TRUNCH 1901 CENSUS

Gaps and strange spellings are as those on the records. Birthplaces are in Norfolk unless otherwise stated.
Dwellings had 5 or more inhabited rooms unless otherwise stated.

KEY.     Marital status – Married, Single, Widow/er.
         Occupation - Agr. Lab. Agricultural labourer, W – worker (employee), E – Employer, OA – own account
(self-employed), AH – work at home

Name                        Relation      Marital     Gender     Age     Occupation                 Birthplace
1. Farm, Trunch T
Robert PUNCHER             Head              M        M        53        Carter             OA      Mundesley
Hannah M PUNCHER           Wife              M        F        53                                   Gimingham
Jessie PALMER              Daughter          M        F        24                                   Paston
Herbert PUNCHER            Son               S        M        21        Agr lab            W       Gimingham
George PUNCHER             Son                        M        16        Agr lab            W       Gimingham
John PUNCHER               Son                        M        14        Agr lab            W       Gimingham

2. Farm House
Alfred RUDRUM              Head              M        M        33        Carter             OA      Mundesley
Sarah E RUDRUM             Wife              M        F        30                                   Sidestrand
Kathleen M RUDRUM          Daughter                   F        5                                    Trunch
Alfred J RUDRUM            Son                        M        4                                    Trunch
William G RUDRUM           Son                        M        3                                    Trunch

3. Farm House
Rhoda MAY/MOY              Head              W        F        80                                   Hemsworth

4. Hall Farm
Robert BUCK                Head              M        M        59      Farmer               E       Skeyton
Sarah Ann BUCK             Wife              M        F        60                                   Trunch
Ellen M GIBBONS            Daughter          M        F        25                                   Trunch
Walter J GIBBONS           Son in law        M        M        36      Builder              E       Trunch
Robert W GIBBONS           Grandson                   M        7 months                             Trunch

5. Cottage
John PITT                  Head              M        M        60        Farm horseman W            Trunch
Emma PITT                  Wife              M        F        62                                   Gimingham
George PITT                Son               S        M        23        Farm horseman W            Trunch

6. Cottage
Alfred DIXON               Head              M        M        24        Farm horseman W            Trunch
Mary Ann DIXON             Wife              M        F        26        Dressmaker    AH           Trunch

1 uninhabited cottage

7. Brick Kiln Farm
George M DUCKER            Head              M        M        38        Farmer             E       Swanton Abbott
Eliza A DUCKER             Wife              M        F        36                                   Camberwell, London
Mary A DUCKER                                S        F        41                                   Swanton Abbott
Mary ALLISON               Servant           S        F        15        Domestic servant           Trunch

8. Ivy House Farm
Henry B MAY               Head              M       M        57       Farmer             E       Sharrington
Virtue MAY                Wife              M       F        55                                  Trunch
Rosalie V MAY             Daughter          S       F        24                                  Trunch
Helen M MAY               Daughter          S       F        15                                  Trunch
Benjamin BUCK             Boarder           M       M        82       Living on own means        Skeyton
Alice E BUCK              Boarder           M       F        80                                  Trunch
Charlotte ALLISON         Servant           S       F        28       General domestic           Trunch

9. White House Farm
Timothy C
BLANCHFLOWER              Head              M       M        55       Farmer             E       Loddon
Mary A
BLANCHFLOWER              Wife              M       F        54                                  Hudson Bay,
                                                                                                 North America
Lilian E
BLANCHFLOWER              Daughter          S       F        30                                  Great Yarmouth
Kathleen A
BLANCHFLOWER              Daughter          S       F        17                                  Great Yarmouth
Marie L KNIGHT            Daughter          M       F        24                                  Rudham
John R KNIGHT             Grandson                  M        1                                   Knightsbridge,
Dorice G M E KNIGHT       Granddaughter             F        4 months                            Knightsbridge
Florence J SWANN          Servant                   F        21       General domestic           Knapton

1 uninhabited cottage

10. Cottage
John LARKE                Head              M       M        37      Domestic gardener W         Swafield
Jane LARKE                Wife              M       F        43                                  Sloley
Pearl LARKE               Daughter                  F        15                                  Knapton
Victor LARKE              Son                       M        12                                  Knapton
Eva LARKE                 Daughter                  F        8                                   Knapton
Ruth LARKE                Daughter                  F        11 months                           Trunch
Alice ARTHURTON           Boarder           S       F        23      Teacher                     Weston
                                                                     - elementary school

