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					             REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

                      RFP # 13-002A


                          Release of RFP: September 20, 2012
 Letters of Interest Submitted By: 2 PM on September 24, 2012

      RFP Documents may be found at the following website:
                      DAYTONA STATE COLLEGE
                      REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

Daytona State College, through this Request for Proposals (RFP), is seeking Proposals
for real estate acquisition consulting services for the College. The College is requesting
a “Letter of Interest with Qualifications, Experience and Fees” to be submitted by 2
PM on September 24, 2012 to identify qualified interested parties.

Daytona State College was authorized by the 1957 Florida Legislature and became the
state’s first comprehensive community college. The College provides quality, affordable
job training, personal enrichment, and academic programs to educate and to empower
individuals and promote economic development. As a comprehensive four-year public
college committed to open access, student learning and success, the College provides
personalized attention to students, embraces diversity, and uses innovation to enhance
teaching and learning.

For additional information about the College, visit our web site at the following internet

Address Instructions
Real Estate firms, hereinafter “Responders” shall submit an original written response,
signed by an officer of the company who is authorized to bind the company by contract,
with five (5) copies. Responses should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked Real
Estate Acquisition Consulting Services, RFP #13-002A and addressed as follows:

                                     Daytona State College
                                    Business Services Office
                           Attn: Janet Parish, Associate Vice President
                                        Business Services
                                          Building 1100
                              1200 W. International Speedway Blvd.
                                    Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Hardcopy responses must be received by mail or hand delivered to the above address
no later than 2:00 p.m. EDT on September 24, 2012. Facsimile transmissions will not
be accepted. Responses submitted or received after that date will not be accepted.
Changes to responses must be made in writing, signed by the original signatory, prior to
the response due date.
Decisions Regarding Responses
The College reserves the right to:
           Make all decisions regarding all responses pursuant to the request,
              including, without limitation, the right to decide whether a response does
              or does not substantially comply with the requirements of this Request for
           Accept, reject, or negotiate modifications in any terms of Responders’
              responses or any parts thereof; and
           Reject any or all responses received.

It must be specifically understood that this Request for Proposals does not create any
obligation on the part of Daytona State College to enter into any contract or undertake
any financial obligation with respect to the program referred to herein.

Responder Inquiries
No negotiations, decisions, or actions shall be executed by any Responder as a result of
any oral discussions with any College employee. Only those transactions that are in
writing shall be considered valid. FAX and E-MAIL inquiries are acceptable, FAX 386-
506-4289 and email in Business Services/Purchasing. The
College shall only consider communications from Responders that are in writing.
Inquiries concerning this Request for Proposals shall be submitted to:

                                 Daytona State College
                                Business Services Office
                          Attn: Janet Parish, Associate Vice President
                                  Business Services
                                     Building 1100
                             1200 W. International Speedway Blvd.
                                 Daytona Beach, FL 32114

                          e-mail to

Answers to a Responder’s inquiry will be made available in writing to all Responders
upon request. Include Responder’s e-mail address to facilitate a response. Written
questions must be submitted by September 21, 2012, 5:00 p.m. EDT.

Review Criteria
The College shall review all accepted responses with particular emphasis on each
Responder’s record of performance and experience in providing services to other public
entities; cost of expenses the firm charges for various services to be acquired by the
College; and Responder’s level of expertise in designated areas.

See Section titled “Response Required” for a complete list of responses/information
Responder shall include in RFP response to be used in the evaluation process.

Estimated Time Table
         Release RFP                               September 20, 2012
         Deadline for Submitting Questions         September 21, 2012
         RFP Submittal Deadline                    September 24, 2012
Response Validity
Responses should be considered valid for at least 180 days from the response
submission deadline.

Response Information
All material submitted becomes the property of the College and may be returned only at
the College’s option. Responses submitted become the property of the College and may
be reviewed and evaluated by any person at the discretion of the College, regardless of
statements contained within the Responder’s response to the contrary.

Information provided by the College to the requesting Responder for the purpose of
providing a response to the RFP is the property of the College. As such, said
information is to be used only in the preparation of these responses pursuant to this


Statement of Work

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued for the purpose of selecting and awarding
non-exclusive contracts to single or multiple real estate firms which will be designated as
‘preferred Responders’ for providing real estate services, for various areas based on the
Responder’s expertise. The selected firm(s) will agree on a “fee schedule” to be used for
the College within the awarded services area during the contract term. One firm could
be awarded a contract for just one of the product areas, or a contract that covers an
award for several product areas. Product areas are discussed below.

