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									                 An Abraham Lincoln Timeline
                 Early Political Career, 1832-1848

Name___________________________                 Date__________

1. What office did Lincoln run for in 1832? __________________________

2. What political party did he belong to? ____________________________

3. What did his campaign center on?________________________________

4. Did he win this election? ________________________________________

5. In what war did Lincoln serve? __________________________________

6. What rank did he hold in the militia?_____________________________

7. When was Lincoln elected to the Illinois General Assembly? ________

8. When did Lincoln begin to teach himself law? _____________________

9. What year did Lincoln begin to practice law? ______________________

10. Who was his first law partner? _________________________________

11. Was Lincoln a successful lawyer? _______________________________

12. How many terms did Lincoln serve in the Illinois General Assembly?

13. What county did Lincoln represent? _____________________________
14. In what year did Lincoln make his first protest against slavery?

15. When was Lincoln admitted to practice law in the United States Circuit
    Court? _______________________________________________________

16. In what year did Lincoln meet Mary Todd? ______________________

17. Who did Lincoln almost fight a duel with? _______________________

18. When did Lincoln marry Mary Todd? ____________________________

19. Where was Mary Todd’s family from? ___________________________

20. When did Lincoln first run for the U.S. Congress? ________________

21. Did he win this election?_________

22. Who was Lincoln’s first child and when was he born?

23. Where and in what year did Lincoln purchase a home? ____________

24. What office did Lincoln run for in 1846? _________________________

25. Did he win this election?_________

26. Who was Lincoln’s second child and when was he born?

27. As a Representative in Congress, what war did Lincoln speak out
    against? ______________________________________________________
Match the people on the left with their descriptions on the right.

1. Mary Todd____                   A. Lincoln’s first son.

2. John T. Stuart____              B. Almost fought a duel with Lincoln.

3. James Shields____               C. Married Lincoln in 1842.

4. Robert Todd Lincoln____         D. President during Lincoln’s term in

5. Edward Baker Lincoln____        E. Lincoln’s first law partner.

6. James K. Polk_____              F. Lincoln’s second son.

On the map:

Locate and label Springfield, Illinois.

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