1 uninhabited cottage

11. Cottage
Philip BOULTER             Head             M       M        35       Agr lab          W        Trunch
Age possibly a mistake, may be 53. Stephen P Boulter age 64 in 1911, married to Mary A for 40 years, 1 child
But birth place given as Gimingham in 1911
Mary A BOULTER             Wife             M       F        49                                 Trunch
Mary A GUAL                Daughter         M       F        30                                 Trunch
Definitely written as GAUL but in 1911 clearly as GALL
William GAUL               Son in law       M       M        33       Agr lab                   Aylsham
Philip GAUL                Grandson                 M        6                                  Trunch
Ellen GAUL                 Granddaughter            F        3                                  Trunch

12. Butcher’s Shop
John SPURGEON             Head              M       M        40       Butcher            E AH    Aldborough
Catherine SPURGEON        Wife              M       F        31                                  Trunch
Elizabeth M SPURGEON      Daughter                  F        6                                   Trunch
Arthur SPURGEON           Son                       M        6                                   Trunch
Cissy H SPURGEON          Daughter                  F        5                                   Trunch
13. Cottage (3 rooms)
Edward SMITH             Head       M   M   38      Agr lab         W       Northrepps
Sarah A SMITH            Wife       M   F   34                              Trunch
Beatrice SMITH           Daughter       F   9                               Trunch
James SMITH              Son            M   14      Agr lab         W       Trunch
Helden SMITH             Daughter       F   7                               Trunch
Gladys SMITH             Daughter       F   4                               Trunch
Edward SMITH             Son            M   10 months                       Trunch

13A. Cottage (2 rooms)
John BOULTER             Head       W   M   60      Agr lab         W       Trunch
May BOULTER              Daughter       F   14                              Trunch

14. Cottage (2 rooms)
Sarah A WILSON           Head       S   F   74                              Knapton

15. Cottage (3 rooms)
Henry BURNETT            Head       M   M   37      Farm horseman W         Trunch
Annie M BURNETT          Wife       M   F   38                              Trunch
Frederick BURNETT        Son        S   M   15      Garden labourer W       Trunch
John BURNETT             Son        S   M   14      Agr lab         W       Trunch
Rose BURNETT             Daughter       F   10                              Trunch
Thos. H BURNETT          Son            M   8                               Trunch
Arthur BURNETT           Son            M   5                               Trunch
Mary A BURNETT           Daughter       F   3                               Trunch
Harriett E BURNETT       Daughter       F   2                               Trunch
Harold A BURNETT         Son            M   9 months                        Trunch

16. Cottage (3 rooms)
Thomas FULLER            Head       M   M   64      Farm horseman W         Trunch
Sarah A FULLER           Wife       M   F   54                              Honing
William FULLER           Son        S   M   29      Agr lab          W      Trunch
Herbert FULLER           Son        S   M   22      Labourer at brewery W   Trunch
Tom FULLER               Son        S   M   14      Agr lab          W      Trunch
Alfred FULLER            Son        S   M   13      Agr lab          W      Trunch

17. Cottage
Mary BRACKENBURY Head               W   F   81                              Trunch

1 uninhabited cottage

18. Cottage
Rebekah COLEMAN          Head       W   F   72                              Trunch

19. Cottage (4 rooms)
George POWERS            Head       M   M   49      Agr lab         W       Mapal, Isle of Ely
Ellen POWERS             Wife       M   F   50                              Southrepps
Charles POWERS           Son        S   M   25      Agr lab         W       Norwich
George POWERS            Son        S   M   16      Agr lab         W       Trunch
Minie POWERS            Daughter          F   12                             Trunch

20. Trunch Brewery
Oldman CARTER           Head          S   M   56   Brewer             E      Wareham Hall
Edward WOODGATE         Boarder       S   M   33   Brewer             E      Over, Cheshire
Susan THOMSON           Housekeeper   S   F   44   Domestic                  Dumfriesshire,

21. Cottage (3 rooms)
Henry H FLAXMAN       Head            M   M   48   Agr lab            W      North Walsham
Louisa FLAXMAN        Wife            M   F   45                             Southrepps
Robert Henry FLAXMAN Son                  M   12   Errand boy                Trunch
Herbert J FLAXMAN     Son                 M   9                              Gimingham
Arthur B FLAXMAN      Son                 M   7                              trunch

