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Sales and Retail

   -   Advised customers on purchases
   -   Operated POS cash register for sporting goods company, working on
       weekends and during school breaks
   -   Provided exceptional customer service and support
   -   Counted cash; and reconciled charge sales and cash receipts with total sales
       to verify accuracy of transactions
   -   Held various positions in cash management operations areas, including item
       processing, check cleaning transportation, item balancing, item processing
       support, and quality control
   -   Balanced cash drawer daily
   -   Audited cash receipts of other cashiers
   -   Observed checking, billing, and cashiering activities
   -   Hired and trained workers
   -   Provided cash management services
   -   Provided accurate, timely and efficient service to customers as head cashier
       in drive-thru

Sales Associate

   -   Developed close and personal relationships with clients to ensure customer
       loyalty and retention
   -   Marked and sold acute care services to physicians and other healthcare
       professionals in medical office, hospital, and clinical settings
   -   Advised customers on new styles, fashion trends, and product features
   -   Marketed and sold women’s fashions in an upscale boutique
   -   Maintained detailed record of individual customer’s buying habits and
   -   Sent thank-you notes for patronage, and cards for special occasions
   -   Acquired an expertise in customer service and “closing the sale”
   -   Provided on-call clothing and accessory consultation for personal shopper
   -   Developed new accounts, generated growth and profitability, adapt to
       changing circumstances with innovative sales strategies
   -   Participated in receiving, check-in, and stocking of merchandise, prepared
       products for sale, updated and maintained existing client accounts,
       demonstrated new products, and trained clients in use and application of
       new cosmetics
   -   Handled stock, customer special and repair shop orders with various
       vendors nationwide, providing technical information regarding equipment,
       order parts, returns, and special orders
   -   Designed monthly sales flyers, brochures, and line cards featuring all heavy
       equipment products sold
   -   Established shipping and receiving procedures, which streamlined
       operations and increased efficiency
   -    Contacted customers to notify them of special sales and new merchandise

Administrative and Support Services
Administrative Assistant

   -   Input student financial aid data into national database, calculated student
       loan totals for reporting purposes, and provided administrative support to
       student financial aid counselors
   -   Provided wide range of administrative and clerical duties to the ______
   -   Managed advertising, accounts, inventory/purchasing requirements
   -   Coordinated print materials and promotional items for new product special
   -   Handled product orders with attention to detail
   -   Assisted clients through an accurate assessment of needs
   -   Coordinated and handled various business and personal projects for the
   -   Provided administrative support to CEO and up to ___ management team and
       staff members
   -   Composted staff rosters, filed/archived confidential patient records,
       managed tapes and statistical information, typed documents and directed
       inventory control
Customer Service

   -   Greeted visitors at Corporate Headquarters
   -   Conducted tours of manufacturing facilities and site operations
   -   High profile, administrative position
   -   Directed administrative operations for the hectic reception area
   -   Met stringent processes and timeliness in overseeing medical records
       management, admissions, discharges, transfers and theatre bookings
   -   Managed reception, typing, telephone inquiries, filing, daily banking, mail
       receipt and distribution
   -   Centralized contact point for all communications, problems, and
       administrative inquires posed by health professionals, doctors, patients, and


   -   Coordinated meetings and managed schedules for ten managers
   -    Provided general office support by typing documents, filing reports, entering
       data, ordering supplies, and answering phones
   -   Worked with new employees to create user names, passwords, and access
   -   Coordinated the work schedules of ___ staff members to assure smooth,
       effective processes and minimize potential for error
   -   Compiled and delivered reports
   -   Updated processing procedures
   -   Ordered and managed $1 million in annual computer supplies
   -   Utilized remedy software to document steps taken to resolve problems
   -   Supported the distribution of computer reports to general ledger, gas plant
       accounting, revenue billing, and gas measurement departments
   -   Assisted customers in logging on and getting into database
   -   Notified users regarding changes in applications
   -   Insured compliance to regulations

General Laborer

   -   Performed duties of electrician, carpentry, or general construction worker as
   -   Served as mentor to new apprentices
   -   Advised general contractor on technology, personnel, safety, and schedule
   -   Performed carpentry, plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring, roofing, finish
       work, cabinets, painting, and other construction activities
   -   Worked projects from initial conception to occupancy
   -   Played a key role in gutting and refurbishing a warehouse space into
       minimum security
   -   Served as construction worker, converting and renovating a 15,000 sq. ft.
       commercial space into a business complex
   -   Performed light carpentry, painting, window preparations, plumbing repair,
       appliance installation, and landscaping

