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					                                                             BAHAS, GRAMATIDIS & PARTNERS


Marios Bahas
                                                                                                                                           Athens, April 2009
Yanos Gramatidis
Nassos Felonis
Dimitris Emvalomenos
Spyros Alexandris
George Hadzis
                                                                           PRODUCT LIABILITY
LAWYERS :                                                        ONE STOP SHOP IN DEFENDING BUSINESSES
Betty Smyrniou
Vicky Kotsani                    Our theme: For the sole benefit of our existing clients and with much enthusiasm to serve
Chara Athanassiou                new clients we never relax, no matter what we’ve achieved.
Nikos Stavroulakis
Popi Papantoniou
                                 Product liability and safety, viewed as a part of the general consumers’ law, remains a legal
Sergios Stamboulous
Vicky Meletacou
                                 field at the edge of developments during the recent years, with much more to happen at
Nikos Deliyiannis                European level in the short and the long run. Businesses’ needs for defense are expected to
Irene Economou                   significantly increase and being promptly updated will become an asset with an increased
Gregory Triantafillopoulos       value in the future.
Nikos Iliopoulos
Dimitris Economou
                                 Our firm has a proven unique history within Greece not only in monitoring closely the
Matina Giouni
Anastasia Giannakopoulou
                                 European developments but also actually affecting them.
Despoina Makri
Christos Gramatidis              1.   A team of our firm (contact: Dimitris Emvalomenos) prepared for Greece the two
Dora Zoumbouli                   Reports for the European Commission on the Product Liability Directive (85/374/EEC) in 1994
                                 (by CMS Cameron McKenna) and in 2003 (by Lovells).

                                 2.    Our long-term specialization in this area has resulted to the representation of some of
                                 the leading businesses in their own fields. Only some of them are being named in our website
                                 (, whereas many others are listed in our profile available on request.

                                 3.       Our firm (contact: Dimitris Emvalomenos) is the correspondent in Greece of the:
                                              British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL), Section of Product
                                               Liability /Tort Law Centre (;
                                              European Justice Forum (EJF), the only European (non profit) organization solely
                                               focused on promoting a balanced system of civil justice in Europe and necessarily
                                               having to do with consumer law issues (


    26, Filellinon Str., 105 58 Athens, Τel.: +30 210-3318.170 (24 lines), Fax: +30 210-3318.171 (2 lines), e-mail:, website:
                                BAHAS, GRAMATIDIS & PARTNERS

4.    EJF has played an active role and it is heavily involved in all the proceedings and discussions
currently taking place in Europe on:
      a. DG/Competition’s WHITE PAPER on damages actions for breach of antitrust rules;
      b.    DG/Consumer Affairs GREEN PAPER on consumer collective redress.

For years now our firm is immediately informed on all these developments and promptly evaluates
them to our clients’ benefit.

Among other interesting topics, EJF in co-operation with University of Oxford is reviewing all
European civil justice systems for some years now, especially focusing on costs, funding, access to
justice and proportionality issues. A collective report is currently being prepared as an update of a
previous report of 2006. Our firm has already contributed in 2006 regarding Greece and does the
same for the current update.

5.     Last but not least, Dimitris Emvalomenos was recently offered by DRI EUROPE the Country Chair
for Greece, for an initial one-year term (March 2009-2010). For those not already aware, DRI EUROPE
is the European part of DRI, founded in 1960, which is the largest U.S. legal association for more than
22,000 lawyers representing business interests in regulatory matters, litigation and dispute resolution.
DRI EUROPE is devoted to defending European business interests and consists of a network business
oriented legal professionals throughout Europe. More in: and

We’re ready to pass on our clients our experience and expertise while we’re constantly considering
new defense ideas and strategy.


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