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									Full Certified LOA Coach-Trainer Program Outline

Module 1: Law of Attraction--A Foundation for Living
Instructor: Rebecca Hanson
Each class is 90 min. long.
[NOTE: All Modules must be taken in order as each one builds a foundation to the next.)

Class 1: The Basic Recipe & Two Missing Ingredients

 Become familiar with the Basic Recipe for deliberately attracting what you want
 An introduction to the two missing ingredients and how all the pieces work together
 References from "Huna, The Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking," by William R. Glover

Class 2: The Secrets of LOA Throughout History

 Rebecca Hanson is a Master Story Teller and her version of the history of the Law of
Attraction is spell-binding. References include ancient Egyptian and Greek writings, Hebrew
examples and New Testament verses- along with modern day writers.

Class 3: LOA is Applied Quantum Physics

 Rebecca has a gift in condensing a huge subject down to its essence and this 90 min class
in the science of Quantum Physics is a prime example. This lesson, though the subject is
intangible, is invaluable. Easy to follow.

Class 4: The Three Most Important LOA Tools and How They Work

 Keeping with the theme of simplifying this Universal Law, students are presented with
three powerful tools to aide in applying the LOA in any situation. All tools are demonstrated
in a "hands-on" approach.

Class 5: Self-Actualization The Law of Attraction Way

 Students create their own T-ToolsTM on the five stages of Self-Actualization the Law of
Attraction way.

Class 6: Deepening Our Experience of Self-Actualization the LOA Way
Module 2: Keys to Empowering Relationships
Instructors: Rebecca Hanson and Cheryl Vallejos
Each class is 90 min. long.

Class 1: Understanding Your Style of Communication
- Rebecca Hanson

 Discover your own primary communication style and how it shows up and/or undermines
 Learn how to improve communication with anyone by speaking in their style
 Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business team members by identifying
their communication style

Class 2: The Art of Reframing, Installing & Future-Pacing - Rebecca Hanson

 What is Reframing?When should it be used? When should it NOT be used?
 What is Installing and when should we use it?
 What is Future Pacing and what affect will it have on our future?

Class 3 - The Comprehensive Emotional Scale
- Rebecca Hanson

  Experience the Comprehensive Emotional Scale for your self
 Do your emotions matter? You bet they do!
 Practical applications and uses for the Comprehensive Emotional Scale

Class 4: Managing Relationship Communications
- Cheryl Vallejos

 8 Ways to become a better listener
 Be the manager of relationships
 Speaking your truth, in love
 Operating in Your power

Class 5: Boost Relationship Connections Releasing Techniques - Cheryl Vallejos

 Let go of the "stories" that do not serve you
 Making powerful connections with people
 Releasing techniques - get rid of the blocks and fears
 Explore the question: "Can I use the Law of Attraction to Get a Specific Person Back Into
My Life?"

Class 6 : Healing Relationships Powerfully - Rebecca Hanson with Cheryl Vallejos

 Rebecca describes one of the most common yet destructive relationship patterns or habits
that many of us have and how it affects our judgement and assessment of others.
 The "fatal flaw" and how to recognize and avoid it.
 Healing energy to help develop healthy, long-lasting relationships.
Module 3: LOA: The Law of Love & Releasing Obstacles
Instructors: Rebecca Hanson & Lynn Ahearn
Each class is 90 min. long.
Class 1: The Law of Attraction is the Law of Love
-Rebecca Hanson

  Learn the difference between human love and divine love and how the Law of Attraction
fits in.

Class 2: EFT - The Basic Recipe-Lynn Ahearn

 The Background of EFT
 What EFT is and How it Works
 View "Tapping Points Sequence" Video in Class
 The EFT "Basic Recipe" and Borrowed Benefits

Class 3: Doing EFT -The "Basic Recipe" Practice Session -Lynn Ahearn

 Review of the EFT "Basic Recipe"
 Break-out Practice Sessions for 30 minutes
 Return to Class to Review Evaluation Forms and Discussion

Class 4: EFT in Depth - Healing the Past by Changing Beliefs and Releasing
Blockages-Lynn Ahearn

 EFT in Depth-Healing the Past in a One-on-One Session
 After-Session Discussion

Class 5: "Divine Order" - Rebecca Hanson

 Divine Order takes care of everything, we just have to trust the process and have faith in
the Universe!

Class 6: Understanding Yourself Through Your Dreams--Rebecca Hanson

 There are two ways to interpret every dream, in a positive, helpful light or in fear. Learn
how to understand your s and receive their messages more clearly.
Module 4: Prosperity: It's an Inside Job
Instructor: Cheryl Vallejos
Each class is 90 min. long.