22. Cottage (4 rooms)
George H BURNETT        Head          M   M   41   Farm horseman W           Trunch
Mary A BURNETT          Wife          M   F   40                             Erpingham
George H BURNETT        Son           S   M   18   Farm horseman W           Trunch
Thos. H BURNETT         Son               M   17   Agr lab       W           Trunch
Walter M BURNETT        Son               M   13   Agr lab       W           Trunch
Agnes M BURNETT         Daughter          F   9                              Trunch
Emma E BURNETT          Daughter          F   6                              Trunch
Herbert E BURNETT       Son               M   3                              Trunch
Elsie E BURNETT         Daughter          F   1                              Trunch

23. Cottage
Ann FOX                 Head          W   F   57   Dressmaker         OA AH South Creake
George HALL             Boarder       S   M   19   Agr lab            W     Trunch

24. Manor Farm
Frederick N POWELL      Head          M   M   40   Farmer             E      Little Snoring
Annie L E POWELL        Wife          M   F   26                             London
Fanny A POWELL          Sister        S   F   46                             Little Snoring
Evangeline JEREMY       Servant       S   F   19   General domestic          Banbury,

25. Cottage (4 rooms)
Robert DIXON            Head          M   M   40   Domestic gardener W       Trunch
Sarah DIXON             Wife          M   F   41                             Trunch
Edith DIXON             Daughter          F   16                             Trunch
Walter DIXON            Son               M   12                             Trunch
Arthur DIXON            Son               M   9                              Trunch
Willie DIXON            Son               M   7                              Trunch
Freddie DIXON           Son               M   3                              Trunch

26. Cottage (4 rooms)
Thomas GOWING           Head          M   M   37   Farm horseman W           Trunch
Eveline GOWING          Wife          M   F   36                             Trimingham
Reginald GOWING         Son               M   9                              Trunch
Hilda GOWING            Daughter          F   3                              Aylsham

27. Cottage (4 rooms)
John WILLEY             Head            W       M   72     Agr lab         W     Trunch
Julia WILLEY            Daughter        S       F   30                           Trunch
Arthur WILLEY           Son             S       M   24     Agr lab         W     Trunch
Florence WILLEY         Daughter                F   12                           Trunch
                        1891 as granddaughter

28. Cottage (4 rooms)
Robert FARROW           Head            M       M   26     Agr lab         W     Guist
Jemima FARROW           Wife            M       F   46                           Wretton
Lucy A FLAXMAN          Stepdaughter            F   13                           Trunch
Beatrice E FLAXMAN      Stepdaughter            F   9                            Trunch

29. Cottage
William N WARD          Head            M       M   21     Farm cattleman W      Blundeston, Suffolk
Laura E WARD            Wife            M       F   21                           Gimingham

30. Cottage
James FULLER            Head            M       M   36      Brewer’s drayman     Trunch
Mary FULLER             Wife            M       F   36                           Norwich
Audrey FULLER           Daughter                F   14                           Trunch
Roland FULLER           Son                     M   12      Agr lab              Trunch
Louis FULLER            Son                     M   9                            Trunch
Mildred FULLER          Daughter                F   7                            Trunch
Kathleen FULLER         Daughter                F   3                            Trunch
Gracie FULLER           Daughter                F   7 months                     Trunch
Samuel FULLER           Father          M       M   84                           Trunch
Mary A FULLER           Mother          M       F   76                           Trunch

31. Cottage (4 rooms)
William DIXON           Head            M       M   36     Brewer’s labourer W   Trunch
Jane DIXON              Wife            M       F   39                           Gimingham
Ernest DIXON            Son                     M   11                           Trunch
Alice DIXON             Daughter                F   9                            Trunch
Lewis DIXON             Son                     M   7                            Knapton
Bernard DIXON           Son                     M   5                            Trunch
Eva DIXON               Daughter                F   2                            Trunch

32. Cottage
Herbert LEVERATT        Head            M       M   35     Brickmaker      W     Erpingham

33. Private House
Robert WILSON           Head            M       M   60     Market gardener OA AH Sprowston
Ann WILSON              Wife            M       F   60                           Sprowston

