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					Victoria Park

                     Some children’s comments:

         I like Victoria Park because…

                    “I like going on the mini bus”

                          “I like little toilets”

             “I like playing in the water because it’s fun”

              “The story-corner makes me feel all cosy”

                   “I like to play and look at books”

               “I like baking and then eating the cakes”

    “I like playing in the house because I like being the big sister”

               “I like drawing myself with slippers on”

           “I like eating food because I’m always hungry”

                      “It feels all nice and warm”

Welcome                                                 p4

Introduction to the Nursery                             p5
                     - Aims and objectives
                - General statement of purpose
                     - The nursery building
                 - General information about classes
                  - Additional Support for Learning

How the nursery operates                                p8
                         - Structure
            -    Staff and the key worker system
                         - Concerns
                - Communication with parents

Your child at nursery                                   p10
                    - Starting your child
                      - Welcome Pack
                - Drop-off, Pick-up and Security
                       - What to Wear
                  - What to Bring (or Not!)
                  - Snack and Contributions

Health and Welfare                                       p12
                         - Absence
                            - Illness
        -   Fire Drills and Accident and Incident Records
                     - Policies, Reports etc.

The Curriculum                                          p14
                 -Personal learning planning
                     - Eco schools
                        - Smile
        -   Excursions and community involvement

    Victoria Park Kindergarten
     We look forward to welcoming your child at Victoria Park
Kindergarten. Our aim is to make each child’s Nursery experience
a happy, stimulating and positive one. We are always delighted to
 receive any suggestions or input from parents and carers that will
  further this aim. Victoria Park children will be encouraged to be
  aware of the world at large through special projects and through
the wonderful natural resource of Local Parks and Centres visited
    on our minibus. In this way, we hope that the children gain a
   sense of themselves in a wider context and develop strong self-
 esteem. We look forward to working with you in this endeavour.
 Please note that a place at Victoria Park does not guarantee your
child a place at any local Primary School. Children have to enrol
  at their catchment. Non-catchment placing requests have to be
 submitted schools. We will keep you advised of procedures and

    Victoria Park Kindergarten 0141 959 6642
Hours: Morning session:  Mon-Fri 8-1 or 9-11.30 (term time)
   Afternoon session: Mon-Fri 1-6 or 1-3.3(term time)
                   We do open at 7.30am.
    Term dates will largely match those of Glasgow City Council
    with the exception of a full two weeks for us at Christmas and
                              New Year.

            Introduction to the Nursery

                   Aims and Objectives
   -  To create a caring and secure environment in which the
    emotional, social and personal development of the child can
                           be cultivated
            - To provide equality of opportunity
  - To provide a rich and stimulating environment for learning
  - To provide a balanced programme of learning which takes
       into account individual needs and ability and which
          encourages each child to achieve their potential
 - To promote quality relationships and develop values for life
        - To encourage teamwork and collaboration
- To promote close home, Nursery and community partnerships.

              General Statement of Purpose
Victoria Park was established in 1998 to meet a specific need: the
provision was required in the local area with extended hours. By
attending Victoria Park, we hope that children who subsequently
move on to school will reap the social and educational benefits of
a shared pre-school experience. Victoria Park is currently able to
     provide this experience for up to 69 children each day.
    Victoria Park Kindergarten is in partnership with the City of
      Glasgow Council and is contracted to provide pre-school
education. It is run by our professional staff with support from the
  external agencies. All parents/carers of children at the Nursery
  are invited to become committee members of Victoria Park and
 are warmly invited attend committee meetings which are open to
 all parents/carers. Details of meetings and copies of the Minutes
     will be posted in the hallways inside the Nursery building.
The Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council require us to
  provide an educational programme based on learning through
play. This incorporates many familiar play activities (crafts, role-
play, construction, music and movement etc) set in the context of
  the Scottish Government’s ‘Curriculum for Excellence’. We
   believe that a child’s Nursery experience should be based on
discovering the enjoyment and excitement of learning. This lays
    the foundation for a lifelong positive attitude to education.

We conform to the National Care Standards and those of the Care

                   The Nursery Building
Victoria Park is the main tenant of St Pauls Parish Halls. We can
   accommodate 69 children per day. We are based in a large
  detached building with access to a secure outdoor play area.

           General Information About Classes
 We operate full time and part time and we offer part-day places
 (2.5 hours) to three to five year olds. Places are fully funded by
the Glasgow City Council. The Nursery is staffed by early years
  professionals led by the Nursery Manager, with input from our
 Quality Improvement Officer. During the year we invite a range
 of experts to share their skills with the children in areas such as
 drama, music and tennis. Our staff team plans the delivery of
     the curriculum in order to provide a supportive, positive
  environment in which the children can enjoy learning through
play. We are required to operate a ratio of one adult to 8 children
with 3-5, 1 adult to 5 children in 2-3 and 1 adult to 3 children with
                              under 3’s.

