Emory Law School Lexis/Westlaw Printing Policy by HC120929211442


									Emory Law School Lexis/Westlaw Printing Policy

Printing orders to the Law Library's printers must be limited to no more than 200 pages per day
for each system. Violation may result in modification of the offender's ID number so that printing
privileges will be disabled for up to one month. In extreme cases Lexis and Westlaw privileges will
be revoked entirely.
Every year there are a number of violations of this policy by 1L's with newly received unrestricted
passwords. Many of these unreasonably long printouts are of materials that are readily available
in the library in hard copy. Please be considerate of your fellow students and pay attention to the
length of the documents you are printing.
If you have any questions regarding searching or printing from Lexis or Westlaw please contact
the Reference Staff at 727-6826 or come to the Reference Desk on the second level of the Law
Library. Thank you.

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