34. Cottage (4 rooms)
Harriett BANE           Head            W       F   64                           Stalham
Malvina BANE            Daughter        S       F   36                           North Walsham
Arthur BANE             Son             S       M   29     Brewery drayman W     North Walsham
Florrie E BANE          Granddaughter           F   8                            Trunch

35. Cottage (4 roms)
William SELF            Head            M       M   42     Bricklayer      OA    Trunch
Matilda SELF             Wife            M   F   32                                North Walsham
Rose BANE                Daughter            F   11                                West Beckham
Kathleen SELF            Daughter            F   5                                 Trunch
Laura SELF               Daughter            F   3                                 Trunch
Gertrude SELF            Daughter            F   1                                 Trunch
George SELF              Son                 M   2 months                          Trunch

36. Cottage (2 rooms)
George STOREY            Head            M   M   59      ?                  OA     Skeyton
Julia STOREY             Wife            M   F   58                                Swanton Abbott
Evelyn STOREY            Granddaughter       F   4                                 Trunch

37. Farm House Cottage
Walter PAUL              Head            M   M   36      Framer & dealer OA        Bradfield
Martha PAUL              Wife            M   F   39                                North Walsham
Lucy PAUL                Daughter            F   12                                Bradfield
Alice PAUL               Daughter            F   10                                Bradfield
Gertrude PAUL            Daughter            F   8                                 Bradfield
Kathleen PAUL            Daughter            F   7                                 Bradfield
Martha PAUL              Daughter            F   5                                 Bradfield
Dorothy PAUL             Daughter            F   2                                 Trunch

38. Trunch Hall
Ellen FORREST            Head            W   F   58      Living on own means       Stockport, Cheshire
Ellen de Ivan FORREST    Daughter        S   F   40      Living on own means       Jersey, St. Lukes
Isabel FORREST           Daughter        S   F   38                                York, St. Maurice
Sarah REYNOLDS           Servant         S   F   18      General domestic          Northrepps

39. Cottage
Benjamin HEWITT          Head            M   M   76      Outdoor service W         Paston
                                                         - groom & gardener
Mary Ann HEWITT          Wife            M   F   75                                Edingthorpe
Ruth MILEHAM             Granddaughter   S   F   22                                Honing

40. Cottage
Alfred FULLER            Head            M   M   49      Farm horseman W           Trunch
Elizabeth FULLER         Wife            M   F   53                                Blickling
Samuel FULLER            Son             S   M   25      Agr lab           W       Trunch
William FULLER           Son             S   M   23      Bricklayer’s labourer W   Trunch

41. Cottage (3 rooms)
John FRARY               Head            M   M   50      Vermin destroyer OA      Trunch
Ann FRARY                Wife            M   F   38                               Tacklestone
Herbert FRARY            Son             S   M   15      Agr lab          W       Trunch
Albert FRARY             Son                 M   13      Vermin destroyer’s son W Trunch
Frank FRARY              Son                 M   12                               Trunch
Ellen FRARY              Daughter            F   10                               Trunch
Alice FRARY              Daughter            F   9                                Trunch
Eva FRARY                Daughter            F   2                                Trunch
Olive FRARY              Daughter            F   3 months                         Trunch

42. Cottage (2 rooms)
Harry E RUDLING          Head            M   M   47      Engineer at brewery W     Coltishall
Laura LEGGETT      Housekeeper             M        F        35      Domestic          W        Thurne
Eric RUDLING LEGGETT Son                            M        2 months                           Trunch

43. Cottage
Alfred STOREY             Head             M        M        33      Farm horseman W            Swanton
Laura STOREY              Wife             M        F        27                                 Trunch

44. The Limes
Francis PRIMROSE          Head             W        F        58      Living on own means        Salthouse
Helen PRIMROSE            Daughter         S        F        24                                 Trunch
Alfred J F PRIMROSE       Son              S        M        23                                 Trunch
Fred PRIMROSE             Son              S        M        15                                 Trunch
Hannah JOHNSON            Sister           S        F        60      Living on own means        Salthouse
Sarah CREMER              Visitor          S        F        66      Living on own means        Trunch
Laura BURNETT             Servant          S        F        15      Domestic                   Trunch

45. The Laurels
William R GIBBONS         Head             M        M        36      Farmer            E        Trunch
Matilda A GIBBONS         Wife             M        F        31                                 Edingthorpe
Laura M GIBBONS           Daughter                  F        10                                 Trunch
Dorothy B GIBBONS         Daughter                  F        7                                  Trunch
Walter W GIBBONS          Son                       M        5                                  Trunch
Cicily G GIBBONS          Daughter                  F        3                                  Trunch
Frederick M GIBBONS       Son                       M        1                                  Trunch