             Additional Support for Learning
 Victoria Park Kindergarten welcomes children who may require
     additional support for learning and we will work to meet
 individual needs with the assistance of parents/carers and, when
   required, with specialists e.g. speech and language therapists,
  educational psychologists, in an integrated manner. To smooth
your child’s transition into Nursery, it is essential that you discuss
 any additional support needs or any developmental concerns you
   have about your child in advance of your child starting at the
Nursery - please make an appointment with the Nursery Manager
                              to do this.

              How the Nursery Operates
    The nursery is owned by Gillian and Brian Machaffie.
 The nursery s managed by Tracy Patterson and is deputised by
Michelle Russell. There are 2 other senior team members, namely
    Alana McIntyre who is in charge of 2-3’s and Claireann Duffy
      with the under 2’s. Each room has a high number of fully
     qualified staff and one member of staff under going training.

              Staff and the Key Worker System

  A staff wall is in the entrance to the nursery, you will find
photographs of the staff to help you match names to faces. The
Nursery Manager is in day-to-day charge. In the absence of the
    Manager, there will be a designated Person in Charge.

After their first few weeks at Nursery, usually after the September
 holiday, the children will be divided into group. Although some
    thought is given to balancing the teams in terms of gender,
selection is otherwise random. Some Nursery activities are often
  done in teams, such as circle time, drama, music sessions and
  outings. Each team is led by a member of staff or key worker
   who should be your first point of contact within the Nursery.
  Your child’s key worker will be responsible for keeping your
child’s profile up-to-date and for writing their transition record at
the end of the year. They will be available to discuss your child’s
   progress at the parent consultation sessions in December and
June. Please feel free to speak to your child’s key worker at any

Please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s he nursery manager
if you have any concerns. Please make a specific appointment if
you need to talk in private. We strive to maintain a spirit of open
 and constructive dialogue in relation to all Nursery matters and
    we hope that you will feel free to come forward with any
              comments or suggestions at any time.

Our Complaints Policy for Parents provides a mechanism for both
               informal and formal complaints.

            Communication with Parents
  The Nursery employs a variety of ways to communicate with
       parents, including newsletters, letters, e-mail, parent
        consultations, and face to face discussions. Paper
  communications are displayed and handed out. Please check
   your child’s drawer at drop-off/pick-up. We are looking to
become an Eco friendly Nursery we are encouraging the use of e-
 mail to reduce our paper consumption. We also have a website:

  A new thing is that a parent representative is chosen for each
 group and they provide an additional means of communication
between parents, committee. and the staff. This will hopefully be
                   established in early 2010.

                 Your Child at Nursery
                    Starting Your Child
 We welcome parent’s and their children, so that children and
parent/carers may come and see what Nursery is all about. We
    also organise an Settling Session to give the children an
  opportunity to meet the staff and fellow class-mates before
Children are stagger-started in small numbers over several days.
You are welcome to stay with your child until s/he is settled, or
  you may leave your child for shorter periods initially to get
 him/her used to Nursery gradually. We are happy to devise
   individual settling-in strategies for your child, if required.

                        Welcome Pack
         This is provided at the back of this prospectus.
Please ensure that all information is updated as appropriate during
                   your child’s time at Nursery.

             Drop-off, Pick-up and Security
We would be grateful if parents/carers could be prompt for drop-
off and pick-up. Please contact the Nursery on 0141 959 6642 if
 you have been unavoidably delayed, as this causes minimum
                       upset for your child.
   Please notify staff in advance if anyone other than your
    child’s Nominated Parent/Carer is collecting him/her.
We encourage your child to manage his/her coat and shoe change
 independently at pick-up/drop-off time. Children gain a great
   sense of pride and confidence in managing by themselves!

                        What to Wear
 Painting, gluing, cooking, gardening and wet play are all offered
 at Nursery, so no best clothes except at party-time! For hygiene
  reasons, we require that all children keep soft indoor shoes
(labelled, please) at the Nursery, which they change into upon
    arrival. Staff would be extremely grateful if children were
   helped to recognise their own shoes/coats before they start at
Nursery! Each child will have his/her own named peg with shoe
                           storage below.

                  What to Bring (or Not!)
We would ask parents to discourage children from bringing items
  from home as children can become upset if their toy gets lost.
    The exception is on Show and Tell day, which provides an
opportunity for each child to talk about or show something which
is particularly interesting and meaningful to him/her and relevant
                   to the current curricular theme.

                 Snack and Contributions
  Nursery places are free. However, in common with Council
  nurseries, we do ask for a weekly contribution from term time
children (£1.50 per week) which funds a healthy daily snack with

milk or water and other health promotion strategies. You can pay
   once a term or in smaller blocks if you prefer. The snack is
    supplied by the Nursery and supports our Smile Initiative.