Class 1: The Truth of Prosperity

 Watch the movie, Abundance is My Natural State
 Discover the power of the brain
 Truth or Deluded (Prosperity versus scarcity)
 Steps to overcome the lies and live in the truth

Class 2: Letting Go of the Lies

 Discussion on lies versus truth
 Break out session
 Reframe and release anxiety around prosperity
 Group experience or the R.I.T. technique to release and forgive others and ourselves

Class 3: Aligning With Prosperity

 Embracing Universal Principles
 Identifying Your Core Values
 My Top Ten Beliefs
 From Drain to Gain

Class 4: Creating Prosperity

 Toleration (Energy Drain) discoveries
 Prosperity discussion - Four Quads to Prosperity

Class 5: Proactively Prosperous

 Discussion on Inspired Action
 How can you tell when an action is "inspired"?
 Trusting your intuition / Confidence that you are on the right path
 Combining desire with the truth exercise
 Living in prosperity - Watch the movie: Abundance is My
meryr Natural State

Class 6: Launching Prosperity

 Break out session
 Share the message and intentions with others
 Discuss results of desire, belief, and action
Module 5: Coaching is Easy, the LOA Way!
Instructor: Rebecca Hanson and Cheryl Vallejos
Each class is 90 min. long.

Class 1: The LOA practitioner as Teacher-Coach
- Rebecca Hanson

 Students create their own "contrast to clarity" about the character of a Law of Attraction
 An overview of the basic formula, two missing ingredients and the tools taught in lesson
 Discussion about the expectation of clients who look for a LOA Coach and why it is
necessary to teach LOA before you coach using LOA

Class 2: Getting Started With Clients - Cheryl Vallejos

 Long-term vs. Short-term Coaching practice
 How to tell your "ideal client" from less-than-ideal
 Know how to say what you do so others 'get it
 The Money Talk
 Intake process and gathered information
 Communicating with the client's dominant style

Class 3: Using the LOA Tools in the Coaching Session, Part 1 - Cheryl Vallejos

Starting & ending the coaching session, giving homework and bringing accountability

 How to start a session
 Focus on results
 Field work
 Follow along, as Coaching sessions are modeled

Class 4: More LOA Tools in the Coaching Session, Part 2 - Cheryl Vallejos

 Follow along as Coaching sessions are demonstrated
 Extreme self-care for the coach and the client

Class 5: Intro to Levels of Consciousness Attraction
- Rebecca Hanson

 Students learn about and practice using kinesology as a tool for discerment.
 Students will learn how to recognize the signs of "Lower Mind" consciousness and have
compassion for others who are caught in this energy field.
 They will increas their interest in their own level of conscious and see the value, to
themselves and to society, of raising their level to that of "Love" or higher.
Module 6: Sharing LOA as a Public Speaker
Instructor: Michael Losier
Each class is 60 min long.
Michael Losier is an author and international speaker. In this Module, Michael Losier reveals
ALL the secrets behind his successful career as a key-note speaker, trainer and workshop
leader. During each TeleClass Michael demonstrates how to teach the Law of Attraction to
audiences of any size. You will learn how to present this valuable message in five minutes
all the way up to full-day seminars.

 Class 1: Introduction to Accelerated Learning Techniques and the Law of

 Class 2: Starting your Deliberate Attraction Process

 Class 3: Allowing -Tools and a Deeper Understanding of LOA

 Class 4: Relationships and the Law of Attraction

 Class 5: Law of Attraction and Money

 Class 6: How to Use This Specialty Niche and Make Money
Module 7: Building Your Law of Attraction Business With Power and
Instructors: Rebecca Hanson and Cheryl Vallejos

This Module provides everything you need to start your LOA practice or business
or to add LOA to your existing business.

 Class 1: Included in this class is Rebecca Hanson's book, Law of Attraction for
Business: How to Create a Business or Attract a Job You LOVE! and the one-hour
TeleClass audio of her Introduction to Law of Attraction for Business

 Class 2: Setting Up Your LOA Business

 Class 3: Power in Networking

 Class 4: Power Words That Sell

 Class 5: Creating Your Business Script

 Class 6: Your Operating Power

 Class 7: Manifest Your Destiny - Attract More Business

 Class 8: The Balancing Act

Module 8: The Practicum This Module has five (5) major components:

1. Complete Module Evaluations: One for each of the Modules 1 through 7.

2. Coaching Reports: Ten (10) Coaching Reports are required. Your reports should be
about coaching the Law of Attraction with someone or a group of others. The reports are
critical to your certification, as they allow us to see how you are actively demonstrating your
understanding and application of LOA principles in your own life as well as in the lives of
others. A coaching session can be as simple as sharing the Law of Attraction over a cup of
coffee with a neighbor or as formal as a professional coaching session.

3. Training Reports: Ten (10) Training Reports are required. Reports are occasions
where you have taught or trained others about the Law of Attraction. It could be a group of
people in a workshop or seminar, or on a TeleClass.

4. Mastery Reports: If you have not already submitted these in the Practitioner
Program, five (5) Mastery Reports are required. You have the choice of listening to 10
pre-recorded Mastery calls or attending the live ones with Rebecca Hanson.

5. Your Completion Interview:
Once you have completed all the Evaluations and Reports, you will be asked to meet with
Rebecca Hanson, our Founder, over the phone. This will be a time of reflection on your LOA
journey, celebration of reaching this mile-stone and recommendations for your further
growth. You have one year in which to complete the requirements.

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