46. Cottage
Herbert OAKLEY            Head             M        M        24      Carpenter         W        Gimingham
Edith OAKLEY              Wife             M        F        20                                 Sidestrand
George OAKLEY             Son                       M        2                                  Trunch
Mary WHITE                Sister in law    S        F        21                                 Gimingham

47. Cottage (4 rooms)
William DIXON             Head             M        M        66      Farm horseman W            Southrepps
Mary Ann DIXON            Wife             M        F        65                                 Trunch
Hannah M DIXON            Daughter         S        F        23      Domestic cook     W        Trunch

48, Cottage (2 rooms)
Sarah PITT                Head             W        F        88                                 Southrepps

“Schedules 49 & 50 were given to persons in Swafield to be collected by the Swafield enumerator.”

51. Cottage
George H E COLEMAN        Head             M        M        23      Cattleman         W        North Beckham
Emily COLEMAN             Wife             M        F        24                                 Gimingham
John W COLEMAN            Son                       M        3                                  Gimingham
Frederick J COLEMAN       Son                       M        9 months                           Trunch

52. Private house
John R GREENHILL          Head             W        M        72                                 Ashford, Kent
Eleanor GREENHILL         Daughter         S        F        40                                 Trunch
Herbert GREENHILL         Son              S        M        37                                 Trunch
53. Cottage (4 rooms)
Richard G AMIES         Head            W   M   59   General labourer W      Cromer
Ernest A AMIES          Son             S   M   29   Brickmaker’s labourer W Norwich
Alice E AMIES           Daughter        S   F   27                           Norwich
Arthur E AMIES          Son             S   M   21   Brickmaker’s labourer W Norwich
Agnes L AMIES           Granddaughter       F   8                            Trunch

1 uninhabited cottage

54. Private house
William SEAGO           Head            M   M   61   Job master
                                                     – stable         OA AH Gimingham
Jemima E SEAGO          Wife            M   F   65                          Trunch

55. Cottage
Benjamin FLAXMAN        Head            W   M   85                            North Walsham
Hariett FLAXMAN         Daughter        S   F   45   Bedridden for 20 years   North Walsham
Edith H MORTER          Boarder             F   13                            Trunch

56. Cottage
Richard WEGG            Head            M   M   71   Butcher          OA      Trunch
Rebekah WEGG            Wife            M   F   54                            Ely, Cambridgeshire

57. Cottage
Thomas W CUTTING        Head            M   M   38   Farm horseman W          Trunch
Florence H CUTTING      Wife            M   F   35                            Trunch
Charles P WORTS         Father in law   W   M   65                            Trunch
Ernest S CUTTING        Son                 M   3                             Trunch
Florence CUTTING        Daughter            F   1                             Trunch

58. Cottage
Henry FULLER            Head            M   M   51   Agr lab          W       Trunch
Hannah FULLER           Wife            M   F   53                            Dunstone

1 uninhabited cottage

59. Cottage
Francis MARSHALL        Head            M   M   58   Tile maker       W       Witton
Matilda MARSHALL        Wife            M   F   56                            Witton
Edith MARSHALL          Daughter        S   F   16   Monitress in    W        Trunch
                                                     Elementary School

60. Cottage (4 rooms)
Joseph LAMBERT          Head            M   M   58   Agr lab          W       North Walsham
Virtue LAMBERT          Wife            M   F   44                            Gimingham
George LAMBERT          Son                 M   16   Agr lab                  Trunch
Frederick LAMBERT       Son                 M   12                            Trunch
Joseph LAMBERT          Father          W   M   84                            Swafield

61. Cottage (4 rooms)
Alfred COLEMAN           Head       M   M   38   Farm cattleman W      Trunch
Eleanor COLEMAN          Wife       M   F   36                         Trunch
Helen M COLEMAN          Daughter       F   6                          Trunch
Bertie J COLEMAN         Son            M   4                          Trunch
John M COLEMAN           Son            M   1                          Trunch

Primitive Methodist Chapel

62. Cottage (4 rooms)
Deborah GOWING           Head       W   F   63   Tailoress      OA AH Bradfield
Ethel M COLEMAN          Visitor        F   9                         Trunch