After the award of contracts based on this ‘preferred Responder’ RFP, a Responder will
be placed on the preferred Responder list, which will be used by the College.

However, in unusual circumstances, the College reserves the right to utilize non-
preferred Responders, or more than one Responder, to provide the required services for
a specific product when in the best interest of the College.

Areas of Expertise
Responders may contract with the College to be considered for providing real estate
acquisition services in one or more of the following areas:

       Residential and/or Commercial Real Estate Transactions

       Responders must indicate in their response any service area of expertise
       they wish to be considered.

Statement of Work
     For individual assignments, the College shall provide written authorization to
      The Responders shall maintain the complete confidentiality of all materials
       transmitted by the College or any other authorized person on behalf of the

Approvals of Work
Preferred Responder(s) shall perform only those services requested through the
College, on a case-by-case basis. A primary point of contact will be named, and should
be contacted directly for all information related to the specific matters. The President’s
Office should be contacted for all billing and administrative matters.

Providing services to the College involves unique requirements, such as giving
consideration to the academic mission of the College. The agent-client relationship shall
be between the College and your firm. No individual or department of the College shall
be considered to be your client unless specified and/or unless otherwise required by law.


Contract Term
The College intends to negotiate and execute with successful Responder(s) an annual
agreement with two optional renewal periods of one year each, if mutually agreed upon
by both parties. No contract will be automatically renewable at the end of the contract
term. Both the College and the Responder will be required to provide intent of renewal
or termination of the contract thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the contract.

Contract Cancellation
Either party may cancel the contract at any time with thirty (30) days’ written notice. The
College may terminate the contract for cause with ten (10) days’ notice with an
opportunity to cure.

The following section is divided into components that require a detailed response from
the Responder. Responses must be formatted and numbered to coincide with the RFP.

   1. Provide your firm’s name, address, telephone, fax number, and primary contact
      person (for this RFP). Please provide an e-mail address for this contact person.

   2. If applicable, list the company’s branch office addresses, telephone numbers, fax
      numbers, and contact persons, for those branch offices that would be used to
      provide the services outlined in this RFP.

   3. Provide brief company background, including years in business, volume of
      clients, number of employees, areas of expertise, and a list of relevant services
      the company provides. Include qualifications, current ratings and certifications.
4. Please provide a list of the public entities that are currently utilizing your services.
   Provide a brief summary of the type and volume of work performed for your
   major clients. What percent of your firm’s business is related to the area(s) for
   which you are responding to this RFP? What other areas of service does your
   firm provide?

5. Provide resumes, references and experience of personnel including both
   partners and associates who would be assigned to provide the services outlined
   in this RFP.

6. What is the amount of your firm’s professional liability insurance? If selected,
   your firm will need to provide proof of professional liability insurance in sufficient
   amount to protect the College’s interest in all real estate engagements

7. Please confirm your understanding and ability to meet the requirements
   described in this RFP. Note any exceptions.

8. What are the competitive advantages to your services versus your possible
   competitors’ services?

9. Provide other information you deem pertinent to demonstrate your qualifications
   to perform the services being requested.

10. Provide information on any prior experience of your firm with Daytona State
    College. Also, disclose any past adversarial positions, or conflict of interest, with
    the College.
                                    REPLY SHEET
                     Real Estate Acquisition Consulting Services

                                  RFP #13-002A
   Replies are due in the Purchasing Office on September 24, 2012 by 2:00 P.M.

Daytona State College is seeking responses from qualified firms to provide Real Estate
Acquisition Consulting Services for the Daytona State College Board of Trustees.

Response Format: The authorized representative of the agency submitting a response for
consideration shall address the following items:

Quantity       Description                          Unit Cost

Commission Rate                                      ________%
Consulting Services Rate per Hour                 $_________

If there is other information you want to provide that is pertinent to this response, mark it
“Additional Information” and include with your response. Ex: Pricing Methodology:




No Response ________         Reason for No Response



(Reply sheets must be completed and signed as indicated below)

I certify that I am a representative of this company and authorized to submit this response:

________________________________________________                     __________________
Authorized Signature                                                 Date

_________________________________________________                     _________________
Printed Name                                                          Phone

________________________________________________                      _________________
Name of Company                                                       Fax


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