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									  Fort Irwin
Mayoral Program

   7 June 2012
                7 June 2012
• Review Vacant Mayoral Positions
• Present New Issues
• Reminder of Important Dates
   Mayoral Program Vacancies

Vacancy: Sandy Basin Vice Mayor (pending)
         Dove Gulch Vice Mayor
         Crackerjack Flats Vice Mayor (pending)
         Tiefort View Vice Mayor

Vacancy: Crackerjack Flats Mayor (pending)
         Dove Gulch Mayor
                        Issue Submitted
                          Cactus Cove
•   Issue: Cars speeding on residential streets; evenings and weekends worse.
•   Scope: Speeding car traffic has been an ongoing problem in this neighborhood.
    Last summer a parked vehicle along Anzio was hit-and-run. Residents have
    expressed reluctance to allow their children to play in driveway/ basketball hoops
    because vehicles speeding well in excess of 20 mph. We have put out the “slow
    down” message in our winter newsletter and also on our neighborhood facebook
    page. Pinnacle community manager has even confronted resident and agrees that
    speeding is a problem in this neighborhood. The community manager and I
    surveyed the streets and determined that there are a lack of speed-limit signs
    posting speed limits (see attached map).

• Recommendation: Ensure placement of speed limit
   signs on every street in Cactus Cove; one in each
 A: Under Review. Will increase patrols.
                       Issue Submitted
                         Cactus Cove
•   Issue: Replace neighborhood bulletin board VB 25 in new location
•   Scope: Board VB25, was located along the north side of Salerno St adjacent to the
    mailboxes. It was destroyed by a windstorm back in March 2012. It was
    subsequently removed. Pinnacle community manager has obtained approval for a
    work order to replace the board. I would like to know if we may change the
    location of VB 25 closer to the new pavilion and playground where more people
    will see it. (see proposed new location on map)

• Recommendation: Approve new location for VB25
  and proceed with work order.
A: Under Review.
                        Issue Submitted
                           Sage Brush
•   Issue: Speeding continues to be a problem in this area.
•   Scope: Speeding in the area continues to be a concern. It is summer time and
    there are more children present in the streets and sidewalks. The potential for a
    mishap is increasing.

• Recommendation: Increase patrols in the area.
A: Patrols will increase in the area.
                        Issue Submitted
                           Sage Brush
•   Issue: Violations in the number of pets and type of pets in housing.
•   Scope: Residents are either unaware or ignoring the rule of how many pets are
    allowed in govt quarters. In addition, the type of breed (pitbull) has been seen in
    govt quarters.

• Recommendation: Increase awareness/enforcement
  of rules that deal with pets.
A: Will look further into issue.
              Fort Irwin
            Mayoral Program
             7 June 2012
             *Important Dates*

 Next CSC: 25 June, Ingalles Rec Center, 1000

Next Mayoral Meeting: 2 August, Commanders
       Conference room, 1100-1200
  New Mayors Training: 27 June, 1100-1200

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