Summer 2011 Short Courses Application by TIq5UMYf


									                         Summer 2011 Short Courses Application

Please fill out the Application below and send an updated copy of your CV to with your name in the subject line of the email.

Given Name: ________________________ Surname: ___________________________

Gender:       ( ) Male    ( ) Female          Year of Birth: _______________

Nationality: ________________               Country of current residence: ____________

Address for correspondence:

Telephone: _____________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________
                         (We will primarily contact you via e-mail)

Name and address of employer:

Your current position: ______________________________________________

Educational qualifications:
(Please provide details of all degrees received: year, institution…etc)
Have you ever attended any of CMRS short courses: Yes ( )         No ( )

If yes, please specify date and title of the course/s:

Please underline which winter course you are applying for:

□ International Refugee Law (June 5-9, 2011):
□ Meeting the Psychosocial needs of Refugees (June 12-16, 2011)
□ Understanding Irregular Migration (June 19-23, 2011)

How do you intend to fund your course participation?

○ Self-funded
○ Current employer
○ Sponsor

Personal statement in support of your application to this course
(Write 500-750 words highlighting your experience in refugee affairs)
Please attach your CV to the application

Anticipated benefits from the course for your work or volunteer activities

               Please send a copy of your CV to:
              The deadline for receiving course applications is May 5th, 2011

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