-   Designed, and developed, and implemented _________
-   Easily establish rapport with people of all ages, cultures, and beliefs
-   Developed effective internal controls and always operated within budget
-   Earned a reputation as a valuable and cooperative coworker by: being fair,
    honest, and willing to help others when needed; effectively resolving
    conflicts as appropriate times; and assisting new managers and other staff to
    become familiar with policy and operations
-   Directed all marketing and franchising opportunities
-   Developed solutions as part of quality management team
-   Developed ideas for _________
-   Effective in stressful situations
-   Helped prioritize work schedules and delegated assignments
-   Daily interfacing with engineers on various projects
-   Death tactfully and effectively with difficult customers
-   Demonstrated effective and consistent technical support
-   Death tactfully and effectively with difficult customers
-   Demonstrated ability to apply sound knowledge to diverse applications
-   Demonstrated effective and consistent technical support
-   Assisted in establishing a successful structure for a growing company
-   Designed and created information systems
-   Converted manual systems into computerized systems
-   Designed and printed ____________
-   Designed and implemented _________________
-   Detail-minded with a good eye for balance and organization
-   Demonstrated skills in writing and presenting
-   Consistently marinated high profit margins on all projects
-   Competent in all phases of ________________
-   Compiled reports and records
-   Comprehensive knowledge and experience in group facilitation
-   Computer literate. Proficient in _________________
-   Ability to assess organizational needs and implement administrative
-   Conceptualized and implemented innovative guidelines and procedures to
-   Coordinated the efforts of team members who produced ___________
-   Developed creative and innovative marketing and advertising promotions
-   Evaluated potential and active trouble spots involving staff, customers, and
-   Developed correspondence and assisted office manager
-   Developed business and strategic plans
-   Excellent mediator, arbitrator, and facilitator
-   Developed and instructed cash management product seminars
-   Experience manager with excellent team abilities
-   Developed guidelines and negotiations for ____________
-   Ethical, skilled communicator. Can establish individual and group rapport
-   Effective open communication. Express self very well. Can make a point and
    convincingly express an opinion
-   Created and directed dynamic growth for this emerging _______ business
   -   Evaluated programs in marketing, productivity, and customer support. Made
       recommendations to company executives
   -   Developed and marketed new products and services
   -   Evaluated new technologies, equipment, vendors, and product marketability
   -   Excel at organizing, coordinating, and managing projects
   -   Established quality standards
   -   Action-oriented, focused on solving problems immediately
   -   Advised _________ regarding ___________
   -   Aided in the organization of ___________
   -   A highly successful and verifiable track record in __________
   -   Assisted in production of ____________
   -   Able to integrate all business functions
   -   Able to gather, compile, and analyze information from many different
   -   Able to recruit, motivate, and develop long-term employees
   -   Attended corporate planning meetings and assisted in writing policies and
   -   Areas of direct responsibility include ________
   -   Expertise in all production planning and scheduling phases
   -   A high degree of expertise in _____
   -   Produced an extensive revision of the company procedures manual
   -    Highly regarded by all employees for friendliness, hard work and the ability
       to learn new procedures very quickly
   -   Ability to implement effective, creative ideas for firms, teams, and individuals
   -   Ability to communicate effectively with customers, management, and staff
   -   Highly organized with attention to detail and ability to service several
       transactions simultaneously
   -   Broad ______________ experience
   -   Expertise in public relations, special events, marketing, and product


   -   Provided emergency treatment using standard lifesaving procedures
   -   Maintained close attention to all activity in the swimming pool area,
       anticipating hazardous situations and reacting calmly to emergencies
   -   Served as Assistant Coach for 100-meter relay team
   -   Trained new lifeguards to use continuous scan technique
   -   Volunteered for lifeguard duty for synchronized swim team practices