                   Health and Welfare
 It is important to inform the Nursery in advance or at the start
of a session if your child is going to be absent for any reason, as
   any un-notified absence will trigger the Absent Child Policy.
This requires the Nursery manager or your child’s key worker to
 try to contact you by telephone immediately after registration as
   per the Emergency Contact numbers you have given. If staff
   members are unable to contact you, they will move onto other
  telephone numbers on your child’s Emergency Contact list as a
       matter of course. You should advise your child’s other
               Emergency Contacts of this procedure.

  Please keep children with any form of sickness, fever or
diarrhoea at home. If in doubt, phone the nursery for advice -
Nursery staff have guidelines covering most infectious diseases.
  Also, please inform the staff in confidence of any infectious
diseases or of the presence of head-lice as soon as possible so that
  other parents can be alerted by a general message of vigilance.
 Information about allergies, special dietary requirements or
  food intolerances must be included on the Health/Emergency
   Contacts form sent out with your Welcome pack – please flag
these up on the form. Written parental consent is required if staff
 are asked to administer medication and medication given will be
  recorded. The manager or nominated person-in-charge will be
             responsible for administering medication.

     Fire Drills and Accident and Incident Records
 Fire drills are carried out regularly and are recorded. Should an
accident or incident occur involving your child, it will be recorded
   on an Accident/ Incident Form and you will be notified and
                   invited to countersign the form.

                    Policies, Reports etc.
  Victoria Park has adopted a wide range of policies covering all
 aspects of Nursery life. All policies are on permanent display in
 the hallway and copies are available on request. A copy of our
most recent, Care Commission and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of
Education reports are always on in the hallway along with copies
of the Nursery’s registration and insurance documents. Each year
the Nursery produces a Standards and Quality Improvement Plan
  for the Glasgow City Council. This lists our priorities for the
coming year and contains an audit of the previous year’s plan. A
  copy of the SQIP and a task list for the current year’s priorities
                 are also displayed in the hallway.

                      The Curriculum
                Personal Learning Planning
 As part of the new Curriculum for Excellence, children are being
  encouraged to take greater responsibility for their own learning
 and for the choices they make. Personal Learning Planning is a
 key part of this process, which we have developed through ‘All
 About Me’ books. Each child is involved in recording their own
learning in the form of pictures, photos, writing and the curricular
pages will be filled in when each child reaches milestones such as
recognising their name then progressing on to writing their name.
      The children get a great sense of achievement as these
accomplishments are acknowledged in their book and this further
         strengthens the link between home and Nursery.

   The Nursery staff also record formal profiles of the children’s
progress. These progress records are updated continually and will
  be summarised in the form of a transition record which will be
    given to parents in May/June of the child’s pre-school year.
  Individual parent consultations will be held twice during the
    year (usually in November/December and in May/June), but
 please feel free to approach the Nursery Manager or your child’s
key worker at any time with any concerns, either informally or by
      appointment. Visual records of the children’s activities
(photographs, projects, artwork) will be on display throughout the
  year. If you have any objections to photographs being taken in
  the Nursery of your child at work for Nursery record-keeping,
                 please let a member of staff know.

                         Eco Schools
 Victoria Park has just registered with Eco Schools Scotland and
 will be working towards a bronze award. In Nursery we like to
 remind ourselves of our responsibilities by singing our Nursery
   Eco Code. It reflects some of the things we do every day in
  Nursery, such as recycling, composting and growing our own
   plants. Our continued success will depend on the combined
     efforts of the children, staff, eco committee and parents.

The nursery has received their SMILE accreditation. As a Health
    Promoting Nursery we take a holistic view of health and are
 committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all children,
   staff and the wider community. We do this by involving the
 children in exploring food, tooth brushing, physical activity and
 their surroundings, by actively promoting our Eco initiative and
  by encouraging children to discuss this with friends and family.

       Excursions and Community Involvement
 There will be regular opportunities for visits to the library and
 recycling bank, as well as local outings, which require specific
    parental consent. Once children are settled at Nursery,
parents/carers will be invited to come in and help if they wish. If
you are interested in sharing a skill or being an extra pair of hands
  at Nursery on occasion, please don’t hesitate to volunteer your
 services! This gives you the opportunity to see the Nursery in
    action. It is, of course, entirely voluntary and we operate a
Volunteer Policy and induction procedure. Unfortunately, we are
      unable to accommodate siblings for insurance reasons.

  The Nursery has an ethos of community involvement which is
reflected in a variety of ways, e.g. the promotion of eco awareness
     with the children, participation (and success), fundraising
  initiatives on behalf of the Nursery and other agencies such as
 Children in Need. These promote an awareness of the Nursery’s
position in the community and introduce the idea of citizenship at
                             an early age.

Welcome to Victoria Park Kindergarten!

               Useful contacts:

           Victoria Park Kindergarten

             1211 Dumbarton Road
                   G14 9UP
                0141 959 6642

  web:     www.victoriaparkkindergarten.con


               Care Commission:

                0141 843 4289

Glasgow City Council: For Grants/Early Years

                0141 287 7065


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