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									Open Letter

From: Voice of Tennet Community, Arilo Payam

To: The Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, His Excellency, and Brigadier Aloseos
Ojetok Emor

Date: 7/1/2009

Subject: Intended Murdering of 10 Tennet by Mura Lopit

We the Tennet, dwelling in Arilo Payam would like to take this immense opportunity to
greet you warmly and express our profound gratitude to you for having led Eastern
Equatoria State well.

Your Excellency,
The objective of our Movement, SPLM/A is to achieve equality, freedom, democracy,
justice, development , human right and prosperity for all the Sudanese to improve their
living condition, regardless of religion, color and ethnicity. Indeed, the Movement
strived to attain the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, CPA which was signed on 9-1-
2005 in Nairobi, Kenya, for all the masses in the Sudan in general and Southern Sudan in
particular to live in peace, love, co-existence, prosperity and unity among themselves and
their neighbours. As a result of this accord, many Sudanese citizens always enjoy
dividends or benefit and commend the Agreement as the base for eradicating
marginalization and malpractices among the citizens of Southern Sudan in general and in
this matter, LOPA county in particular. It is our hope and prayer that Sudan will be
completely transformed, socially, politically, economically and educationally.

However, the other citizens in our State still indulge themselves in doing evil things
which have resulted in the violation of the CPA.

Your Excellency, we wish to give you the details of the incident that took place in Mura
Lopit. On 27/12/2008, two Government Cars which were going to Imehejek, the
Headquarters of the LOPA County from Arilo Payam for normal duties, were ambushed
and ten (10) Tennet people got killed in cold blood. The decimation was only planned
for Tennet because of bearing a different identity as Tennet tribe. To make the matter
clear, 3 policemen of Lopit origin, from Imehejek, Ihirang and Lohutok were selected
from the cars and left alive. Among the ten killed Tennet, four drivers, one policeman,
three prison warders, one teacher and one student. They were brutally murdered and their
heads were split, private parts were cut and inserted in their mouths. In addition to that,
their bodies were dismembered, treated inhuman beyond human recognition. This is
unacceptable behavior, barbaric act.

Your Excellency, this is the first kind of atrocities inflicted on us by our neighbors. It
seems this move has elements of infiltrating the spirit of ethnic cleansing in Lopit
Mountain. We the Tennet people are peace lovers respecting human dignity, living with
the neighbours peacefully and encouraging unity in diversity in our surroundings.

During the chieftainship of Clement Afira, from Mura Lopit, we were living with Mura
Lopit peacefully, trading together and intermarried. But, we are disheartened with what
they did and the entire Community of Tennet is confounded with the appalling news of
the death of 10 Tennet sons. To us, Mura Lopits were good people; we had strong
relationship with them. If the wrong elements in their village have brought chaos and
halted the relationship signed by our forefathers, we are strongly recommending that
justice must prevail in this situation. At this juncture, we urge your Government to look
into this case for better solution so that there will see no more violation.

We shall reconcile and live peacefully with Mura Lopit if the following will be done:

1-The culprits should be executed in presence of the families of the late

2-Logonowati and Lohobohobo case has to be solved separately not combining with
criminal act

3-The judgment of the apprehended culprits should be finished in Imehejek, not Torit

4-The salary of Tennet who are working in Imehejek should be taken to Arilo

5-We shall not be part of LOPA County if the culprits will be set free

6- Form truth and reconciliation committee to dig the root cause and come up with
possible solution, this should comprise of peace loving people

             Our regards

Yours faithfully,

Boko Rulng Boby

Cc. His Excellency, Luka Aribok, Commissioner LOPA County
  “ Justin Kerepi ,    MP GONU
  “ Nartiso Oluke,    MP GOSS
  “ Elizzabeth Adodo STATE MP
 “ Barnabas Ekol      STATE MP
 “ Louise Lobong      SPLM CHAIRMAN
“ Sabina Dario       SPEAKER EES
“ Aliardo Lohidong Tennet Boma Chief
“ T ennet Community, JUBA
“ Lopit Community, LOPA and Juba
“ Tennet Community, Northern Sudan
‘ Tennet members, Canada, USA, Australia

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