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									White Collar Crime
Professor Merritt
Spring 2012

                                    COURSE OUTLINE

Text: Brickey, Corporate and White Collar Crime 5th Ed. with Supplement
Recommended: Strader, Understanding White Collar Crime 3rd Ed.

This is a survey course covering three topics. The first is the liability of a corporation
for criminal activity and the liability of corporate officers for the crimes committed “by
the corporation.” The Second is the punishment scheme for corporations and
individuals found to have committed so called “White Collar” crimes. The third and
bulk of the course is a survey of the various federal offenses that are the main line of
“White Collar” prosecutions. It is a survey, and we will review the elements and the
principal defenses. We will find that we move more quickly through the material than
we might like. We have 700 pages to cover in 13 weeks so we will cover about 55 pages
a week. After teaching for 35 years, I am very confident that I am not able to predict
where we will end any particular class. I will attempt to let you know at the end of the
class what I anticipate we will cover in the next class.

One important feature of this class is that it is dynamic in that the issues we are
discussing are being litigated as we are moving through the class. I will be distributing
and posting additional information during the course as it becomes available

Corporate Criminal Liability pp 1-38

Personal Liability in an Organizational Setting pp 39-60

Conspiracy pp 61-84

Mail Fraud pp 85-152

Securities Fraud pp 153-198

False Statements pp 199-242

Perjury & False Declarations pp 243-247

Obstruction of Justice pp 275-338

Bribery of Public Officials pp 339-392

RICO pp 393-474

Tax Fraud pp 475-518

Currency Crimes & Money Laundering pp 519-570

Environmental Crimes pp 571-636

Sentencing pp 637-698

The supplement should be read in conjunction with the material being covered.

Attendance is required in conformity with the College of Law Policy. All individuals who
miss more than three classes will be dropped. It is expected that individuals will be
here and on time. Illness, work related absences, family deaths are understood to occur.
If you are going to have to miss a class, please make reasonable efforts to notify me in
advance or as soon thereafter as possible. A record of this is maintained and should
you exceed three absences in this class, that record will be utilized in any discussion
with the Dean regarding dropping a student from class..

Late arrivals are unprofessional and discourteous to the other members of the class and
to the faculty member. They should be avoided. Likewise leaving in the middle of class
is totally inappropriate. Empty your bladder before you get to class although I would
request that you do leave if necessary rather than creating a puddle or a pile. If you
have to leave to make an emergency phone call, it is understood. Please set your
cellphones to the silent mode before class begins.

Contact information:

Phone: 419-535-8775 Leave a message if I am not there, I will return the call even if long

email: frank.merritt@utoledo.edu

I reside immediately adjacent to the law school and do not mind receiving students at
reasonable times. I will not answer substantive exam questions on the day of the exam.

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