Prospective Core Partner Statement by L136wS97


									Prospective Core Partner Statement

Nottingham Law Centre

Nottingham Law Centre has been delivering legal advice and representation on
social welfare law for the law 30 years. Areas of advice covered include
Housing, Debt and Welfare Benefits. We also deliver a duty scheme at
Nottingham County Court providing advice and representation to anyone
facing repossession proceedings or seeking to have a warrant for repossession
set aside.

A significant proportion of our services are provided to individuals with multiple
and complex needs. Service users include individuals who are homeless or
threatened with homelessness, offenders, and people with learning disabilities,
mental health problems or substance misuse issues. Most of our clients have
chaotic lifestyles and struggle to deal with statutory services and the benefits
system. Many have been excluded from other services due their behaviour or
do not engage with statutory services. The Law Centre works flexibly with clients
and tries to build up a relationship of trust and mutual understanding to achieve
optimum outcomes. Law Centre advisers often ‘go the extra mile’ to meet client
need and are dedicated to providing an excellent holistic service.

Nottingham Law Centre is part of the Advice Nottingham consortium and has
delivered services jointly, both as the lead agency and as a delivery partner with
CAB as the lead agency. We work together with other Advice Nottingham
partners, to provide an integrated, accessible, quality assured service. This has
involved working closely with partners to build relationships of trust, openness
and honesty, working towards common goals and successfully tendering for
services. Other advice organisations include Bestwood, Clifton, the Meadows
and St Anns Advice Centres and Nottingham & District Citizens Advice Bureau.

NLC is part of Advice Nottingham that has 6 base locations and 20 outreach
venues across the City and add on services like the East Midlands Money Advice
service and the Fuel Poverty project. We are also able to refer/signpost clients to
Nottingham City Council’s in house welfare rights service based in Bulwell
Riverside and Loxley House. We have good links with the Deaf Society and
Nottinghamshire Refuge Forum who are Advice Nottingham Partners. We also
have working links with Framework, Nacro and Metropolitan, all of which have
support workers. Other signposting routes include Nottingham Credit Union, the
Family First furniture project, several food banks that are springing up across
Nottingham, Womens Aid, Roshni, Signposts to Polish Success and private
practice solicitors. Our experienced senior staff that are respected by
professionals across the City.

The Law Centre has collaborated with other organisations to develop joint
policies, referral protocol and joint working arrangements. We have developed
output and outcomes measures for our service and have worked with
consultants and academics to examine and evaluate our services. This has
included Systems Thinking work and redesigning services to better meet client

The Law Centre is currently working with other agencies to deliver a contract,
taking joint responsibility for the service and delivery statistics.

The work of the Law Centre fits in well across all the areas of multiple and
complex needs. Our work with offenders to resolving benefits and housing issues
reduces the likelihood of re-offending. We work with homeless clients to
challenge decisions and secure appropriate housing. Our benefits and debt
work reduces stress and anxiety that often contributes towards the deterioration
of clients’ mental wellbeing.

We firmly believe that Nottingham Law Centre has the skills, expertise and
experience to contribute to work with other core partners and the nominated
lead agency to support people with multiple and complex needs.

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