included that has
   a “.com” identifier in the citation list. An important exception to this rule is a citation
   for a scholarly article that comes from a commercial database. Wikipedia is not
   considered to be a scholarly resource.
 Cite references using the appropriate SSSA format. (Read the “SSSA Citation Style
   Quick Guide” for review.)

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