Letter of Application for Registration of Interest by 0QkGX5N1


									                          Letter of Application for Registration of Interest
            (On Letterhead, including full postal address, telephone, fax, e-mail addresses)

                                                                                           Date: ................

The Director, Technical Cell,
Department of Commerce and Industries,
First Floor, Vikasa Soudha,
1. Being duly authorized to represent and act on behalf of ............................................. the
   undersigned hereby registering interest in developing the -------- Project at......... [ insert details &
   location of project]
2. Details of Applicant
   a) Name:
   b) Country of incorporation:
   c) Address of the corporate headquarters and its branch office(s), if any, in India:
   d) Date of incorporation and/ or commencement of business:
   e) Nature of Applicant (whether public or private company, proprietorship firm, partnership)

3. Brief description of the Company including details of its main lines of business and proposed role
   and responsibilities in this Project:

4. Previous experience in relevant sector projects if any: Please include details such as
   a) Project type
   b) Location and extent of Land
   c) Capital investment in project
   d) Years of operation
   e) Turnover for last three years (if applicable) of operation

5. This application is made in the full understanding that:

        A. We understand that this ROI does not form part of the procurement process that may
           subsequently be followed by the Commerce and Industries Department for the
           development of the above project.
        B. We are aware that –
            i. This ROI will not be used to either short list or disqualify the bidders for the project;
           ii. Any entity that has not submitted the ROI would be permitted by the
               Department/Agency to submit their bid for the project during the procurement
               stage as per RFQ / RFP.

6. The undersigned declare that the statements made and the information provided are complete,
   true, and correct in every detail.

                                                            Signed, Name, For and on behalf of (----------)

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