63. Cottage (4 rooms)
Rachall WORTS            Head       W   F   62   Dressmaker     OA AH Trunch
May Rachael SELF         Niece          F   12                         Trunch

64. Cottage
John WATTS               Head       M   M   52   Agr lab        W      Trunch
Elizabeth WATTS          Wife       M   F   57                         Trunch
John WATTS               Son        S   M   17   Agr lab        W      Trunch
Teddy WATTS              Grandson       M   2                          Trunch

65. Cottage
George MARLER            Head       M   M   27   Blacksmith     W AH East Ruston
Sarah MARLER             Wife       M   F   26                       Scottow

66. New Inn
William SIELY            Head       M   M   52   Licensed       OA AH North Walsham

Jane E SIELY             Wife       M   F   46                         Stock, Essex
William SIELY            Son        S   M   20   Groom                 New South Wales
Anna RIVETT              Servant    S   F   17   Domestic              Trunch

67. Cottage
Robert FRARY             Head       M   M   52   Oilman?        OA AH Trunch
Louisa FRARY             Wife       M   F   54                        Wickmere
Ellen FRARY              Daughter       F   16                        Trunch

68. Cottage
Hannah FULLER            Head       W   F   66                         Southrepps
Ethel BURNETT            Visitor        F   12                         Trunch

69. Shop
Josiah FULLER            Head       M   M   62   Grocer           OA AH Trunch
Harriett FULLER          Wife       M   F   63                          Mundesley
Albert E FULLER          Son        S   M   32   Farmer           OA AH Trunch
Thomas M FULLER          Son        S   M   28   Farmer’s brother W     Trunch
Arthur FULLER            Son        S   M   27   Carpenter        W     Trunch
Ralph J FULLER          Son             S   M   23      Farmer’s brother W        Trunch
Marion A FULLER         Daughter        S   F   22      Dressmaker       OA       Trunch

70. Cottage
Anna M ABEL             Head            W   F   66      Living on own means       Trunch

2 uninhabited houses

Parish Church

71. Shop
Tho. W WEGG             Head            M   M   43      Pork butcher     OA AH Trunch
Anna WEGG               Wife            M   F   40                             Westleton, Suffolk
Hilda WEGG              Daughter            F   14                             Trunch
Laurence WEGG           Son                 M   13      Paper boy              Trunch
Jessie WEGG             Daughter            F   11                             Trunch
Mabel WEGG              Daughter            F   9                              Trunch
Olive WEGG              Daughter            F   5                              Trunch
Clifford WEGG           Son                 M   3                              Trunch

72. Cottage
John GALL               Head            M   M   59      Agr lab          W        Aylsham
Annie GALL              Wife            M   F   41                                Trunch

73. Cottage
Thomas BULLIMORE        Head            M   M   56      Agr lab          W        Gimingham
Sarah Ann BULLIMORE     Wife            M   F   52                                North Birmingham
Herbert ALLISON         Stepson             M   13      Agr lab          W        Trunch
Alice ALLISON           Granddaughter       F   4                                 Trunch

74. Cottage (4 rooms)
Samuel N NORMAN         Head            M   M   32      Saddler          OA AH Hempstone
Margaret NORMAN         Wife            M   F   31                             Walsingham

75. Shop
Robert W WALL           Head            M   M   30      Grocer & draper E         Gresham
Lily WALL               Wife            M   F   28                                Canada, Stratford
Harry WALL              Son                 M   4                                 Thurlton

76. Cottage
Edward WEGG             Head            M   M   47      Brick maker       W       Trunch
Maria WEGG              Wife            M   F   50                                Knapton
Charlotte WEGG          Daughter        S   F   24      Domestic servant          Trunch
Edward P WEGG           Son             S   M   19      Brick maker       W       Trunch
Walter H WEGG           Son                 M   16      Bricklayer’s labourer W   Trunch
Elsie Lilian WEGG       Daughter            F   14                                Trunch
Mary E WEGG             Daughter            F   11                                Trunch
Ivy V WEGG              Daughter            F   6                                 Trunch
Lilian M WEGG           Granddaughter       F   8 months                          Trunch

77. Cottage
Susan JORDAN            Head            W   F   69                                Gimingham
78. Cottage (4 rooms)
William FULLER          Head            M   M   74                          Trunch
Mary FULLER             Wife            M   F   75                          Bradfield