  -    Coordinated with security personnel to monitor patron sobriety and conduct
  -    Maintained safe and sanitary conditions
  -    Managed beverage, garnish, and snack inventory, ordering additional stock
       as needed
  -    Prepared and served mixed drinks, beer, wine, and snack food to patrons of _
       person capacity tavern
  -    Maintained a high level of customer satisfaction through attention to detail in
       defining needs
  -    Added local live bands on Friday and Saturday nights to add more business
  -    Purchased foodstuff/beverages, equipment, and supplies, managed all
       vendor negotiations, sales/costing
  -    Managed bar operations
  -    Ensured supplies were available to meet demand
  -    Reduced spoilage and inventory
  -    Performed inventory of all liquor, beer/wine, glassware, and other items


  -    Monitored kitchen inventory and re-ordered food and supplies as needed
  -    Maintained kitchen condition to standards exceeding health regulations
  -    Prepared food cooked to order in a fast paced, short order diner
  -    Provided backup for executive chef in his absence
  -    Assisted bakery manager when ordering ingredients and decorator supplies
  -    Supervised and trained restaurant staff including sous chefs and food
  -    Handled all aspects of food service management including food costing,
       pricing, inventory, management, and vendor relationship management
  -    Prepared and served food selections
  -    Participated in daily kitchen operations including food preparation and food


  -    Received food and beverage orders, advised on daily specials, and delivered
       food and drinks
  -    Verified the accuracy of charges, delivered customer checks, and ensured
       prompt processing of transactions
  -    Ensured customer satisfaction by monitoring needs and filling special
  -    Provided quick, efficient, and friendly service to customers
  -    Courteously and efficiently served customers and operated cash register
  -    Introduced theme based dress up night to complement performance of 70s
  -    Competed with co-workers to achieve sales goals
  -    Boosted customer base and established repeat clientele
  -    Delivered efficient, courteous service to customers
  -    Made recommendations to management regarding expanding selection of
Event Coordinator

   -   Organized product launches, industry award presentations, conventions,
       seminars, workshops, and private parties
   -   Scheduled venues, hired caterers, set menus, arranged for special equipment
       needs, booked hotel accommodations, ad distributed promotional material
   -   Organized all aspects of volunteer work for high profile events
   -   Worked with _ volunteers to execute this one day event
   -   Coordinated and hosted social activities, media events, and team functions,
       including Ladies Luncheons and Tours; team, media, and alumni lunches;
       President’s receptions and pep rally
   -   Oversaw the facilitation of all details ranging from tenting and musicians, to
       table settings and flowers
   -   Screened, hired and trained temporary personnel representing sponsors at
       sporting events
   -   Designed program logos, related apparel and sample bag packaging
   -   Developed brand, graphics, and sales visuals; and brainstormed marketing
   -   Managed distribution of sponsor sample bags at major nationwide events
   -   Coordinated all aspects of events including planning stages through
   -   Supervised event merchandise development, situated posters in prominent
       positions across towns, and distributed leaflets and sample bags

Community Service Volunteer

   -   Managed financial transactions and records for the organization
   -   Recruited, trained, and scheduled volunteers for community events
   -   Maintained volunteer database, including skills, training, interests, and
   -   Directed customer satisfaction studies and analyzed collected data
   -   Supervised recreational activities for children on site and on field trips
   -   Assisted in the identification of employees for refugees
   -   Participated with various community groups, local government agencies,
       churches, and community action programs to maximize services to
   -   Ensured protective services for children
   -   Organized intergenerational activities with tenants and local schools on a
       monthly basis
   -   Facilitated drug and alcohol awareness and prevention training

   Marketing Assistant

   -   Advised campaign coordinator on local issues and strategies
   -   Drafted promotional campaign materials, including print, radio, television,
       and internet publications
   -   Managed media relations on a daily basis
   -   Edited reports, press releases, and promotional articles
   -   Marketed accounts to increase revenue and solicit customers to build a
       referral list

Program Assistant

   -   Drafted marketing materials and proposed advertising campaigns
   -   Arranged transportation for guest speakers an dignitaries
   -   Conducted and analyzed surveys of participants to gauge customer
   -   Managed event logistics, including publications, advertising, rentals,
       schedules, subcontractors, and cleanup
   -   Coordinated adolescent Peer Educational the community and within
       educational facilities
   -   Provided program education to hospitals and treatment centers throughout
       the state
   -   Acted as liaison between staff at satellite program and Director
   -   Trained staff and provided orientation sessions for new volunteers
   -   Utilized leadership and authority in a consistent manner and in such a way as
       to reinforce the residential philosophy and program of the shelter
   -   Obtained funding support for all programs and projects

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