79. Cottage (3 rooms)
Thomas FULLER           Head            M   M   42   Agr lab         W      Trunch
Maria FULLER            Wife            M   F   43                          Bawburgh
Albert FULLER           Son                 M   13   Errand boy      W      Trunch
Norman FULLER           Son                 M   10                          Trunch
George FULLER           Son                 M   7                           Trunch
Gladys FULLER           Daughter            F   5                           Trunch
Owen FULLER             Son                 M   2                           Trunch

80. Crown Inn
Robert YAXLEY           Head            M   M   52   Inn keeper      OA AH Barsham
Susannah YAXLEY         Wife            M   F   40                         Kettlestone
John WILLIAMSON         Father in law   W   M   73                         Kettlestone

81. Cottage
Anna BULLEN             Head            W   F   70                          Trunch
John PRATT              Boarder         M   M   62   Agr lab         W      Trunch

82. Cottage (4 rooms)
Alfred BULLEN           Head            M   M   39   Carpenter       OA     Trunch
                                                     & well sinker
Mary Ann BULLEN         Wife            M   F   41                          Dilham
Ada BULLEN              Daughter            F   14                          Trunch
Herbert BULLEN          Son                 M   9                           Trunch
Jack BULLEN             Son                 M   7                           Trunch
Emily BULLEN            Daughter            F   5                           Trunch
Horace BULLEN           Son                 M   2                           Trunch

83. Cottage (3 rooms)
Thomas BOULTER          Head            M   M   42   Farm yardman    W      Trunch
Annie M BOULTER         Wife            M   F   43                          Trunch
William FULLER          Boarder         S   M   21   Agr lab         W      Trunch

84. Cottage (4 rooms)
Isaac RICHES            Head            M   M   68   Barber-hair     OA AH Trunch
Susan RICHES            Wife            M   F   66                         Norton Subcourse
John RICHES             Son             S   M   36   Market gardener OA AH Trunch
Harriett RICHES         Granddaughter       F   12                         Trunch

85. Cottage
Jane CUTTING            Head            W   F   66   Living on own means    Trunch

86. Cottage (3 rooms)
Alfred LEE              Head            M   M   46   Agr lab         W      Paston
Maria LEE               Wife            M   F   38                          Marlingford
Marion LEE              Daughter            F   10                          Trunch
87. Cottage
James SELF              Head            W   M   73     Agr lab            W     Trunch
Eliza SELF              Daughter        S   F   35                              Trunch
Robert SELF             Grandson            M   11                              Trunch
Ethel SELF              Granddaughter       F   9                               West Beckham
Kathleen SELF           Granddaughter       F   3                               West Beckham

88. Cottage (2 rooms)
John D FLAXMAN          Head            M   M   25      Journeyman butcher W    Coxoe, Durham
Elizabeth C FLAXMAN     Wife            M   F   23                              Gimingham
James B FLAXMAN         Son                 M   2                               Trunch
Harry C FLAXMAN         Son                 M   10 months                       Trunch

89. Cottage
Thomas RIVETT           Head            W   M   58     Farm cowman        W     Briston
Annie E RIVETT          Daughter        S   F   27                              Trunch
William RIVETT          Son                 M   15     Cattle feeder      W     Trunch
Frank RIVETT            Son                 M   13     Farm cowhand       W     Trunch
Robert RIVETT           Son                 M   13     Cattle feeder      W     Trunch
Jane RIVETT             Daughter            F   11                              Trunch
Edith RIVETT            Daughter            F   9                               Trunch
Robert Gee RIVETT       Grandson            M   5                               Trunch

90. Private House
Annie M DIX             Head            S   F   71                              Dilham
Emma DIX                Sister          S   F   62                              Smallburgh
Anna M LAMBAT           Servant         S   F   26     Domestic servant         Trunch

91. The Rectory
William T KIMM          Head            M   M   58     Clergyman C of E         Cambridge
Maria KIMM              Wife            M   F   60                              Poplar
Amy B KIMM              Daughter        S   F   27                              Liverpool
Ellen LODGE             Servant         S   F   45     General domestic         Essex

92. Park Farm
William BLYTH           Head            M   M   60     Farmer             OA AH Martham
Hariett BLYTH           Wife            M   F   55                              Martham
Robert SMITHSON         Boarder         S   M   58     Agr lab            W     Martham

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